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  1. Great changes i have a couple suggestions 1) Arbitrations 300% power strength buff should change to something like 100% buff to all the stats maybe something like +100% buff to power ; range and duration. bacause honestly not all warframes need the 300% power strength buff. 2) Rewards intervals and rotation it would be better in my opinion to have 5 waves / 5 minutes with AABBCCCCC... rotation 3) Arbitrations drone design is there to limit the use of frames that have great aoe clear / damage ; i think instead it could be better to have the drones give ennemies a 90% damage reduction and Cc resistance for exemple a 5 secs blind would only be active for half the duration. this will limit the warframe abilities instead of having them being useless. thank you
  2. i thought i was hearing voices thanks for fixing the ignis wraith sound bug 😄
  3. 1st ability : needs faster charge speed damage and area of effect ; rapid firing is still better than charging. 2nd ability : needs to do more damage baseline and returns shields are based on health and shield. also why is the toggle there if the duration is too short ? maybe make it work similar to mag's polorize ? 3rd ability : i love the idea ; i suggest having the damage ramp up the longer the ability is active to have a risk reward aspect. 4th ability : apart from the Cc not being reliable (ennemies break free from it too easily) the drain is too much and using her one. suggestions to fix that either her 1 returns shields on kills or we can fire it for free ; we can cast her 2 in the air. toxin and slash are her bane ; i have adaptation and steel fiber to help her survive it and yet it's not enough. (of course i have redirection ; shield recharge and prime vigor on) i hope we get some changes i really like the frame she just need some tweeks; being a designer myself i know it's hard to get thing working on the first try ; Good luck.
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