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  1. It almost seems like a piece of something slightly bigger.
  2. Ah well, thanks for the effort!
  3. Hope it's the second if that's the case. More secret stuff is always fun.
  4. https://youtu.be/YEH5Qn6x_yc?t=854 It's the tile in the video at 14:14
  5. This only occurs in 1 specific tile. Same lab layout on any other tile doesn't show this sign. Either it is as you say, or there is something I've missed.
  6. This was tested twice on the Ananke node.
  7. While opening some secret rooms, I've noticed that this sign appears on the door. This only happened in the tile with the 4 pillars you can overload. Any ideas/suggestions as to what this might be?
  8. This completely deviated from my original idea... I'm glad it did Edit: Artwork entry I guess. .
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