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  1. i would rather the lock on be a toggled function. The lock on doesnt scale up well either. And i would rather keep the limited burst on lock but allow me to keep the targets locked while i keep firing
  2. I see what youre saying here, it makes sense, but no. Theres a thread that pops up often enough about gaming and difficulty or types of difficulty and the consensus is that people arent playing warframe for a challenge. They are playing warframe to relax, rip n tear, hack n slash, shoot n loot. Steel path exists for "veterans" so it doesnt take an hour in a survival to start having fun with our toys. Steel path really should have just been a drop down for starting levels youd like to fight at and then the scaling starts.
  3. Unlike warframes weapons dont "level up" they just have a mod capacity and most people in steel path can probably fully mod their weapons or close enough that their tools are still fully functional. I actually use steel path for leveling now since its faster and less aggravating than ESO.
  4. Steel path should only ever have been the base star chart with higher starting levels. Anything else going on is more than enough. If anything they should remove acolytes from steel path. Put steel essence as an end of mission reward based on total kills with a regular interval of minimum kills required or just have it drop from an eximus every 4 minutes.
  5. Dont get me wrong i dont care if people get taxi'd. i Taxi my more than capable but to lazy to complete starchart friend into steel path all the time. I just dont think he should be able to spend his steel essence til he completes all the nodes. Its ultimately up to the taxi driver to decide if they want to taxi and be accountable for a liability or to taxi on invite/friends only as to not inconvenience anyone else. The moment you enter steel path with a second person (any skill level) it becomes 100% easier. So again i've no issues with taxi-ing but leave the rewards to those that set out to be rewarded.
  6. ^ this. If you havent bothered to unlock it why should DE./teshin be bothered to reward you?
  7. yea, absolutely do the quests if youve been gone that long. Most Kuva and Tenet weapons are a good place to look for weapons you might enjoy which will require some quests anyways.
  8. A various number of enemies actually drop this mod. Its an extensive list so id recommend checking the wiki here: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Streamline The sources are under the image of the mod. Alternatively you could find a clan member and see if they could spot you one. Most players are probably sitting on an abundance they dont need. Edit: i'd have offered to give you one myself but im headed to bed cause i cant hold my eyes open any longer tonight.
  9. Aint no one play warframe for an extended period without taking a break from the game.
  10. I dont see why you wouldnt want both. I say this because i like games that require a thought investment which is both a challenge and a grind. Skill based games but not like an MMR system. Im talking like Magic the gathering, and other strategy games. Its a grind for self improvement with gradual challenge hurdles that must be overcome with time/theorycrafting/deeper understanding of game interactions. IM pretty tired so ill likely have to revisit this thread to remove circular sentence structure. I dont react differently to a reward stimuli if its a long grind or a tough challenge. My initial thoughts are almost always "thank god thats over with". But with say magic the gathering or the other games i play being WoT and WoWs i can see my progression over time. And if enough data is available i can usually pinpoint a point in time where i learned something that completely changed the game for me and made me better just from gleaning new information. As to what this looks like in magic is how my decks are constructed. I dont take apart decks unless i dont like playing them. This allows me to use them as time capsules as well where i can see what i thought was important and how i viewed the game. I would say being able to observe personal improvement/progression is significantly more exhilarating/rewarding than any number of long grinds and/or tough challenges. Edit: i suppose i forgot to directly answer the question. In regards to warframe its a little more difficult to define "challenge" and "grind" as far as reward stimuli go. For example i was super excited to get the Kuva Hek and when i did it just wasnt what i was hoping for. But then again the last time i Hek'd around was with rainbow builds before dmg 2.0. I recently hit MR30 and i just didn't really care. There was a moment of excitement when i finally cheesed the test (i tried a while with banshee but ended up just cheesing the test with octavia) and i could move on to actually playing the game. While grinding for MR30 i was collecting Kuva weapons for mastery fodder and ended up falling in love with the ogris which was totally unexpected ( last time i used and Ogris was when it was released with its placeholder box model). That all being said i would find the overall experience of warframe to be rewarding. While some challenges and grinds leave me empty or apathetic; discovering a new way to do something or finding a fresh flavor of the game to experience is very rewarding. IMO warframe is rewarding through its "progression" from not even owning a mod to slap in your braton up to the point where im effectively an immortal. I recently finished forma-ing my Sevagoth 20 times (10 in main, 5 in claws, and 5 in shadow) and ill need up to 3 more unless i alter the build. After hours of solo steel path missions im finally happy and excited i got the build and frame to function like i wanted. Which was quite the trial and error and learning process. TLDR progression and/or self improvement > challenges and/or grind
  11. sounds like more nullifier bubbles to me. no thanks
  12. Lol, no ones hiding or being selfish. The audacity of some people.
  13. While i love DOOM and all its violence, i dont play warframe for a challenge explicitly. I wouldnt really want doom enemies in warframe cause from my PoV they are such different games i cant see it working. Warframe has always felt like the old dynasty warriors games from like 2 decades ago, a hack and slash. I don't want to have to think about what enemies im fighting as im fighting while being aware of which enemies are producing which sounds indicating i need to reevaluate my threat assessment. I very much enjoy logging in, picking a survival which hosts a resource i could use more of, then going to town for an hour of absolute and mindless slaughter. I HATE acolytes in the steel path cause they arent fun and absolutely #*!% up my rhythms. I LOVE DOOM and Warframe but i would not like to see them mixed in that way.
  14. Yea, that would be nice esp. if they continue to add more weapons to the systems.
  15. does it really? i thought everyone was considered a void demon. Or does it mention something else?
  16. I had thought that maybe there would be more of these choices in following quests. IIRC only the Harrow quest used more of these systems which was nice but yea ultimately its just what you wrote. Its possible it will be important in the duviri quest when ever that arrives and it having an impact on how the story is written but i suspect itll just continue to be an artifact from a past quest. At the very least it would be nice if it had some small impact on how certain NPCs respond/interact with the player.
  17. Its a really fun weapon that does very well with up to sortie content levels (with my currently 2 yr out dated build). Im sure tons of weapons out class it but i like the way it looks and its actually not that bad of a weapon. Its most certainly not a waste of a potato, but you should see how it handles before committing to the potato.
  18. i wasnt contesting this. But im not gonna cry over losing 15 credits i couldnt spend either. The signs were there that the NW HAD to end at some point. when people who didnt miss a week had already hit the additional 60 levels should have been warning enough to spend your credits. Good thing it was in game for 10 days for everyone to see, as you log in, while being highlighted blue and flashing to indicate new information. At the end of the day DE doesnt need to compensate people who didnt read or refused to observe the obvious.
  19. this statement indicates you did infact see the notification with 2 days left.
  20. World of Warships is in a death spiral with how bad the devs are at communication as well as the blatant shady choices and practices and constantly alienating the player base.
  21. there was a full week, and you clearly saw it. I dont think DE needs to do anything regarding the nightwave. Its common knowledge that the credits reset. AND the fact that people had been maxed for some time with all the post nightwave extra credits you should have known something was going to change. Not reading the bullet points from the tennocon devstream is not DEs fault either. They did literally everything they needed to that wasnt holding your hand and tucking you in at night to inform the community that NW intermission was ending to start a new intermission.
  22. i use valkyr exclusively for ripline so, im obviously a minority. I dont even know which frame has ballistic battery
  23. If one bullet (or instance of damage) hits multiple targets the accuracy is over 100%. 2 birds one stone is a 200% accuracy analogy. Not a bug.
  24. the new ult is just one of her ults past iterations. The internal synergies are a nice touch and no, sonic boom needs the ragdoll.
  25. Ive found it doesnt reset the same time his inventory resets. which is odd but i usually see it enter on tuesdays
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