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  1. Something is causing K-Drives to make your frame repeatedly dismount them on deployment, whether its from the gear wheel or a hotkey, or if you're simply trying to get back on after getting knocked off. Your frame will jump on, then immediately jump off, anywhere from 1-6 times. I checked with multiple keyboards to make sure it's not an issue on my end, even though having it happen from a hotkey or the gear wheel ruled out a single busted key being the culprit. It doesn't seem to be quite as bad as it was since the zipline fixes that just got dropped, and inclines or rough terrain seems to be affecting it in some way. Also, as @Hiporeale and quite a few other people have pointed out, Nikana Zaws have odd things happening with their sheathes, and more that one holster style is either messed up, or disappears entirely from the appearance UI, with Nikana's and Blade Whips seeming to be the worst.
  2. The holster style adjustment option for all three Nikana's, Skiajati and Nikana Zaws disappears from the appearance UI after equipping them on more than one frame, and won't show back up. I've tried unequipping them from all but one frame, but the option's just gone. Considering that holster styles cost plat, this should really be fixed. In addition, Nikana Zaws have been broken for a while now, appearing with multiple sugatras attached to their handles, extra phantom sheaths floating off around your frame at weird angles in the arsenal, as well as a generally messed up alignment between the sword and the sheath in-mission, with the sheath or handle sometimes disappearing entirely.
  3. K-Drive started acting weird after the Atlas update. You jump on it and your frame immediately jumps off a few times before it swivels in place to fit the geometry under it. Not sure why this is happening, it seems like the game thinks you're hitting something until it levels out. It doesn't matter if you're deploying it from the gear wheel, a hotkey, or just jumping back on from the ground when it's already out.
  4. On Hema, I absolutely agree. Short of buying multiple boosters and using a specific frame set up for farming, there is no way to research it without running Derelict Defense until you're burnt out, even with an active clan. The fact that is not worth the 5k minimum samples it takes to research only makes it worse. That said, the "we did it so you should have to" sentiment would be more accurately described as "they did it so you should have to", because I haven't heard it from players, only from DE. On Focus, it's a mixed bag. The overall cost to unlock nodes is still absurd. The exponential cost of pool points it takes to even activate those nodes is even worse. The fact that pool points have to be bought in fixed increments of focus from a single focus school doesn't feel right either. If pool is universal, you should be able to spend any amount of focus from any number of schools on pool points. After completing an entire school and unlocking it's waybounds, your going to have points left over. Without wasting time, daily focus cap or lenses to hit that specific number to buy the next increment of pool, those points are wasted. However, the focus grind itself is no where near as bad as it once was. You can easily capture 4 Teralysts for a hundred thousand extra a night, and ESO is far better than Adaro ever was, allowing you to hit your cap in 1-3 runs, even without an affinity booster. Another pass on total cost and an adjustment to the way pool works would be great, as with ESO and Eidolon hunting where they are now, focus would finally be reasonable. DE needs to do some work, but at the same time they playerbase's perception of focus grind hasn't quite caught up to where it actually is yet. Now, as for Conclave. People aren't going to like this. Conclave is the only mode in the entire game that actually rewards skill. I don't mean knowing how to build a frame or weapon for the job, I mean actual hand-eye coordination, reflexes, ability to aim and an understanding of the mechanics of movement in Warframe. People don't like Conclave because they don't like irrefutable proof that, when confronted by something other than an AI, they suck at the game. On one hand, you can't entirely blame them for that; the rest of the game is a power fantasy. You only need to understand how mod and use your abilities correctly, then you can mow down enemies left and right, and there's nothing wrong with that. But at the same time, time and time again, I will see someone post "Conclave sucks" in region chat, click on their profile, and see that they have 0 kills and 0 deaths. They never even bothered to try, simply because they heard that the game mode is bad from other players. That's on the players, not DE. Other than a few outliers, and mainly two weapons and zaws, Conclave is very well balanced, which is astonishing considering how many pieces of gear are available. As for the video addressing medallions, that was just sad. Someone who put in the effort to get to Typhoon isn't "entitled". They put in the effort to get there. That's exact opposite of the definition of entitlement. Entitlement is thinking that you have a right to something when you put in no effort to achieve it. Would farming a few HUNDRED universal medallions to get there be an effort? Yes. It would also be sheer insanity, like having to farm five thousand mutagen samples for a gun. Or you could actually try out Conclave for yourself, instead of listening to people who simply jump on the hate bandwagon, many of whom, like I pointed out earlier, have never even bothered to try the game mode. Basically the same situation you encounter in any PvP game, though in Warframe, that sentiment is fueled by player's perception far more than it is by any faults with the Conclave itself. Trying it once, getting killed by someone who's been playing far longer than you have, and immediately dumping on the game mode doesn't make it bad. You not bothering to learn doesn't make it bad. That reaction, the perception, and the hate conclave gets are the reason why there aren't may people playing it, which of course then just gets lumped into another reason why "Conclave sucks". And universal medallions weren't going to do anything to change that. I know people aren't going to agree with that; I don't mind one way or the other. And trust me, the skins and syandana don't look anywhere as nice as you think they do. Just try not to add to an unreasonable looping cycle of hate for one game mode simply because it wasn't your cup of tea.
  5. Yes, by using Adaptation, though that's only a safeguard. The only dangerous attacks they have are their AoE's that fall from the sky. On pub's and in general it's not hard to roll, slide, jump, operator-out or boost out of the way of their other attacks. All of them are slow and have obvious audio and visual tells. As anyone who regularly runs Eidolons knows, on any halfway decent team, Harrow, Oberon, Trinity or Limbo negate any danger of getting dropped. Volt's would be dying like Ember's in Mot if they didn't. On a good team like this... ... the Eidolon doesn't even really get to attack. I love how people who haven't tried, or tested, or don't even own a certain frame feel as if they're in a position to make an educated suggestion about buffing or nerfing, simply based off of what they've heard, without providing any proof for what they're saying. He's fine as is. He was fine before. All they did is make it so you can consistently cap Redline with his 2 up, and let him hop while you're dashing with his 1. Here's the build I've been using.
  6. Using him feels like playing Armored Core in Warframe, it's awesome. His 4 even sounds a bit like a pitch shifted overboost start-up. I don't get the hate that he's been getting, beyond the usual stuff, like people who don't even have him jumping on the bandwagon, or people not bothering to actually read how his abilities work, or just flat out building him wrong. If someone isn't used to moving that fast, that's on them. With 297% duration/ 130% efficiency/ 40% range/ 100% strength and Vigorous Swap he's capable of outputting an insane amount of damage in seconds. And I mean like TWO seconds. Dump the mag of any gun and instantly reload it; enjoy having a 100% base damage boost with any melee weapon that also auto-staggers on any hit. Then his 2 renders him immune to physical damage and knockdowns, which is what the vast majority of enemies in the game do, outside of infested fart clouds and puke puddles. On top of that, enemies can barely get a bead on him when you're moving properly, and when they do, you just get energy back and take little to no damage anyway. He can DPS an Eidolon with his signature gun, he can tank the entirety of the starchart and he can run on water to flex on people Jesus style. Definitely a new favorite frame for me.
  7. For any lefties like me out there that hate normal keyboard bindings in general. Numpad 5123 = Movement 4 = Melee 6 = Melee Channel 789+ = abilities 0 = toggle sprint/ roll . = hold to crouch right arrow = jump up arrow = reload/ activate/ pick up/ revive left arrow = primary/ secondary fire modes page up/ down = ascend/ descend in archwing left click/ right click = shoot/ zoom scroll = swap weapons vbnm<>? and right shift are hotkeys down arrow used to be equip melee, doesn't have a purpose now Tab's the only thing I left as is
  8. If it's a time paradox, what @Oreades said is probably correct. It's gonna make fashioning annoying lol.
  9. -.- Sure, now you do it. Bump up the repellors too. Happens on Eris too. And Mars. And Ceres. Screw that siphon on Ceres. Anyone who Kuva farms knows exactly which one I'm talking about. Instead of redesigning entire maps, how about cleaning up the ones we already have. Someone cleaned up that stupid grate in front of the holding area on Corpus settlement rescues, and that person deserves a medal and a raise.
  10. It's called warframe.market.
  11. The obvious solution is to just have both individual baits and bait bps at both Cetus and Fortuna. The arcane change was messed up if you farmed a ton of rare eidolon gems and wisps, not to mention the time completely wasted, but obviously its nice for newer players to just get them instantly. Meanwhile the bait change feels like the classic DE move of "if we give them something nice, we need to nerf something". I'm guessing a bit of "our statistics show people use the individual baits more" was in there somewhere too. Yeah. Because you can only buy them one at a time, and Fortuna is newer than Cetus.
  12. This is really long, but I wanted to wait until I had a fully comprehensive list. Maxed rank and got the armor like a week ago. I've gotta be honest, Nightwave was not thought out well at all. I've got 3k hours in game. When I look at Nora's wolf cred reward page, I have an owned quantity number ranging from 2-8 on every item she has available. If you're a long term vet, it offers nothing beyond the armor, the weapon "augment" mods, and the Umbral Forma. Tried the first two on a few missions, they're meh, and the forma just sits in my inventory, as a trophy. Let's say you're new. You're screwed. Not only will you not have access to nodes needed to complete certain challenges (the Kuva survival node is an obvious example), if you joined the season too late, you can't catch up. On top of that all of your wolf creds will be going towards nitain to build frames and weapons to get up to a decent MR. Say you're somewhere in the middle. Those catalysts and reactors would help with mod capacity, as would an aura, but Nora doesn't have the aura you're looking for this week. Next week, Nora has the aura, but you already spent your creds on nitain or a reactor, or vise versa. In the meantime, forget about getting any alt helmet you wanted. Really seems like a way to push people into buying things, doesn't it? If you're a vet, you've already got everything. If you're new, there's even more time and rep gates you have to deal with. If you're in the middle, you're getting screwed from both ends, as you either have the thing, or Nora doesn't have it this week, or you already spent your creds and you cant get it when she does have it. Then we have the fallacies from the player base. "Don't like it, don't do it." So you think DE just wants us to stop playing? That's a very well thought out statement. I'm sure the devs like it when part of their player base tells another part to just not bother playing the game. That's definitely the goal of a type of company that measures their success by how many people are playing the thing they created. Or my other favorite "DE doesn't care about money, they removed the Kubrow randomizer." And then added in rivens, so instead of having to click a button a few hundred times to burn $50-200 of plat, you can do it with 4 clicks. If you think a monetization plan wasn't stuck in there with Nightwave too, you're either blind or willfully ignorant. As for the missions themselves? As DE stated, they don't want scaling rewards incentivizing long runs. Then we get an hour of kuva survival and 40 waves of defense. Both of which can be messed up via ye olde host migration which has been an issue for ever, or someone deciding to troll. And forget the friend part. In all likelihood you're only going to see that person until that one mission is over. And then the gilding and wasting of forma, as if there weren't enough rep and time gates already. As for Nora? How about a volume slider for her, like Ordis and the operator. So we can mute just Nora. Because I swear if I ever hear her talk about some back brain nonsense again, I'm gonna tickle the back of her brain with an Astilla slug. Then we have the Wolf. I've seen him four times. Overall, the frequency of assassins showing up is definitely higher than usual, just not for the Wolf. *stares at the lone Sledge Head sitting in my inventory with hatred* So, to summarize, I really hope Nightwave follows in the footsteps of spear guns. The Javlok was crap, the Ferrox was a huge improvement, the Scourge is just a nice weapon in general. That seems to be the usual progression in this game. The first iteration sucks, the seconds far better, they finally get it dialed in with the third. Honestly, DE should stop following "trends" in gaming. This live service nonsense is a sure way to burn out your players, but they probably wont just do something easy and sensible like adding alerts back into the game along side Nightwave. We'll just have to see.
  13. People hate normal AW missions. People hate sharkwing too. The one redeeming feature AW's have gotten is the value they have for getting around the big maps. Itzal doesn't have the best ability weapons, it doesn't have the best ehp or tanking ability. It has only two things going for it; nitrous (press 1), and brakes (press 2). When it comes to getting around a big space, those are more useful than being un-killable in the Amesha, or firing rockets from an Elytron. Those two simple movement abilities make flying around the open maps in an Itzal… wait for it.... actually fun. That's right DE, after everything AW's been through and all the changes its seen, you've got at least one player who, as bizarre and impossible as this might sound, genuinely enjoys at least one aspect of Archwing. And that should be nerfed, because k-drives suck? The logic behind that makes no sense. Say you do nerf the Itzal's 1. It will still be faster than any k-drive, as will the other AW's. K-drives will still be miserable to use, because the threshold for what triggers a collision has been broadened to the point where a four inch bump in the hill you're riding up can send you flying like a forty foot ramp. Let's say you nerf AW's in general until they're all as slow as k-drives. We'll use Zephyr, Khora, Volt and Nova to get around the plains and vallis, while the standing gain for k-drives will still be a slog due to what constitutes registering a clean trick getting nerfed to the point where riding over a small rock at the end of your trick chain instantly breaks it. As for fixing k-drives themselves, there are plenty of threads with common themes. - Increase their speed. This is obvious. Buffing the speed mods would be a start. Extreme Velocity should affect both base and boosted speed. Nitro Boost should then scale off of that. Currently if you only put Extreme Velocity on, you actually move more slowly when you start boosting, with 23.40 in base speed and 21.00 in "boosted" speed. It really seems like that's something someone should have caught and fixed a while ago. - Roll back the triggers for crashing and flying off to what they were at launch. This is the biggest problem. Not only are they slow to begin with, you end up wasting even more time waiting for a rag doll animation to end before just relaunching the board. And forget about landing tricks with the current version. Because of how sensitive k-drives are now, as well as the nerfs to the way score is calculated, it makes both tricking and general movement feel worse. - Double the cap for trick scoring, at least. It's become an annoying chore to grind standing and max them for mastery. Basically, if you want to make k-drives better, then make k-drives better by buffing k-drives. They need it, and there are several obvious ways to do it. You can't make something better by breaking the fun and usefulness of something else. Then you just have one thing that still needs help and another that's worse now, along with bunch of people that are annoyed that you didn't even bother to fix the thing that needs fixing.
  14. How about a spawn rate boost already. I've seen him ONCE since Nightwave started. We're already half way in.
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