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  1. Couldn't agree more. The reason they gave for rolling out the unified inputs is to streamline the system and open up access to more combos. Yet it accomplishes the exact opposite. Wukong's hold forward combo and slide are the only ones I ever use. Thankfully they're very good, but Wukong getting lucky with his particular moveset doesn't change the problem. Holding forward IS the main way we close the distance between ourselves and the enemy. This is an extremely basic, common sense concept that you do in literally every game. There's an enemy over there. I'm moving towards him. I start attacking him when he's in range. It straight up does not matter what game it is you're playing, if there's melee involved "I need to move closer to hit this dude" is universal. Dante's signature move Stinger from any DMC game is a perfect example of the issue. You have to lock on to an enemy first, then you move the analog towards them, and then you hit triangle to execute the move. The key distinction there is having to lock on first. If simply moving the analog in one direction and hitting triangle without being locked on initiated a Stinger, you would end up doing it constantly. As you're constantly having to adjust your position and facing direction in relation to the enemies you're attacking. And you adjust your position and facing by MOVING TOWARDS THE ENEMY. With directional inputs. The actual mechanics of the attack animation itself are irrelevant. A hold forward+triangle Stinger would have you shooting across the screen into walls and knocking enemies out of combos you're doing. A hold forward+E input that has you do a short range attack that holds you in place would be just as annoying, as would a medium range, narrow angle thrust. Not because of the properties, or the range, or whether or not you can move. The animation itself doesn't matter. It's annoying because when it's tied to a single basic movement input you're always doing, you can't avoid doing it. Its the inputs breaking the flow of combat that's the issue, and DE keeps talking about flow. I've posted a dozen times about this ever since they announced unifying hold forward into the combo inputs, and I know I've seen you and others talking about it too. Guess DE didn't pay attention. So here are some alternate key inputs, again. No movement keys (no restrictions on any adjustments/ moving forward) - E E E etc (how ever many E's long it is) - Hold Block + E E E - E Hold E, E E - Roll E E E Left/ Right (which allows you to still adjust with the camera/ mouse while moving forward) - E E E - Hold Block + E E E - Hold Left to initiate + E E E - Hold Right to initiate + E E E You don't run up to enemy, stop, stand in front of them for a second and then start attacking. On a final note, I agree with Teri; for the love of God, bring back manual blocking. if you have your melee out and you aim glide, you should keep the melee out and aim-glide block. If you're on the ground, you should block. If you have a gun in the air, you aim-glide ADS, if you're on the ground, you ADS. Exactly the way it used to be. Actually, in melee only sorties, you can still manual block, so it's still in the game's code, it's just disabled for some stupid reason.
  2. Being one of the dozen or so people who have actually liked him since before the rework ( ) , yesterday I took him through the sortie, two kuva flood, an arby and like 10 runs of plague star. It's pretty obvious that a lot of people have never used him before now, and that's leading to a bit of over inflation when it comes to this rework. Don't forget to /p people's profiles. Anyway... 1 - It's a souped-up specter that can effectively never die since it costs nothing to summon, but at the end of the day, it's still just a specter. He'll run at enemy with a melee weapon equipped only to teleport back to your side without actually doing anything, and I've caught him just staring off into the distance quite a few times while he's getting shot in the back. Using the opposite weapon to what you have equipped isn't ideal. If you're taking shots at enemies across the plains, having a melee specter doesn't help much. Likewise if you're in a cramped corpus hallway, cleaning enemies out from behind boxes, him shooting the boxes as he tries to hit the enemies doesn't help either. Don't get me wrong, it's good for a 1st, but the clone should just use the same weapon you are. The main draw is using it with his 4 anyway, but we'll get there in a minute. 2 - Good heals, and that's its purpose. Which pigeonholes you. At the tail end of an arbitration, expect to be spamming this frequently since it replaced Defy as his survivability. It has good synergy with his health pool and Adaptation, and the movement speeds nice, but its a complete 180 from "cast and forget" to "keep your finger over 2 when the enemy level starts to climb. Still good though. 3 - Worthless. Using it accomplishes nothing. Granted you wont get hurt by using it, but it's not going to do anything worthwhile either. You can't do anything other than move during the actual invincible part of the animation. The follow up attack will kill scrub enemies, but so will anything, while it's not going to do much against the tankier guys. Those same scrub enemies aren't going to kill you no matter how much or little armor you have, and at higher levels 1500 armor really isn't as much as it seems. There's an easy way to make this useful though. Suggestion for his 3 - - Remove the initial taunt animation, remove the attack animation, remove the armor buff. Double the base duration. - When activated, Wukong glows to denote the duration. You gain 50% lifesteal with all attacks, and are free to move however you like and use whatever weapon you like. - If you get killed and then do enough damage to fully heal yourself during the now 4-8 seconds of invincibility you have, you get a random buff off of the list of his passives. Straight up a very short duration version of Valkyr's 4, only you aren't locked into one weapon type, and it takes advantage of those nice passive buffs that you really aren't ever going to see otherwise. Then give him back his old passive, because combo timer extension is way more valuable than people realize. 4 - Two main thoughts. I absolutely love this ability; I absolutely despise the new combo inputs. Before I get to the combos, the Iron Staff itself is straight up brutal. Great crit and status, with just Primed Pressure and Primed Fever the spin's almost got 10k damage. For those of you who are wondering, the range scales off of the combo meter and Primed Reach, and dumping power range is not a good idea. I was easily mowing down a dozen infested and all of their spawn pods within one combo at the end of plague star runs. Add in your clone in things only get better. That said, I have one massive problem with his 4. The combo inputs. The sheer amount of expletives I'm refraining from typing in right now. This is a game where you will ALWAYS be moving towards the enemy. Getting closer to the guy you're trying to whack with a stick is instinctual. No matter what the melee stance on your weapon is, no matter how much range it has (and this is a perfect example of that) you will ALWAYS need to adjust your positioning as you melee enemies. This most commonly takes the form of holding forward on the keyboard and turning with the mouse. So when a stance has a hold forward combo on it, you will end up doing that combo more than any other, and you will end up doing that combo when you don't want to. Instead of providing more variety, the only combo I ever end up using is the hold forward, with maybe, maybe a neutral combo here and there. The "gap closer", as other people have noticed, is worthless. A kick and a thrust, both of which are slow and linear, and knock away the enemy you're trying to close on. Thankfully, since they're the only two attacks your going to use, the slide and the hold forward combo are great. But my god I really hope this doesn't get applied to melee as a whole. It completely defeats combo variety, the purpose for which it was rolled out in the first place. Scythe stances are hated, the blue stave stance sucks, anything with a hold forward combo input ends up feeling clunky, and ofc that's what they choose to unify. Neutral (disregarding forward and backward movement), Hold Block, tap right once (registers while moving forward), tap left once (registers while moving forward). That's all you need to do DE. There's four combo inputs that don't interfere with the execution of said combos. Hold forward shouldn't be registered as an input in any combo. So, to summarize. His 3 needs tweaks and I despise the combo inputs on his 4, but otherwise, he's alright. He's an exalted murder frame now. However, here's my gripe, which probably isn't going to be shared by anyone, since next to no one used him before now. Oldkong was my go to for Sargas Ruk. He had a purpose; not having to deal with ridiculous hitboxes coming off of Sargas, and picking up anyone Sargas dropped. Now, he can't do that. He's a murder frame, sure, but so is Mag, Mesa, Khora and Saryn. In a way, he gained a more well rounded kit, but he just lost his only actual dedicated use, and personally it feels like a lateral move to a different category. The "good, but not really suited to anything in particular" category, which is full of other frames. Which is why he get's and alright/10. Oh, and did I mention I hate the new combo inputs?
  3. Get all the buffs from your 1 going, send her 2 into the crowd you're going to nuke with her 4, have her 2 clone trip her 3 in the crowd, then unleash the power of the sun. Bonus damage and procs from her 1 + invisibility buff from her 2 + the pax seeker style projectiles from her 3 can do some crazy stuff with her 4. She's actually got legit synergy.
  4. So if I parrot the complaints of other people and put my personal gripes into a box and boldface it, I too can become a "business analyst"?
  5. First off, it hasn't even passed yet, it's just been proposed. Second, it's just another "think of the children, look at how much of a good guy I am" nonsense bill, a PR stunt like someone else said earlier in this thread. Third, the only people it'll hurt if it does pass are consumers (as in us, the players) because you know the scumbag companies it's targeting (like EA) will just raise the prices of "DLC's" or jack up the initial cost of buying the game to make up the difference. Fourth, said scumbag companies aren't going to let lootboxes go without a fight. They're a major source of income for them (obviously). Fifth, DE isn't a scumbag company, and this game isn't pay to win. Cosmetics are the only things you can't grind. All this stupid speculation about what the bill entails is pointless because it hasn't even passed, and even if it does, actual enforcement will be a mess. There are still copyright warnings on movies and music, yet no one cares. There are still copyrights on videogames, yet emulators are still quite popular. So relax Chicken Littles, despite how a lot of people are trying to play it off in this thread, it's not like it's directly targeting Warframe.
  6. You guys clearly haven't figured out Sol Gate yet. Buff yourself with all three of her 1's, don't hold down on one enemy with her 4, make her wiggle and strafe their heads with it. With only 169% Str she annihilated 20 lv145 Corrupted Bombard Eximuses when I took her into the Simulacrum. The damage ramps up per enemy hit, and with Heat/ Radiation they're either on fire and cc'ed, or shooting each other, while the corrosive proc buff from her 1 makes it even better. Her 1 heals, boost speed and RoF and cc's, her two gets enemies off of her, her 3 is more cc plus a 3x to 4x damage multiplier. Other than getting stuck with Sol Gate active if you slide off a ledge sometimes (which is obviously a bug, and can be stopped by purposely out of area-ing yourself) she's perfect as is. DE knocked it out of the park with Wisp. And no cooldown's should ever be implemented on any abilities in this game, period.
  7. Honestly, I never liked it. I got all the login weapons before they changed the way you acquire them, and Zenith and Sigma and Octanis are definitely my favorites. Like Serial said, Zenistar's just not a fun weapon. Meanwhile Zenith is a 100% statusable Braton Prime with a cool reload sound, great RoF and excellent accuracy, and SnO are one of the best melee weapon/ weapons in the game. Plus the melee-not-hitting-through walls thing knocked the Zenistar down even further. Picking it first is just another one of those players parrotting what they heard without actually knowing or having the thing type situations, like "Mag sucks" and they don't even have her, or "Conclave is trash" and they have 0 kills or deaths in Conclave.
  8. My Diriga's actually bugged out a few times and flown along the floor of my orbiter before ending up in the pet bed. So absolutely.
  9. A terrible idea from someone who doesn't even do what they suggest. This right here is why you should always check people's profiles. The command's /p name
  10. Yup, chat's completely busted. My text box is a continuous wall of "Failed to connect to chat server." And it's Saturday, so don't expect anything to get fixed till Monday. Ugh.
  11. Wisp is awesome. Permanent placeable buffs for speed and RoF, an aggro draw that doubles as teleportation, and a blind. Basically Volt Speed, only you don't need to spam it, Loki's decoy crossed with Nezha's Chakram and Excal's blind. It's not surprising that when someone complains about her, a quick check of their profile shows they don't even have, as is pretty much usual whenever a new frame comes out. Her 4 seems a bit underwhelming, but people can't aim and don't pay attention to the way elemental damage works either, so I'm not surprised there either.
  12. At one point in the past they tried to nerf Nyx (like she's OP or something) by adding drain from teammates weapons. There was a lot of justified backlash on the forums (who even sees a Nyx in a mission anymore) and they rolled it back. Looks like they either forgot or snuck it back in.
  13. If you don't need any of your endo, give it to me. I've got a bunch of primed mods to max and sell for a fat stack of plat.
  14. The obvious solution is to just have both individual baits and bait bps at both Cetus and Fortuna. The arcane change was messed up if you farmed a ton of rare eidolon gems and wisps, not to mention the time completely wasted, but obviously its nice for newer players to just get them instantly. Meanwhile the bait change feels like the classic DE move of "if we give them something nice, we need to nerf something". I'm guessing a bit of "our statistics show people use the individual baits more" was in there somewhere too. Yeah. Because you can only buy them one at a time, and Fortuna is newer than Cetus.
  15. This is really long, but I wanted to wait until I had a fully comprehensive list. Maxed rank and got the armor like a week ago. I've gotta be honest, Nightwave was not thought out well at all. I've got 3k hours in game. When I look at Nora's wolf cred reward page, I have an owned quantity number ranging from 2-8 on every item she has available. If you're a long term vet, it offers nothing beyond the armor, the weapon "augment" mods, and the Umbral Forma. Tried the first two on a few missions, they're meh, and the forma just sits in my inventory, as a trophy. Let's say you're new. You're screwed. Not only will you not have access to nodes needed to complete certain challenges (the Kuva survival node is an obvious example), if you joined the season too late, you can't catch up. On top of that all of your wolf creds will be going towards nitain to build frames and weapons to get up to a decent MR. Say you're somewhere in the middle. Those catalysts and reactors would help with mod capacity, as would an aura, but Nora doesn't have the aura you're looking for this week. Next week, Nora has the aura, but you already spent your creds on nitain or a reactor, or vise versa. In the meantime, forget about getting any alt helmet you wanted. Really seems like a way to push people into buying things, doesn't it? If you're a vet, you've already got everything. If you're new, there's even more time and rep gates you have to deal with. If you're in the middle, you're getting screwed from both ends, as you either have the thing, or Nora doesn't have it this week, or you already spent your creds and you cant get it when she does have it. Then we have the fallacies from the player base. "Don't like it, don't do it." So you think DE just wants us to stop playing? That's a very well thought out statement. I'm sure the devs like it when part of their player base tells another part to just not bother playing the game. That's definitely the goal of a type of company that measures their success by how many people are playing the thing they created. Or my other favorite "DE doesn't care about money, they removed the Kubrow randomizer." And then added in rivens, so instead of having to click a button a few hundred times to burn $50-200 of plat, you can do it with 4 clicks. If you think a monetization plan wasn't stuck in there with Nightwave too, you're either blind or willfully ignorant. As for the missions themselves? As DE stated, they don't want scaling rewards incentivizing long runs. Then we get an hour of kuva survival and 40 waves of defense. Both of which can be messed up via ye olde host migration which has been an issue for ever, or someone deciding to troll. And forget the friend part. In all likelihood you're only going to see that person until that one mission is over. And then the gilding and wasting of forma, as if there weren't enough rep and time gates already. As for Nora? How about a volume slider for her, like Ordis and the operator. So we can mute just Nora. Because I swear if I ever hear her talk about some back brain nonsense again, I'm gonna tickle the back of her brain with an Astilla slug. Then we have the Wolf. I've seen him four times. Overall, the frequency of assassins showing up is definitely higher than usual, just not for the Wolf. *stares at the lone Sledge Head sitting in my inventory with hatred* So, to summarize, I really hope Nightwave follows in the footsteps of spear guns. The Javlok was crap, the Ferrox was a huge improvement, the Scourge is just a nice weapon in general. That seems to be the usual progression in this game. The first iteration sucks, the seconds far better, they finally get it dialed in with the third. Honestly, DE should stop following "trends" in gaming. This live service nonsense is a sure way to burn out your players, but they probably wont just do something easy and sensible like adding alerts back into the game along side Nightwave. We'll just have to see.
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