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  1. si recuerdo que una vez vi que se colo una, esperemos que pronto se active ese evento
  2. thanks DE, sadly i was not playing on closed beta... oh well
  3. seems like my first prime will have a worthful enhancement, nyx was taken out of "use" after LoR was gone, just a few players (me included) still using nyx for a few missions but for fun
  4. i'll keep my pets warm on the landing ship from now :C
  5. thanks twice, but can be possible the fortuna baits be crafted isntead bought? 500 rep is so much for a single bait
  6. Thank you DE 😄 Hey!!! my fishes has feet, are you assuming my fishes doesn't have foots? >:c -angry zax noises-
  7. Thanks a lot! I found a painass bug about the K drive and precepts literally disabling the presets on companions and sentinels
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