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  1. That assumes its at price i dont need to haggle over. Most of the time its not. If i have to haggle its not a bargin. if i get my price lower than the offer after haggeling it IS a bargin.
  2. Just because DE doesnt cater to your completionist compulsion doesnt mean its useless.
  3. I always haggle after looking at prices on market. And not afraid to walk away from the purchase if they are holding their price. I can always find someone else to buy from while they lost a sale because of pride.
  4. I only use volt for eidolon hunts so its not much of a threat unless they make gauss better for it.
  5. Thank you for putting the time into troubleshooting this issue. I personally had forgot about it until i saw the tweet this morning. Im sorry there were so many petulant emotional entitled children that raked you over the coals. Im embarrassed by these people. keep up the good work.
  6. Given the choice i will choose Redemption and salvation because sometimes loving someone is not always easy.
  7. Bombshells. I need a Memphis Belle Ember style nose art. She's my bae.
  8. I still have my first one. Ive never felt so indecisive in a game like i have in WF. Ill probably wait until the New War like many others. If i had to put it on a frame it would be maybe chroma prime, saryn prime, volt prime or mesa prime.
  9. Ive only been playing for six months and dig all of it. I plan to spend all my creds on potatoes. I guess im just easy to please. What frames are you using the armor on? I havent found any it looks good on would appreciate some input.
  10. I only recieved my ephemra. Still have not received my necros but i understand they said it would tak up to SEVEN DAYS.
  11. Im actually ok with it. I still have lots to do and goals to achieve in the current content and id prefer them to make sure everything is ready than release it broken.
  12. For me these are pretty good. Ive struggled to justify buying a new color pallete so that reward sits pretty good with me.
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