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  1. the issue is every other rare ressources how show in the popup don't give 60%, only Deimos infested type ressources give 60%
  2. for the love of god do something about the ressources cost. I am MR 23 I have 2159 hours in game. Why we can't use ALL the ressources we have like you stated ? we can't use most event ressources, we can't use kuva, we can't use endo, fish part ? also why Deimos ressources give up to 60% like pustulite or ganglion ? Many cost are #*!%ing high : Bile's ressources cost are just a #*!%ing joke (RARE ressources and you'll smoked we you design this category) 1k fresnels/ 10 somatic fibers / 3k cryotic are you kidding me ? I'll not pay a #*!%ing cent to buy ressources or boosters because you d
  3. thanks for the fix, but please for the love of god do something for the Helminth's bill category (or all of them), many ressources cost WAY TOO HIGH. I don't know what you smoked but NO ONE PLAY RAILJACK FOR RESSOURCES, Railjack is not fun at all. Why we CAN'T use a #*!%ton of useless ressources ? why we can't use Kuva ? I thought it was stated in the post we could use all our ressources, why we CAN'T ?
  4. I can tell you absolutely didn't get what i meant with my first post. I'll resume it by "Many old and maybe not so old abilitys deserve a look and be touch/tweak/change a bit"
  5. could be something like heal 50% of bleedout state and actualy the heal can't drop like when you try to revive someone and stop midpoint
  6. because a gifted and cheap power gifted by the system do better in a narrow domaine ? like equinox's 4 augment should be in the base power
  7. 1 ability chosen by DE and not an ultimate, so not Blessing can't be subsume If you talk about Master's summon remplace blessing no, the power itself revive and full heal your companion
  8. Mending Unity increase affinity radius by 25m at max rank
  9. I mean Master's summon heal 100% companion health and shield and revive him (only if in beedout state) and cost 50 energy (unlimited range and only 1 target) Trinity's blessing restore 80% of allies' health and shield (but not allies like thralls or mind controlled unit, they can't receive any buff too) and give them 50% dmg red for 10s (without mod) and cost 100 energy (limited and unmoddable range, a focus school is needed to increase it or an item, dmg reduction help a lot but can't do much without other dmg red tool (I'm running a creeping terrified Trinity (remplace Trinity's 3rd power)
  10. another feedback, why we can't use all our ressources like you said ? fish part, robotic fish, open world minerals, conservation tags and event exclusives ressources are not ressources ?
  11. mind controlled enemies / thralls don't receive elemental ward buff (and maybe others buff)
  12. first, some ressources cost are WAY too high (railjack mission) second Master's Summon could be better if it work/synergise with Nyx's mind controlled ennemie, Revenant's thralls and Wukong's clone
  13. Don't get me wrong some of us know the game more at very low MR, but giving this to new players is not a good idea. MR15 was perfect now we can have MR8 kiddo messing around and being toxic with limbo's banish. thanks DE
  14. Or maybe something that give this power revive feature like Nekros's Soul Survivor
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