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  1. Aw... sad but we shouldn't lose hope, maybe one day the'll do something about it
  2. but when you read this line, you know they don't delete everything NOTE: This action is permanent and not intended for users who wish to continue to play or return to play Warframe. This is due to the fact that we cannot guarantee that you will be able to sign up for Warframe again with the same email address or username associated with your deleted account. Your account is link to your email, so if you can't create a new one with yours, that mean they still use it for an acount
  3. the worst is, they'll use you account in some way, I remember I saw a player posting an activity report and his account was active on the game(but his account was banned, so no one could use his account beside mods / admins)
  4. This bug also work with 90% and other 60/60 mods You lost damage if you put any poison mods
  5. pets (kubrow, kavat and moa) didn't receive shield health type change neither the shield gating
  6. First, every objectif you can defend can't receive any healing beside vazarin dash and amesha 2cd power second, some objective don't make sens like this one, survive with more than 70%, if you heal this objective you still fail the bonus mission, survive mean at the end of the timer, not during
  7. sh*t, desolated hand is not his ult but the daggers, i'll edit my post. Thanks Hysmarca
  8. also how can we share desolated hand's damage reduction with defence objectives ? because this power don't give a damage reduction aura to baruuk, only him receive this feature
  9. Bump, also i want to add a video to show you can't with safeguard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTIxOBnijLc&feature=youtu.be
  10. Something to show and prove Sentinels didn't received the recent change on shield health type and shield gating, please consider fixing this as fast as you can
  11. You can't put Warding Halo on defense objective, with and without the augment, also how are you supposed to share damage reduction of desolated hand with objective, this power don't give an aura (you can't even share it with other players / pets / sentinels, so does that mean we will with this change because if we can share it with objective but not players that don't make any sens)
  12. I'll be honest with you, i really didn't know DE have employees moderator
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