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  1. Empyrean would be the greatest Archwing mission rework you guys have done if those pesky Railjacks didn't get in the way. Are there any plans to move some of the railjack mission structure over to archwing missions? Larger space, infiltrating areas, etc?
  2. The cycle effect on Nourish isn't all that clear. Honestly when I use it I'm multi-tapping anyway most of the time, I'd really rather it just automatically give a new buff type or refresh the lowest duration, depending on enemies in the gut. I'd like to see Regurgitate reset the energy ramp-up on Feast as well, I love this ability but right now carrying stuff around to munch on is just much more effective. That would give some incentive to a devour/spit/shoot loop while still letting Grendel run around with the things he wants to do. (Eat everything) Otherwise I'm having a blast with Grendel. Up there with Gauss for my favorite warframes.
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