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  1. ^ This times 1000. "Quickmelee is the best polearm stance" is only half a joke because it's true. Stepping into a swing, being held in place and getting shot sucks. Scythe stances are the worst offenders of this, and polearm stances show why freedom of foot movement is so important. I seriously hope DE isn't going to unify hold forward into the new combos, as that will only end up making melee feel like crap. Getting stuck in the same combos when those combos restrict your movement would be a straight nerf to melee, and some pretty particles won't make up for the loss of mobility. DE needs to be very careful with melee 3.0 otherwise its just going to feel like a massive nerf to a main aspect of the game.
  2. Hyohakusha

    Kicking players.

    For the thousandth time NO. It would be abused. Kick voting is always abused. Some kid doesn't like that you're killing more than them, they kick you. They don't like that you have a gun they don't have, they kick you. They don't like that you have a frame they don't have, they kick you. Then they'd complain about host migrations after kicking the host. If I had a dollar for every time I saw "Kick top" in half a dozen shooting games I'd be rich.
  3. This stated as a reply post and just kept going. First off, they are not open world maps. They are Big Maps. That's it. You can still only squad up with 3 other people, just like the rest of the game. The only difference is the size. Instead of corridors, its just a big square. You aren't ever going to randomly run into some person or group of people out on Vallis or the Plains. Calling it "open world" is straight up disingenuous. Cetus no longer serves much of a point, and despite things like the Unum going completely unexplained, I doubt it will ever get a re-visit, and even if it did, I wouldn't bother. Once you have a good amp, zaws and the arcanes you want (and you've put up with the utterly ridiculous grind for wisps) there's no reason to ever go back short of farming arcanes to sell for plat. That goes double (or triple?) for the Profit Taker. I have zero intentions of running either of the other two when they release, short of them having a 100% guaranteed chance of dropping a kitgun riven, which obviously isn't going to happen. The complete lack of anything even slightly redeeming about the first one we got has also put me off of Fortuna in general. Invincibility phases, the cop-out of artificial difficulty, continuously getting knocked into a river and having your powers reset, only to get killed by 3 rocket launching Jackal's that spawn behind you has firmly nailed that coffin lid shut. Add in ridiculous drop rates just to level up a syndicate, with a daily cap on top, which can easily get wasted on account of those ridiculous drop to grind rates, and we might as well set the coffin on fire too while we're at it. And the draw speed of archguns. That's really fun. Again: amps, arcanes, and modular weapons. Done. K-Drives? You bump a rock now, you go flying, and the standing gain for them has been consistently nerfed from every angle. Conservation? Sleep ability interaction gets nerfed and only slightly changed back after people complain. What would actually be nice is if DE went back into the old tilesets. Clean up the godawful nav-meshes and render boxes. I'm tired of getting stuck on invisible ledges and tiny pieces of scenery that have render boxes that are way bigger than they should be. A rock the size of my knee doesn't need four feet of invisible hit detection extending above it. Hell, in the Grineer spy vault with the conveyor belts, if you try to jump straight up after walking though the O-shaped door on the right, you can't. Because there's an invisible edge of... something blocking you. Why? Who knows. Not to mention falling out of them and /unstuck not doing anything. Add in some new tile sections for the star chart maps. And no, I don't mean a bunch of pointless plants that only block shots and eat up vram. I mean walking through a door on a regular mission on Saturn and going, "Oh cool, this room is new. Let's figure out where the choke-points are." Instead of, "Here's a 900p bundle if you want to avoid running around just another big, empty map that's not even going to be updated or have any of it's lore expanded on as soon as the player count drops." Look, the core elements of the game are great. The guns, the blades, the parkour, the powers, mulching hallways of enemies; they're why I boot up the game for an hour or six. Horde based beat 'em ups are fun. It's why Dynasty Warriors lasted as long as it did. But what have we gotten for those core elements? There's the primary and secondary passes, which were great and are one of the few things done that the majority of people can agree on as being a good change. But then beam weapons were good for about a day and a half until the damage ramp-up got added. They went straight back to the, "I never even see anyone using them anymore" category. And then melee 3.0 gets announced under the guise of "Maiming is OP plz nerf" with a staged gif of someone spinning into a wall like an idiot, which I find both hilarious and sad. Now, as for the nodes you need to clear to unlock story quests, relays, frames, farms for build components, onslaught, fissures, kuva farming, sorties and arbitrations? Earth got some plants. That's it. Maybe if the main portion of the game that the majority of the player base spends most of their time clearing, the star chart nodes, were bug fixed and had their meshes cleaned up with a few new tiles added, player retention would be a little higher. Because every point I raised just keeps piling up the farther in you go. It's called accretion. And it really kills any desire to boot up the game when you know the next big map is going to be filled with even more bugs, especially after spending most of a year with no real content or updates beyond micro transactions.
  4. Hyohakusha

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    The one and only fix that truly matters.
  5. Yeah, that was it. Kinda bummed we aren't going to get to land on one of those and ride it down to impact. I figured those golden orbs were something they were mining with some kind of gravity field, but after hearing that theory with the towers, I think they may be holding the Vallis together in general lol. Who knows, still wondering what exactly the Unum is, though we probably wont get any quests or lore about it for another year or two.
  6. I'm not trying to jump you MJ and I hope you don't take this that way; the topic of this thread in general is indicative of the real problem. People ask for depth while completely ignoring mechanics that already exist due to sheer laziness. Elements are the highest source of damage in game. I swear to god, it's like no one even bothers to do any research before complaining about things. Each type of "health", be it flesh, alloy/ ferrite armor, fossilized infested, etc., takes an increased amount of damage from the corresponding element that it's weak to, up to +75% total damage on combined elements. And that's total damage, at the end of the equation. In addition, unlike those worthless +slash or +puncture mods (save for Sweeping Serration), the +90% boost you get from an 11 cost elemental mod is calculated off of the weapons total base damage, instead of only applying to one of it's IPS totals. Properly modding out weapons to deal with each faction adds quite a bit to the game. People complain about armor, and yet they don't bother to check what that type of armor is weak to. Radiation not only gets the +75% boost to damage against Alloy, it also ignores 75% of their armor rating. That's why people who only mod for Corrosive struggle against Bombards; Bombards have Alloy armor, and unless you hit them with enough Corrosive procs to outright remove it, it's not going to be doing much good. Same thing with Gas vs pure Toxin on enhanced shield sorties. Only the Gas proc goes through the shield, as it it's simply a weaker AoE version of a Toxin proc. However, plain Toxin damage bypasses shields from the jump, making a melee weapon with Primed Fever Strike extremely useful in such a situation. It adds depth by allowing you to spread out various elemental damage types across your loadouts so you can be more than prepared to handle any enemy you come across, in any situation. That's the reward for taking 5 minutes to look at the elemental weakness chart on the wiki. The one legitimate criticism that DE shouldn't ignore is that the elemental/ ips/ proc system isn't explained in game beyond some symbols in the codex. Maiming Strike is another good example of something people don't even bother to test before jumping on the bandwagon. Without Weeping Wounds, it's worthless beyond scrub levels (sub 120-140+) where anything is going to die instantly anyway. I encourage anyone reading this to take your Atterax into the simulacrum and spawn some lv140 Bombards. With Primed Pressure, Shatter, Maiming, Drifiting, the works, WITHOUT Weeping Wounds, you'll be hitting for a whopping 50 damage, even with a 2-3x combo meter. That's because slash sucks against armor. It's the slash PROC that does the damage. Swap out Maiming for Weeping, don't even bother to spin, just use your quick melee. The hits will continue to only deal about 50 damage, while Procs will tick off a thousand each. Maiming's only purpose is to boost the damage of those procs, and it doesn't even do that well. Thanks to Brozime's old video and the other Youtubers who copied it, DE's been reworking melee under entirely false pretenses, based on a false public perception instead of in game mechanics and damage calculations. The simple fact is people don't want to bother trying things out for themselves. They want one answer for everything. That's not how this game works.
  7. I could've sworn someone said something about it a while back (Steve I think). Like giant Avatar-esque floating chunks of rock in the middle of a blizzard, that you could mine/ fish on. And something about the blizzard messing with AW, which would actually give KDrives a function (though they're miserable currently, you clip over a small rock and you go flying). I guess it must've got cut or they didn't have the time to do it, which kinda sucks.
  8. They're out on holiday vacation, so unfortunately we're just going to have to wait. ^ also, unfortunately, this. Kavat DNA was the start, and it's only been ramping up from there. Small additions over time pile up; eventually you get to where we are now. Though of course, the second you bring it up, you get mauled by people who have been playing for less than a month, and haven't been around long enough to see the pattern. Bundle prices keep going up, grind for frames and weapons goes up along with it. Drop rates and resource gain becomes even worse without boosters. Khora, Garuda and now Baruuk are just the most obvious examples. Then having to grind to Old Mate just to get access to the grind for gyros/ repellors/ atmos, which you need for the new weapons. Meanwhile an MR6 (Plinx's MR req) would be much higher than MR6 by the time they could even make them, simply due to only being able to grind 7k of rep a day if nothing else. Not to mention rivens. Instead of burning 2k plat over a hundred clicks on a dog randomizer, you can now burn 2k plat with a few clicks at a trading post. Idk. I still love the game, but that video about the Kubrow slot machine seems quite a bit less than genuine at this point. DE's pretty good at addressing crap like this, but considering it took me 150 runs just to get a total of 6 repellors (two drops) and that was AFTER I started recording the drops per run, post drop rate "buff", we're just going to have to wait and see.
  9. It's because it has massive overlapping hitboxes on each of it's legs and body.
  10. Hyohakusha

    Klamora Prism is broken

    Yup, happens when you're a client for me, it's fine when I'm hosting. The effect just stays where you were when you started firing it.
  11. The one repeller drop I got was from one of the T4 runs. I'm guessing T2's are still 1.7% and T4's are the only ones that actually got the buff. Probably because people figured out speed running T2's almost instantly on account of the annoying cutscenes. Great. Time to go get knocked into a lake 20 times. This whole thing has really made me not even want to bother with the other two Orb Mothers.
  12. Gyro x5 23 Atmo x4 4 Repeller x3 1 Resolute Focus 5 Arch Gun Ace 1 Ammo Chain 3 Lith K2 22 Meso Z2 14 Neo S9 8 Axi R2 7 Calda Toroid x3 12 T1 - 1 T2 - 78 T3 - 1 T4 - 20 Out of 100 runs, only two dropped rare tier rewards. While I understand 100 runs isn't as good as a thousand for collecting data, ironically, the 1/100 Repellers and 4/100 Atmos seems to be right in line with the original drop rates, not the "buffed" rates. I didn't get a single Strain Mod from any bounty I ran; however, simply by killing the three lab guys in the T2 bounty, I have 5 of each Strain mod except Consume. 3/4 of a set of rare mods are more "common" then the "uncommon" Atmos you need to rank up with Vox Solaris, let alone Repellers, simply because enemies drop the mods but not the resources. There are a few possibilities. I may have terrible luck, but even the old 2% drop chance for an Imperator Vandal Receiver didn't seem this bad. The "buff" to drop rates for Atmo/ Repeller may not actually have been implemented. Whether that's a mistake or a lie, who knows, though I'd hope mistake. You might actually be making two rolls of rng per reward, one for tier of rarity from common/ uncommon/ rare, then one for a reward in that tier, in which case the drop rates are going to be lower than what's listed regardless. Whatever the problem is, it needs to be addressed, as it is entirely possible to waste multiple days worth of rep for lack of a resource that's REQUIRED for ranking up. Adding more reward instances per run will only lead to DE adding more dilution to the tables. Reshuffling the rewards per tier could help though. The strain mods for example, have no business being in the rare tier when you will get multiple from the enemies you kill completing the mission. You don't need those Strain mods for progression. Setting each bounty to have 4 common, 3 uncommon and 2 rare rewards might help, but with a drop rate of 1-10%, even that wouldn't do much. As many people have suggested, the Orb Mother and the three Raknoid species should drop Gyros, Atmos and Repellers. As for the way the missions are handled in general, "Good, you're here. Let's get started." should be skippable. The first yellow marker in the T2 bounty should be removed. The objective is to infiltrate the base, not stand outside of it for 30 seconds of dialogue until the marker on the entrance door spawns. That door marker should be the first objective. It is entirely possible to get all the way into the back of the lab before the first marker even loads, meaning you have to run back out to trigger it, even though you've already infiltrated the lab. The in-mission dialogue is also ridiculous. As soon as you're through the door and in the facility, the first guy you need to kill should immediately spawn in the back. As soon as you start loading back into Fortuna as you go down the elevator, all remaining dialogue should stop. Then there's the cutscenes themselves. One press of the ESC key should skip them all. If you're running on public, you don't form a squad until you're actually in the elevator. There's no chance for anyone else to force-skip the cutscene that you won't even want to watch after the 50th time anyway. And if you're in a group of friends, you're in a group of friends. You can simply ask them not to skip it. Trying to avoid "toxicity" from skipping the cutscenes has only created saltiness at having to spam-click your way through them, as it's a non-issue based on the way squads are formed in the first place. If anyone else has grind OCD like I do and recorded their runs/ drops, please post them. Even if you didn't record every run, you can jot down the various rewards per tier and divide your totals of loot to find out exactly how many you've done so far.
  13. Hyohakusha


    You really don't want them to do multiple rewards per stage, as they'll simply flood the reward tables with even more crap to compensate, just like they did with Cetus bounties. The real problem is the Atmos and Repellers, which as someone else suggested in one of these threads, should drop from the 3 Raknoid species, as well as the Orb Mother.
  14. Hyohakusha

    Atmos and Repeller Systems

    The bounty reward tables should be 4 common items, 3 uncommon, 2 rare. The Strain mods aren't even rare, as the guys you have to kill in the second tier bounty drop them. Well over a hundred runs between the Orb Mother and t2 bounty, I've gotten ONE instance of repellors, and I still need two more drops of the atmos. It really doesn't feel like those "buffs" to drop rate even got added.
  15. Hyohakusha

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.6

    DE let me put this as simply as I can. AW guns suck. Velocitus? Vectis Prime, Rubico Prime, Veulkar Wraith. Fluctus? Arca Plasmor, Catchmoon, Staticor, Excalibur. Imperators and Phaedra? Tenora, Soma, Braton Vandal, Mesa. Corvas? Don't make me laugh. Tigris Prime. Whoever thinks that they're a "powerful alternative that needs to be restricted" has no idea how to mod properly, and that's without Riven Mods. Remove the stupid cooldown, especially if you're going to keep nerfing ways to deal with what is already an annoying boss with no decent rewards. Credits and Bonds? You have to be an Old Mate just to get to the fight. You don't need bonds at that point. Credits? I haven't seen anyone lower than MR15 in any OM fight, and the average is well over MR20+. We don't need a paltry sum of credits. We know where the index is. Having it drop toroids and the new build components would make much more sense. Especially considering that is made out of them. What, did the OM have a sudden pang of conscience and decide to buy some bonds from Ticker? As for the new component rewards, you need to double check that those boosts to drop chance's actually went in. I went from around 700 standing to 47,700 standing from doing the second bounty alone yesterday, over the course of 10 hours and the daily reset. Well over 50 runs. 40/4/0 Gyro/ Atmo/ Repellor. To quote Vay Hek, "Look brothers- er, THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE." How is someone with a normal 9-5 job supposed to farm these things? What about new players for that matter? The Orb fight gives us the standing for Little Duck, who I already want to burn with an Ignis on account of the in-game dialogue, but you will be well past your cap for the next rank before you can even get the things you need to rank up. The fact that relics are even in the rare rewards in the first place is a joke. Even if you get the Atmos and Repellors, need to go and farm the other Toroids, which is straight up miserable. Killing small groups of 4-6 enemies at a time when you need to kill around 150 for one drop isn't fun. And no, "Get a booster" is not a valid reason. Waiting for the other two OM's to get added and have a slim chance of giving you some toroids… who thought that would be a good idea? Just because some youtubers already have more than they need doesn't mean the rest of us do. All this is doing is making me want to farm up the exact amount of toroids I need to rank up, then spam the OM fight for the standing. Once that's done, I'll get the one amp I want (which will also take even more repellors than are needed to rank up) and then I won't even bother with the other two Orb Mothers. Seriously. Kitguns are great, the Vallis is great, the Futurama reference is awesome, conservation... well, that was good, but whatever. Throwing up a wall like this is just disappointing. Trying to force players to repeat the same crap mission that just gives out relics we don't need isn't going to keep people on the Vallis, it's going to make them leave as soon as they can. And as for new players who aren't fortunate enough to have been playing for almost three years? Good luck.