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  1. Both of these warframes have been Power creeped by: - Melee Rivens - Focus abilities + magus arcanes - Adaptation + arcanes It's totally fine to like them both for their Aesthetics and they do their jobs just fine, but they will unlikely become meta and do have room for improvement. Wukong rework specifically is a big meh from me. No teamplay = you're garbage (imo).
  2. DE requiring 50% after not caring about clans for about a year is pretty bonkers. They did do a good job by not rewarding the top exploiters though, so I suppose it evens out.
  3. And give us this day, our daily haha reaction thread.
  4. I do love me some primed power creep 👼👌
  5. I want Domestik skins and tags and accessories and Domestik ephemeras
  6. I'm they should not make any more loot multipliers and remove Smeetas 2x drop. This way they can buff kuva farming for everyone without having to worry about extreme exponential gains.
  7. Mesa: Firing her ultimate got old pretty fast for me and I'm surprised anyone could possibly main her for that ability alone. Since her other abilities are weaker Vex Armor essentially.
  8. You need to remove Smeetas resource proc before you double Kuva gains.
  9. Exalted Moa sounds way cool but I can see a Sentinel too. If it was a Sentinel, it would remind me of Lulu's Pix in League of Legends. It would be interesting to see Vauban with some support abilities that's for sure. Maybe he could be a mechanical master instead of a beast master like Khora 🐱
  10. Adaptation, Arcane Guardian, Magus Nourish/Repair/Elevate are actually the mandatory mods btw.
  11. +1 but +2 if we can put ephemera on our Pets too.
  12. Facts: It's not happening. Neither is Hydroid Prime trailer. Cucumbers are fruit.
  13. Well excuse him for expecting to get a product he ordered on time.
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