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  1. acceltra deal self damage, that not a bug ^^'
  2. You can reach 100% extrat loot with 400% power strength (modding + equinox) and Atlas augment is in another looting category than nekros, but yeah you have to cast your power again and again to keep looting
  3. Pheonix renewal / renewal need also some changes, since wisp's healing mote add max HP + regen, maybe nerf heal on death or invulnerability time and buff armor or regen over time
  4. yeah, can we get reward at each stage ? please ? less grindi ? i don't think lul
  5. just... YES !! Just... please change the logic of the bolt, they just do hvdyqyvtdddczydfqzc and homing, useless in close and mid range fight and please, boost the range of some tribute aura, -25% speed on 10m, unless you attempt to do some melee weird build on your melee with titania (with channeling, or healing return) you cannot survive
  6. Thanks for the fixe ^^, but can you also fix the market of smokefinguer ? always the same things
  7. please, fix the dark-split sword and stance
  8. can we please have a button to turn off the flashlight ? i can barely see weakpoint on mining spot in the caves...
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