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  1. (PS4)saintsrow4storm

    Vectis Riven Scam

    i trusted him that he would give it back after
  2. (PS4)saintsrow4storm

    Vectis Riven Scam

    im a ps4 player
  3. (PS4)saintsrow4storm

    Vectis Riven Scam

    i.ll learn from it really but still i cant believe it that he just did that
  4. (PS4)saintsrow4storm

    Vectis Riven Scam

    no he didn't trade at all he ignored me
  5. (PS4)saintsrow4storm

    Vectis Riven Scam

  6. (PS4)saintsrow4storm

    Vectis Riven Scam

    he was about to trade it back but he chanced he's mind about having he's riven back and scammed mine
  7. (PS4)saintsrow4storm

    Vectis Riven Scam

    1. i traded my riven for he.s unveild one melee riven 2. i was hard at work for his riven to open 3. i was done and i was joing in he.s caln but forgot to put it on public 4. i message him but beneath it stood user is ignoring you so he got away with my Vectis riven mod he stole my riven mod or rather scamed it from me