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  1. Saryn is my second most played frame and I must say the utility of spores is going to be severely dropped by this. yes the damage is nice but she already has plenty of damage dealing. the corrosive will work well against the grineer but chances are saryn players are well accustomed to dealing with enemies with armor on the viral gave her much greater flexibility. in regards to the spore/molt synergy, I can tell you first hand the saryn players spamming spores onto molt were not the real demographic, yes it was effective but someone who actually likes the frame isn't likely to spend much time like that. Otherwise molt is looking good, it'll be nice to have it last a bit longer and that speed boost is going to be hugely helpful. On to toxic lash, all weapons is something I don't really care about as I mostly melee with her but i'm sure many players will appreciate that, the buff to duration is nice. The removal of the energy return is a little sad but I don't think it's going to hurt that much, the energy restore was pretty light. The changing of Miasma to viral will help with her flexibility hit but it won't be nearly as good at debuffing as the spores were. Overall it seems like she's going to be a much slower paced frame after this rework, now that you have to maintain a single spore cast instead of just dropping one into whichever cluster you hit it's not going to be as easy to get it all over the map. I'm expecting far more saryn players to take to camping after this, the increase in armor is nice but I feel it means DE reached the same conclusion as players won't be avoiding as much. Overall there's some good and some bad but we'll have to wait until we get our hands on it to see for sure. I must say i'd rather they focus on speeding up their frame release schedule instead of reworking frames that are functioning fine. I understand different teams doing different things but if you're qualified to rework abilities you can work on designing them.

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