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  1. the issue isnt the ability to quick melee. they basically removed melee from the game other than just doing a quick melee here and there without the need for a complete overhaul of keybinds. I for one am sick and tired of rebinding my keys everytime i need use a gun for a sortie or a mission/quest/nightwave. The smooth quick melee is nice but it came at too great a cost
  2. im at least hoping for a "re-implementation"
  3. DE, this current state of melee in the game is WORSE than melee ever used to be and likely worse than melee ever could be. It is time to either roll out 3.0 or revert back to 2.0 Here are the glaring issues with melee in its current state. 1 Removal of melee mode For a game that more or less made its name and takes pride in its customization options it is incredibly odd that y'all would make the conscious decision to REMOVE customization options. Melee mode was more important than you seemed to realize simply for the ability to bind all melee related actions to the mouse without it affecting any gun/firing related keys. The removal of melee mode has added back keybind conflicts that shouldn't be plaguing players. There are too many actions for both using guns and meleeing that the melee mode was not only nice to have but necessary. Please bring this back (either in a revert or with melee 3.0). 2 Blocking Removing the ability to block when i choose too now causes several problems and destroys melee (focused) builds. Because blocking consumes energy in most cases it was wise to not block EVERYTHING or risk never having an energy pool to do anything from blocking, using skills, or channeling. Even a Rage built inaros with zenurik does not have enough energy gain to offset blocking ALL incoming damage. This poses quite a problem for people using melee (focused) builds. I for one use a lot of channeling with my builds which requires an energy pool to make effective and some way to get energy reliably (Rage in my case). I also like to use frames like Chroma, Ash, Inaros, Wisp, and every now and then Banshee to host my melee builds. All of these frames have abilities benefiting a melee build, which i wont list, and without them the build suffers because all the energy i have/gain is consumed on blocking everything. Holding block was also a great way to force proc a few melee stance combos. For example, using a sword and shield stance you were able to hold block while spamming the melee key (left click for me) and force the shield throw combo where you get to feel like ****ing captain america. It was so cool. But thanks to the removal of player options, it is no longer possible to force that combo. SnB arent the only ones, many weapons could have a combo forced to proc by holding block while meleeing. 3 Channeling Channeling builds are very strong and most melee builds incorporate life strike. Having channeling become a toggle is nice, however it would be nice to also have left the option as it was where i click to channel and release the key to stop. Seems like a small issue, and tbh it is. However press and release is better and a more efficient action for short bursts of channeling. The thing about channeling builds is that they are very strong but also have a massive drain on ones energy pool (refer to section '2 Blocking' as to why this issue is now compounded), so toggling channel is also unwise. Please add back the option to not toggle. I don't know whats in store for melee 3.0 but without these issues addressed or fixed it won't matter what melee 3.0 brings as it will essentially be unplayable. I don't understand why you all left melee in the state its in for so long without being remotely close to melee 3.0, its baffling really. While the quick melee thing is cute and nice the changes made did more harm than good. Please consider reverting back into melee mode, at least until melee 3.0 is actually ready to be released.
  4. Ever since DE removed the ability to enter melee mode the game has essentially become unplayable. Like what was the logic behind removing Key binding customizations? Why would you forcefully remove a good thing? There is no reason that it shouldn't exist. This entire game is about customization and player choice which is why i just can't grasp why its being taken away. Please DE, reinstate melee mode.
  5. I dont own a switch but i intend(o) to in the near future. it reads as if it is not possible to migrate a PC account if a switch account does not yet exist for you. is this correct? if no switch, no migration?
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