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  1. While i agree with OP i just want to confirm a scenario. If you have a secondary at zero mr and you have a primary at max mr does the normal distribution of affinity hold or is it still distributed evenly between the weapons. I normally take a max rank primary in with a unranked secondary or vice versa so im not having to do low level mission to suit the strength of the guns
  2. I almost sold my ivara after finally getting the prime this weekend. The only thing stopping me was helmnith.
  3. for the following frames are there any augment mods i should acquire? mesa chroma nova titania zephyr garuda nyx nezha ivara mag trinity
  4. maybe try to use recruit chat to find more seasoned players.
  5. i would like to remove mesa's shatter shield for another buff ability like vex armor if it is an option.
  6. i think the day/night cycle has an effect on what you get as well.
  7. I dont think the story is at a point that "end game" is appropriate. They have the potential for so much more lore and world building events that i imagine if "end game" content was announced people like you would still complain it wasnt "end game" enough.
  8. Its a video game. There is no morality involved in playing it. Sounds like something kotaku would write about and hand wring over
  9. for real, who thought they would create an Audrey for the ship to spruce up the helminth room? its so out there and crazy. im psyched for it.
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