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  1. i wish i had the disposable income and time to buy 3 million plat
  2. Yea they need to remove the anime crap, redesign the frame from the ground up and then we can look at her abilities maybe.
  3. Sponges in their natural habitats almost never move. The last thing we need is a second damage running around. Its best they imitate their IRL counterparts and remain stationary doing very little. Sisters and teleporting is already aggravating enough at high levels when they fully regen before you can get to their new location only to teleport again once you drop their shields. Its Nerf Nyx or nothing.
  4. Still working on having subsumed resonator inherit the attributes from Mandachord settings? IE song selections.
  5. I mean, i wouldnt mind that for some frames. Imagine if Limbo had 2 abilities on his bar instead of none. That would make the frame somewhat playable.
  6. Some leyzar gaming dude showed me i was using the tenet spirex wrong. you should check that out on youtube. Its actually devastating and is looking like it might be my next pet project. High single target delete with an AoE thats just drops groups.
  7. Just from reading the title, i have to say: Id love to introduce to you my Bird themed warframe, Zephyr. Shes great, she manipulates air and can fly about.
  8. wait, scythes are good? Ive been using them wrong this whole time i guess. I just used em cause they looked cool
  9. i mean, it is possible you link all your accounts initally which creates a shared inventory then you select a primary account and all dissolve into that account. Which would then own the shared inventory which just becomes THEE inventory for which all platforms have access too and data is saved/accessed.
  10. LOL im sold. Used to love grakata paired with sonar for massive crits.
  11. Yea i had to look up its release date on the wiki lol. I remember being Salty as hell they released the soma rather than buff the grakata. It was the beginning of a slippery slope IMO.
  12. Thanks, this worked for me as well. Now i can uninstall this third iteration of warframe on my PC
  13. OOF. i feel your pain. Ive only done 8 Kuva liches and havent even acquired an weapon over 30%. However the current lich im hunting has a 52% Zarr with electric ephemera and idk if its worth selling LOL
  14. If this is some stealth mission and you are allowed a melee weapon use a glaive or other thrown weapon to deal with them from a distance then just stroll through an empty map.
  15. good luck, it took me 3 hours to spawn a kuva karak and was rewarded with a 26% one
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