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  1. Just wanted to throw out some thoughts about a few things i saw during this dev stream. I think at the current state we saw during the livestream with Wisps 4 was it looked slightly over simplified and what i mean by that is it lacked depth to what it can do. Simple powers are great but with the condition that they have some uncomplicated depth to them. For example, i think it'd be so much more interesting to add something like say.. Aiming her 4 at the ground heats up an AoE that does damage over time. The longer you heat the ground, the faster the damage amps, the bigger the AoE gets, and the longer it stays there. Something as simple as that makes an ability 5x more interesting and gives you a few options how to use that ability or even build it. An existing example of this being done with a newer frame is with Hildryns 1 ability. The AoE effect with her 1 is what makes it even worth using and a little more interesting. If it did not have this AoE effect it would be completely pointless to use over your other weapons. With that said though, i think Hildryns 1 could use another interesting gameplay aspect that we don't see much from using other weapons. The AoE is nice, but can be very impractical when going against tougher enemies as the AoE separates them with rag-dolling and they still alive. Maybe adding a slow or vortex effect on enemies with her 1 being used in the charged mode will give it a reason to be used more. (Yes i know this could technically be an augment, but it's too simple and not ability changing enough to warrant wasting a build slot for) Another thing i got reminded of watching the livestream with the new Gas City remaster is how much Warframe lacks an interesting combat dynamic between the player and enemies. In the past i know it's been very difficult to accomplish this with very narrow/tight combat spaces paired with other players and tons of other enemies in close proximity, but now that it seems like things are being opened up a bit with the new remaster and open world areas that gives huge potential to add more interesting ways to have players and enemies interact. I saw that gross meaty looking Amalgam Alkonost enemy during the livestream and thought it’d be sooooo much cooler to have him snatch you from the ground bring you up and start "eating" at you. While you were being "Eaten" you'd be in a sort of downed state where you can only use your pistol out and have to shoot a certain area of the enemy to get free. Then maybe when you get free and if they enemy wasn't killed before you got free, the enemy evolves its attack strategy that is potentially even more deadly and to the entire group of players. It would be a fun dynamic. I know Infested Ancients have a similar idea with them having the ability to pull you in, but this is more of a huge annoyance simply because it begins and ends before you know it happened, no time is given for any type of interaction and it's a very shallow one at that. There needs to be some depth added to these player/enemy interactions. These would probably be more fitting to be given to the more rare and tougher enemies as you wouldn't want to ruin the interactions in a split second, unless your team was there to help. Some of the ideas of player/enemy interactions im drawing inspiration from is a game like Dead Space. If you've ever played it, those player/enemy interactions were one of the single most important interactions you had in the entire game and it made it so fun! These exact interactions might not work for all enemies in Warframe, but i think you can still use the basic ideas of what makes them fun and interesting. Anyways those were a few ideas/thoughts i had, i can't wait for Wisp and Gas City remaster! Keep up the good work!
  2. Very confused and cornered with this change. It did NOT need an increase on its spawn chance at all. I farmed Thumpers the first day to get the Korrudo BP and got it in 1-2 hours. The random squad i was with was able to find a Thumper within 30-45 seconds after we destroyed one. It took us around 2min to destroy one. Why does this need to be made even faster? It will ruin any coolness factor these new mini bosses had in no time. They will soon become an annoyance to players with such a quick spawn rate. I know you're doing this to cater to the whining farmers that kill it in 10 seconds, but this is not a proper fix to address whatever real issue that might exist. It was already fast. I hope this change gets reverted.
  3. Sounds like a great idea to open up things to the whole community, so many players are always willing to help and are worth being recognized! Here's to the future 😄
  4. I think DE trys to avoid adding sliders to everything as it would just cause so much clutter, but i know that you can turn the screen shake off in the Display settings. You don't really notice you ever had screen shake once it's off, so i'd suggest it personally.
  5. That is a fair outlook on it, only thing i would argue is that there is already so much that needs to be crafted in the game. Having some items in the game that you don't have to spend additional grinding for is a huge relief, especially for something like Arcanes that aren't necessarily required at all. I think it's better for these type of very optional items to be a little easier to obtain. Definitely need to find something useful to spend some of the resources on though.
  6. Pretty fair since players aren't refunded their plat for buying them from you.
  7. You prefer them being fully built but you don't think they should? Why?
  8. It wasn't fine if no one wanted to spend time working towards it. You're one of the few who spent the time doing it, and you probably made a lot of plat doing it too. You got the good side of the stick while most players didn't. The game is better now with these changes, be happy for the game and for other players. And be happy that you're part of the players that help make the game better. Don't feel bad.
  9. I know the new orb just came out, but my first impression of the fight is.. I like it! Feels a lot more interactive than boss fights we've had in the game. Really like the idea of grabbing the coolant and throwing it at the Orb. It's something different besides shooting at the boss 100% of the fight. Great job guys.
  10. I don't see Nightwave and this event as the same thing besides them being a timed event, other than that they are pretty different. Not sure what you're trying to point out honestly. Could you explain?
  11. Then those are your bigger priorities, not the game, which is completely normal and 100% okay. I suggest asking for help if you feel you wouldn't be able to do it alone with the time you have. There are many Tenno that are more than willing to help others out with these type of activities!
  12. Huge thanks for this, i wish it was done a lot sooner but glad we finally can use races as a viable way to get standing quickly without spending an hour grinding. Hopefully we can get K-Drive races against other Tenno soon! It would be so fun! TennoKart!
  13. I've had all my posts gone from my profile from 2013-2018, could be something else.
  14. So far, i think you guys have done a really good job despite the out cry for some specific Elite Acts. What I've been observing from players is, they're not really getting upset that these Acts are too hard, it's more that they're not able to complete all of them as easy as possible and as quick as possible. I don't think it's really your intention for the average player to complete every single Act and just in a few days. So i think some arguments players are making about not being able to do some Acts are just simply for the sake of complaining about something cause it's not as easy as they'd like. You will always have that, so be careful in responding to some of that criticism. I think as long as reaching rank 30 is something attainable for every player with some dedication, you shouldn't have to dumb down Acts too much. If anything, i think the numbers can be tweaked for some Acts, but i've yet to feel that a specific Act was just too much as far as what you're doing exactly. I absolutely love the diversity of these Acts, i think it's a very neat way to get players out doing different things in Warframe that they may have never done before or just remind them of all the cool things there are to do in the game while getting rewarded for it. For example, I actually didn't get to complete the Survival challenge, my squad fell short BUT that was the first time i did Kuva survival and i had a lot of fun in it while getting some nice amount of Kuva which was great. Some other examples are Halls of Ascension (Lua Puzzles), Orokin Vaults, and unlocking Relics. All these Acts you're being rewarded with items like Corrupted Mods, Prime Parts, and Elixus Mods in mission and i think that is a fantastic way to go about a lot of these Acts. Keep it up! The reward tiers were also pretty good for the first go. I think the 300 Wold Cred amount for the first 30 levels is in a fair-ish state, but i'd like to see an increase to 75 each for the first 30 ranks as i feel the time it takes to get the next Wolf Cred rank takes a bit of time to reach. So for the average player, it may feel very restrictive on what they can choose and when the next time they can choose something again.This also will give players a bit more lenience to choose multiple rewards at a time. There's a lot of room to add more rewards to the Cred Offerings so i think a Cred boost for the first 30 ranks will even out well. With all that said, here are a few specific tweaks/additions i feel can be made to improve the overall experience. Add Endo to reward tiers 20k-40k (Endo increase gains is something i feel we need more of in the game as a whole, but maybe this could replace the Kuva rewards for the next event) Increase Wolf Cred tier amount to 75 for the first 30 ranks (More Cred Offering should even this out to keep it balanced) Add skins to Cred Offerings (Maybe for the next event you could make some Wolf themed Skins for frames and weapons) Add a few more daily acts that are simple/easy to complete through normal play (The current Daily Act types are spot on, in terms of how attainable they are, but only one doesn't keep players engaged enough and forces them to focus on the weekly acts which can take more time and be more frustrating if they don't know the best ways to go about them) Add some of the sought after reward tiers to Cred Offerings to be obtainable again. (Wolf Cred cost would be higher. Orokin Reactor and Catalyst is a good example of this) Keep similar Act Types/Missions that players find fun in rotation but with a twist (This can eliminate repeatable Acts, but with the same idea. For example, instead of unlocking 3 Relics in fissures, you could change it to unlocking 2 Radiant Relics, gathering 100 Recant, or obtaining 1 rare prime part from a relic) Here's a fun one... Add an extra daily that is really outside the box, but possibly hilarious/fun. Example: Shoot a Dargyn Pilot out his Dargyn and jack it. This could be called, Grand Theft Dargyn! 😄 That's all i got for now! As a long time player, i really am excited about this new system for the health of the game. There's a lot to work with here and i think it's an amazing way you guys at DE can really show your appreciation for your players by giving back to them with some great rewards that are very straight forward to obtain and will help them on their Warframe journey. I feel you are at a point now that you can really execute on this with all the content you've added over the 6 years I've played, so it's great to finally see it happen. Keep up the good work, much love!
  15. Thanks for playing, hopefully you'll come back some time soon. Warframe really is a great game and the devs definitely do their best to listen to player feedback, so thank you for doing your part in trying to make the game better. As a long time player, I do have to agree with you though on the part of earning EXP for gear, it really can be a chore to level up gear, especially when you consider the amount of gear in the game. This is why players have to go to specific missions for the purpose of leveling gear as fast as possible. I wish we didn't always have to do this. It'd be nice to continue playing the way we want, while still gaining a good amount of EXP. I always thought that we never got enough EXP for an array of missions/objectives. I think DE can do much better with giving players more EXP for different things AND give bigger amounts of it.
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