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  1. sobek don't leave any projectile impact on the environment, I think this is a graphic bug
  2. from what i can see on your account, you create your account 3 hours ago
  3. thanks dude. You can't really just give it to people how already pick the thingy on epic ? we really need to relog in on this thing... i know i already sell my soul and important information to Epic but come on DE you can't do that ? i already spend enough time on this and you ask me to redownload the game AGAIN (even if i can just c/p) 😔
  4. I know we keep them on the steam version, but did you relog on epic after the hotfix ?
  5. did you reloag via Epic or via Steam to get the syandana ?
  6. the hotfix is on but still not a sign of the syandana we should had with the pack
  7. I hope we don't have to launch it again on the Epic game store to update the current issue with the syandana, i don't want another minutes with it
  8. you know mind controlled one from Nyx's 1 don't count toward enemie left during defense, it's not that hard to apply the same code to Enthralls
  9. I would like the return of the old ultimate (the fire beam of madurai or healing pulse of vazarin for exemple), not like it was but more like an active ability you cast as operator + other actives fitting the focus school (with node in the focus tree to improve them). I miss the old crazy void magic T-T
  10. don't you mean Nyx ? (because she can keep 1 immortal until her 1 end) you can still kill ennemie in the rift with power. also you should try smite infusion with Enthrall they deal a good chunk of damage
  11. it's hard to remove self-damage code ? i mean they remove self-damage but it's still in game... just remove the damn spagetti code of self-damage because it's not suppose to be use in game
  12. Before anyone anwser "play with friend or in solo" is not a valid anwser Revenant's 1 is a good CC and damage ability if you play it with the right power. but you can't play Revenant with a summoner/minion master build in public mission because every other player will kill them before you could do anything with them. Even more true with the augment, you can't use it at 100% value in public mission because you need to keep them alive for the benefit of the augment (more primary damage per thrall) another inconsistency is Radiation proc, I know radiation proc turn them again their allies,
  13. the issue is before modding matter, now it's capped at base or capped values
  14. I'm sure DE teased in a past devstream dual zaw but nothing since. also it's been years since we didn't had anything new in Cetus. Why not new zaw type and maybe secondary and primary weapon ? (we can at least count bow as a valid option for weapon crafting in Cetus)
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