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  1. WTT Shedu Handle for Barrel IGN: MacAaroni
  2. Run Veil Proxima, i got about 6000 in one play session from scrapping MK3 parts
  3. I keep completing missions and im not getting anything from them, what is this crap? How is this not fixed yet? At the end of mission screen nothing appears and when i checked my avionics for some new ones i found, i didn't get them. Jeez dude. Edit: I feel like it's happening whenever i run multiple missions without going back to drydock.
  4. Here are some of the bugs i've encountered. 1. Fallen through the map in space. (This happened when i was aboard a enemy ship and it blew up while i was in it, causing me to just start falling without my arch wing. I had another situation like this that happened but it made me go in arch wing. In this case there seemed to be some lag in the session so im not sure if that made it never activate my archwing) 2. No resources being awarded once going back to dry dock. (In this instance i was aboard another players ship and received no resources for the match, but i still did complete the node and i was given avionic points) 3. No Pustrels. (This is an ongoing issue where i have yet to receive Pustrels so far with any mission completion. I thought that i did have some left from building my ship but they seemed to have got deleted?) 4. Will not allow squad to go back to dry dock after update has been released. Dry dock is being considered a mission so it will not start and we wont be able to keep all our resources. I will update this post if i experience more.
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