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  1. The sentinels stops trying to resurrect you if tehy died during resurrection process.
  2. Please rename the avionics according to it's corresponding houses, so it can be properly sorted in the game and represented in your drop tables. Also do something with sentinels vulnerability during thrall killing animation. Playing solo, sentinels get all the focus and immediately die on highlevel missions.
  3. New Baro mod [Primed Smite Infested] is not tradeable.
  4. Please add a full description for the avionics in salvage menu, like stat numbers and ugrade possibility just like in upggrade menu. It's hard to manage it when the only difference between two mods is some dots or triangles on icon and maybe its amount. And maybe it's better to change the presentation of avionic in upgraded slots. For example, for 4lvl mod with base 10% of something on 3lvl slot now we see a 80% stat, where 50% is mod stat and 30% slot bonus. But in avionic upgrade menu we didn't see the slot influence, and it's hard to compare similar mods from different Houses with slightly different stats and upgrade caps. The possibility to see the resulting stats without actual upgrade level by level is also welcomed, like we have with warframe mods.
  5. No, It should be added before the bosses to stop people rush to them and leave or stay afk depending on new weapon drop.
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