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  1. il y a 6 minutes, Simoom a dit :

    Yeah after the hotfix, I did log onto the epic client.  Although I didn't check for the cape.  Just the weapons.

    Only checked a bit later on Steam and it was there.

    thanks dude.
    You can't really just give it to people how already pick the thingy on epic ? we really need to relog in on this thing... i know i already sell my soul and important information to Epic but come on DE you can't do that ? i already spend enough time on this and you ask me to redownload the game AGAIN (even if i can just c/p) 😔

  2. il y a une heure, (PSN)MYKK678 a dit :

    Want to get a Defence mission done within the hour? Too bad, a Trolls in your group and has made the last 8 enemies in this Round unkillable.

    you know mind controlled one from Nyx's 1 don't count toward enemie left during defense, it's not that hard to apply the same code to Enthralls

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  3. I would like the return of the old ultimate (the fire beam of madurai or healing pulse of vazarin for exemple), not like it was but more like an active ability you cast as operator + other actives fitting the focus school (with node in the focus tree to improve them). I miss the old crazy void magic T-T

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  4. Before anyone anwser "play with friend or in solo" is not a valid anwser
    Revenant's 1 is a good CC and damage ability if you play it with the right power. but you can't play Revenant with a summoner/minion master build in public mission because every other player will kill them before you could do anything with them.
    Even more true with the augment, you can't use it at 100% value in public mission because you need to keep them alive for the benefit of the augment (more primary damage per thrall)

    another inconsistency is Radiation proc, I know radiation proc turn them again their allies, but thralls should not turn again you because their under a radiation proc, they should deal MORE damage again their OWN and other faction, but not again the TENNO faction

    Few ideas that could benefit both Revenant and the party (feel free to comment for or again them, but keep them civilize)

    Give basic Thralls some benefit : a small damage buff (thralls only), grant Revenant (and allies inside Revenant's affinity radius ??) a very small shield regen or shield efficiency (if the shield take 4 damage he will only take 2 (so 3 because basic 25% damage red + another 25% damage reduction on shield (scale with the number of thralls : max being 25%)

    Open a bit the augment to make the party member aware of the damage buff on primary weapon (if they kill your thralls they'll deal less damage) but decrease the damage buff (20% or 18% per thralls should be enough??)

    I'm not really for this one but narrow the ability to kill Thralls, maybe only Revenant should be allow to kill them (personal thralls i mean, you shouldn't be able to kill another revenant thralls because you use Revenant too) OR give thralls more defensive stats, damage red or something but make them explode in a small area of damage with all damage damage (following a % of damage). The pillar of energy is good but have a too small radius you can't use it to make damage, and everyone know Warframe is all about damage and not CC

    • TYPE: In-game
    • DESCRIPTION: I was trying to kill my Thralls with weapons (Revenant)
    • VISUAL: [This is where you would add your screenshot or video]
    • REPRODUCTION: Many weapons feature don't work again Thrall : Proboscis Cernos, Cyanex, melee weapon, flux weapon with chaining (kuva nukor)
    • EXPECTED RESULT: If we can kill them, why weapon don't behave normaly again them, weapon should work 100% again them and not 50%. Proboscis Cernos should grab them, Cyanex bullet should homming on them, melee weapon should still build combo counter, chaining weapon should chain between thralls and ennemies
    • OBSERVED RESULT: Proboscis Cernos don't grab Thralls, chain weapon chain on ennemie but not on thralls, you don't build melee combo counter when you hit them with a melee weapon, cyanex bullet should homming in them and ricochet in them
  5. Chroma's 1 could act like it's writen in it description (a breath attack like the ignis and have a dynamic chaining like the kuva nukor), have a cone aoe instead of a linear "ray". pin-point ability don't have a place in a game when you fight swarm of enemies (remember wukong's old 1), chaining range should be affected by range mods.

    Nekros' 1 change is a "joke". let me explain, Nekros master of Death and dead have harder time to instant kill ennemies than Garuda. as the master od Death and Dead he should have easier time taking away life of ennemie. garuda is only about blood and bleeding not death. also HP threshold (should be affected by power strenght) and Mark for Harvest(should be affected by duration, an have a true duration and not stay until the ragdoll wear off) duration should be displayed in the ability tab

    • TYPE: In-game
    • DESCRIPTION: trying to buff my thralls (and pet, also don't work with sentinels), also i can't switch elemental ward element mid-mission
    • VISUAL: 
    • REPRODUCTION: Try any buff ability (rhino's roar, chroma's elemental ward), for element switching try switch element with elemental ward
    • EXPECTED RESULT: my ability should grant buff to my thralls and pet, also i should be able to switch element with elemental ward
    • OBSERVED RESULT: Thralls and pet don't receive any buff, and I can't switch element neither recast with another element
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  6. good list of change, but Chroma and Nekros need another look, only 25% for the one shot ? are you kiding me the master of death having Harder time to kill than the bloody maiden (it don't make sens, are you aware ?) switch them
    elemental switch on spectral scream, trash it and put it on elemental ward. make it actualy act like a breath attack (deal damage like flux weapon curently deal)
    also make the spread range and limite affected by power strenght and range, and give a lift up to range scaling, also give it a cone range, it's a breath attack not a dumb laser like wukong's old 1

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  7. Element switching should be on elemental ward, because the "passive" will no longer be usefull in the current setup in Deimos Arcana. also we don't have spectral scream in the helminth system (also the ability is still trash based on post on reddit)
    The worst in spectral scream is the ability don't act like it's writen (Exhale a deep breath). what other weapon "breath" fire ? the ignis. but spectral scream work like mallet. he deal damage following a rythm
    this ability don't need "much" to be good. some damage, a form of damage scaling like every other damage based frame (damage per level / 10 level / per second channel)
    The ability to change the shape, because straith line ability don't have a place in this game (i hope you remember the old 1 of Wukong DE) because this ability is the same with a worst range (and range scaling) but could be fine if we can change between cone (medium spread/range/damage), laser (pin point, long range, very high damage) and projectile (pin point, area of effect and damage, medium damage)
    The augment ? trash it, like mesa's 1 augment none of them are good or fine in the game right now

  8. Renewal could also receive a healing buff, 30hp/s is not enought if we take another power who give health regen and Max HP for no energy (energy overtime i mean, wisp's buff pods cost "nothing").
    It could also be an aura like mend and maim (apply heal over time constantly inside the aura range, if someone exit the aura range they still receive the healing but they can come back in to recover the h.o.t if they ran into a nullifier bubble)

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