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  1. Medi-pet Kit Reawaken Loyal Companion Self-Destru- oh wait
  2. Well they gave Cephalon Simaris an Orvius blueprint which was only obtainable from the War Within quest. So I guess you just have to pray the right person reads your comments or question. But the way Warframe development goes, everything just keeps getting left behind so good luck with that.
  3. Fishyflakes

    Akstiletto prime set can't be traded, fix it DE

    6 Trade slots coming soon TM
  4. Fishyflakes

    Fix the party system.

    +1 for "auto leave squad" option Preferrably in the Mission Results or loading screen.
  5. Fishyflakes

    When did they add this?

    Just noticed this near my Kavat's bed and realized they all have animations now.
  6. Fishyflakes

    Reporting a Player on weekends?

    Support doesn't care if you made a typo. You also shouldn't be scared of support unless you were directly harassing somebody or have an inappropriate username.
  7. Fishyflakes

    Anyone liking MOA companions?

    Too squishy. Medi-ray isn't consistent. Combat precepts are gimmicky and unreliable. Adarza still god tier.
  8. Fishyflakes

    Buff Prime Vigor?

    220 + 220= 440 😖
  9. Fishyflakes

    Ostron Agent

    But he died in Spider Bounty 2
  10. Fishyflakes


    It's 6 plat Other mods I can think of are the dual-stat Elemental Companion mods that are only good on Venari. Maybe Helminth. I would just buy those as well.
  11. Fishyflakes

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    Time to quit Warframe lol
  12. Fishyflakes

    Price of Cetus wisps from Quills is still too high

    It's called an analogy Anyways I agree with OP in the sense that Cetus Wisps for 5k standing are still not worth BUT I would much rather they lower the cost of all blueprints requiring Wisps rather than lower the price of them from Onkko once more.
  13. Fishyflakes

    Prisma ... when?

    Rip Prisma Fluctus
  14. Fishyflakes

    Perhaps adding a Orbiter Gardening Segment?

    Oh yeah eventually we'll have Cooking like I've seen suggested before. Warframe will become Harvest Moon eventually I'm sure. Personally I just want a Gift/Dating/Affection system for the NPC's.
  15. Fishyflakes

    Talk me out of rolling this sh*t or i get mad :C

    It's a good roll. So stop rolling.