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  1. My biggest issue with arbitrations isn't the revives (but I play solo so I'm largely uneffected both by this change and host migration), it's with arbitration drones. Specifically, the best part of arbitrations (random warframe/weapon buff) is largely rendered moot by them. Trying to kill a drone with anything other than an AoE weapon is just not worth the time spent, either from losing life support or as a risk to dying to enemies. Similarly, many warframes that would otherwise be fun to play with 300% strength are ruined by having no survival option other than CC/killing enemies with abilities, and drones shut that down. That means the 300% buffs are really only relevant to the warframes/weapons you would already be taking to arbitrations. Could you please consider letting the random warframe/weapon chosen for the buff bypass arbitration drone effects? This would actually give a reason to run random frames/weapons allow CC/damage frames to be relevant in arbitrations, at least part of the time.
  2. It really annoys me that you can invest hours in kuva rerolls or spending plat on a riven and then have the stats adjusted. I realize that it might create an even more scammy riven trading scene, but it flies pretty in the face of the "don't devalue players time" mantra that every other decision in Warframe (Hi Hema) seems to operate on. I realize you've still got a really nice stat riven roll, it's just irritating that it becomes less nice than before.
  3. I have serious concerns about this. Not with regards to the gameplay, fun or rewards but with the immersion, story and feeling of warframe. Part of the reason why Second Dream works so well is you're this mysterious force that goes out on "time limited missions" to save people and sabotage enemies and then you discover "Oh, this is who you are". It gives some feeling of variety to an otherwise static grind through planet missions to unlock the next node for new players. As a 2500+ hour player, do I run alerts often? No. Do I wish alerts had better rewards? Yes. Is my immersive experience in WF BETTER because of alerts I do not run? 200% yes. Just going to the console and seeing these things out in the system happen makes me feel more connected to the game's universe and my ship. I'm all for improved systems and better things, I'm just not sure alerts totally need to die for this.
  4. That's not going to stop it or be a negative to the clan though. It costs the clan nothing to take on someone new who just wants research. The only thing this is going to do is add more weird power dynamics and drama to clans.
  5. Er....Does this mean what I think it does? You're letting clans restrict who can access completed research? Because that sounds like a terrible idea that would only introduce an unneeded toxic element to clans and the community.
  6. Personally I think the Gara skin looks worse now.:/ I mean you didn't kill the richness of the color which is good, but losing some of that brightness makes it *pop* less. :( I'm still happy with the skin, it's just not exactly what I originally bought it for.
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