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  1. If we can deal self damage, enemy shall deal self damage too, it's pointless we're the only one how can blow ourself up
  2. Yeah so... Where I have to start... Even the augment's name is a mascarade : _The name, Blood forge, you forge ammo with blood, if you forge ammo with blood, why the augment take in your reserve to reload weapon ?! Use 50% of you max health only to reload isn't worth
  3. Yeah your right ! let push the Second dream quest up to MR 10 and War Within MR 13... why you don't leave people peacefuly and stop dropping S#&$ here ? If they did it this way, DE will never come back to fix it and you know it
  4. Thanks for the fix, Can you also add a marker for every ressources in railjack mission, it's not like all the ressources we drop in are important for every railjack craft
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