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    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    Uhmmm more infk is needed but this sounds not great at all since heavy attacks are so slow why would I want to use them in high lvl game play where the combo counter would be usefull. The normal attacks is what eberyone uses since they are quick and you wont die in high lvl gameplay where enemies one shot your puny armor. The combo counter should still affect normal dmg like it always has. Make it that people abbusing spin attacks get a severe debuff like when you get dizzg when using cleeving wirld winds combo counter you would stagger except now make that stagger twice as long for the people that like to act if they are fidget spinners. This will stop peoplefrom spin to win. One way or make a nother type of debuff for people spinning constantly. On console this was never an issue since it was a pain to do. This new combo system really does not seem fun in anyway. Now I am forced to use heavy attacks or alam attacks to benifit from the combo counter? I really dont see a point in this since it is a hassle or more of a hinderness in normal gameplay. Heavy attacks are slow af. In a game that is action packed, fast and super mobile flying -through the air and jumping like a mad man - slow heavy attacks that break the flow of combat is just not fun. The melee going through walls I can understand that is just stupid. It shouldnt really happen so thats great. What about warframe abilities that works of combo counters for the damage in high lvl gameplay am I also forced to do heavy attacks just for a chance to use all my stored up combo points on a single attack. NO THAT ISNT FUN AT ALL. Make the combo counter play the role it was always been. Let it have its exponential dmg increase as the counter goes up. Nobody wants to heavy melee steike a bombard and let that unit kill our warframe since we cant do anything if our one heavy strike did nor kill it. Let is use the combo counter as always with any melee on any attack. Maybe make a heavy attack take 25 to 50 points per heavy strike off of our combo counter and normal attacks still benifit from the combo counter. Again slam attacks and heavu attacks will not be fun if we are forced to use them just to get the benefits of our combo counter. I want to use my combo counter with any attack and still get the benifits of it like I always have.
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    Developer Workshop: Saryn Revisited 2.0

    All i want to know is how toxic lash will interact with spores will the Dot from spores spread when I mele the enemies that have spores on them with toxic lash activated will my toxin dmg spread with the spores I pop this time? the energy regen was helpfull in longer missions and by the looks of things you guys want her to do longer missions thats just an observation I may be wrong. If there is achance can there be synergy like that again with her if its possible. Now this is all I think I really want to know Start from HERE! Spores and Miasma's elemental dmg were switched. Spores does corrosive dmg now but cant the corrosive dmg strip the BASE armour points of enemies that will make her effective against corpus, grineer and corrupted enemies This will sunergies well with toxic lash since now Hopefully the toxin dmg will spread when you burst a spore with toxic lash activated the Dot will also spread. Please does the toxin Dot spread when spores are popped with toxic lais active?