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  1. Same issue here... i watched it from the start to the end, only the ephemera in my inbox...
  2. yeah, can we get reward at each stage ? please ? less grindi ? i don't think lul
  3. just... YES !! Just... please change the logic of the bolt, they just do hvdyqyvtdddczydfqzc and homing, useless in close and mid range fight and please, boost the range of some tribute aura, -25% speed on 10m, unless you attempt to do some melee weird build on your melee with titania (with channeling, or healing return) you cannot survive
  4. Thanks for the fixe ^^, but can you also fix the market of smokefinguer ? always the same things
  5. please, fix the dark-split sword and stance
  6. can we please have a button to turn off the flashlight ? i can barely see weakpoint on mining spot in the caves...
  7. Nyx and Chroma rework, eidolon armgun, new focus school ?
  8. pillar of health / energy regen on hit insted of health and energy orb on death ? more synergy between 2 and 4 pls
  9. but... everyone got 2 arcanes gardian r3 right ?, then he shouldn't suggest that
  10. could you please rework warframe in need, like mag, ember or maybe nyx, before nerfing good one ?
  11. and yeah... but splinter Storm can stay like what... 1 minute without getting reckted, and with the augment and aura slot you regen 3 + 3 (power str multiplier) with the warding halo change.... you can have 20k health shield, but with the ennemie's lvl, he doesn't stay 1 minute like gara's #*!%ing splinter storm. with this change, gara are gonna be the best warframe in the game for tankiness If you doing that, gara will only be pick, and nezha will be put in trash of many player change gara augment, change health and armor scaling, boost warding halo base health, i only ask this, because 2k shield with 90% damage reduction without any base health regen like mindless gara augment, nezha will only be the worst tank in the game
  12. just no... or add warding halo augment to basic power, and with 100% efficiency and not 50% and put this nerf on rhino's iron skin also and boost warding halo health scaling with power strg and armor, lvl 40 destroy it with only 4 bullets
  13. Let's hope together my friend for this fix
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