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  1. Need Cryotra Riven: with (++/-) +reload speed (must have) +zoom or +punchthrough or (+++/-) +reload speed (must have) +zoom +punchthrough Negatives like -IPSdmg/crits/factiondmg will do. ✔️ Negatives like -Damage(if it makes weapon deal 0 dmg)/status/firerate/magazine won't do. ❌
  2. this is so true, and most concerning.
  3. @Falconer777 just ignore him dude, like i did. whatever he says is by assuming that, everyone that is trying to argue here and make a point, is a low mr player or a rookie and doesn't know how the game works, what he does, is belittle you and make it seem like your discussion is pointless, just because you are a low mr lvl scrub player. regardless if you are a Mr26(i am mr26). i know mr generally means nothing, but ppl like him make me mention it, because apparently its the only logic they understand.
  4. totally agree on this, kohm disposition should get balanced just like every other weapons disposition, No Biasing.
  5. that is completely your fault alone, no one told you to buy those. more importantly DE didn't tell you to buy those promising greater returns in future. you took a risk, and it backfired. that's how things work. deal with it.
  6. > when you playing endless missions like some people like to do you must be a low tier player You: assuming things that are you don't know and trying to belittle me because you have no strong point to argue on. Me: stating facts on why giving riven disposition immunity for selected weapon is bad for the game(see my post history from profile if you interested). you: completely missing the point and trying to derail from the topic with your "LeArN HoW tO Mod dUdE" i think i am done talking to you, bye. have fun with your kohm riven while it lasts.
  7. A 30% status weapon can reach 100% status using 4 dual stats before multishot. Aiming to reach 100% status with only 3 does not fall under modding flexibility, but it falls under min-maxing(a thing you might not have watched on YouTube yet) and your opinion on not nerfing a riven just because without it, you cannot get maximum possible damage out of it, clearly states how much or little you know about modding your weapons and even what i am suggesting here. by the same logic, we should get tigris rivens buffed, because without them we cannot build it with 3 dual stats and reach 100% status and min-max it for optimal about of damage. Please think twice before you type bro.
  8. giving certain weapons riven's immunity from dispo nerfs will just drive their prices sky high and out of reach from a average player, which takes the whole reason why its disposition wasn't nerfed for, majority of people that want to build kohm for 100% status will never can.
  9. @[DE]Connor Please just buff Kohm to 30% status so everyone doesn't need to rely on rivens to mod the said weapon in a certain way, if players depending on rivens to build kohm for 100% status is considered so important that its rivens are given a clean chit from getting their dispo nerfed, then maybe make the said playstyle freely available for all to build for, and as how it was originally going to be when rivens were first released, balance them around the weapons usage. like the rest of the weapons in game. And Detron has 30% status chance and Mara Detron has 32% status chance (ie: not needing a riven to go 100% status), so i don't know how detron's dispo can affect players achieving 100% status chance. or is this because some dude decided to spend 15000 platinum on a kohm riven ?
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