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  1. None of these are going to change anything. I'm gonna try and be as concise about this as possible. People say "she's fine because I can do SP Mot with her". Thing is, weapons and mods can let any frame do that. That's the problem with Yareli. Her abilities don't add anything to the gameplay experience. Her 1 needs to track around/ not instantly be wasted when it collides with a wall, otherwise it's throwing energy down a hole for a sub par effect to begin with. Merulina shouldn't have a HP bar. She's a giant target as is, and no other K Drives have health. Being able to use primaries is another simple change that would help. Aquablades is going to be sub par compared to melee regardless. Adding a debuff would do more than an inconsequential damage buff. Adding any of the pull mechanics to Undertow so it's actually an undertow and not a geyser would be nice as well. Just to reiterate what I said in a previous post; Ash gives you invis, armor strip and boosted slash procs, all of which dovetail nicely with a melee build. Mag is the queen of everything shield related and brings team wide support as well as having fun synergies with projectile weapons. Yareli has you realizing that using your abilities are mostly a waste of energy. That's her problem. She's a frame that's outclassed by the weapons you put on her, and her abilities don't add to gameplay beyond a few minutes of "let's see how a k-drive works in a regular mission." All the suggestions above are easy to implement other than the tracking on her 1. Remove Merulina's HP pool, let us use primaries on her, add a slow or proc to aquablades, replace the toss on her 4 with a pull from Magus Anomaly, Exodia Hunt, Airburst etc. Because these number tweaks aren't going to change anything.
  2. This, right here. Remove Merulina's health pool on top of it and least she's got a gimmick to mess around and have fun with. As is, her abilities add nothing that can't be done infinitely better with weapons alone.
  3. You can't say you tested a frame if you didn't use them in all levels of content. She's terrible. Her 1 is LoS and tracks enemies through wall's while also being a waste of energy if it hits a wall, as that instantly bursts the bubble. That's self defeating design, and 5 enemies is nothing to begin with. Merulina is pointless, and the obvious candidate to be replaced with a helminth ability. It doesn't provide survivability because it throttles your dps, makes you a bigger target and makes it harder to move properly. It also has a hp pool, which means it dies instantly at higher levels, removing any "benefit" it might have provided. Another self defeating ability. Aqua Blades sucks. Even with 300%+ strength it adds next to nothing damage wise compared to any properly modded weapon. It can only hit 3x per second and the slash procs it generates are pathetic. It can also miss enemies that are too close to you. Her ult just makes a mess, throwing enemies everywhere without killing them. Yes, you can take any frame into SP and kill with weapons alone. The point, and the reason why she sucks is that her abilities add nothing to make gameplay more enjoyable, survivable or efficient. Ash can turn invisible and strip armor while dishing out massive slash procs, Mag can lock down entire rooms and remove enemies ability to shoot at you while replenishing her shields, Revenant can cause chaos with thralls while being unkillable and doing percentile damage, even Hydroid can get more loot- the list goes on. And all of that is on top of having the weapons that Yareli needs just to be functional past level 70-80.
  4. Tenet Livia's blade doesn't re-color properly. You can't change the color from blue at all without forma'ing it, and it resets to blue if you select any other equipment in the arsenal. I really hope you guys don't need an explanation of how to open the appearance tab in the arsenal.
  5. Just got the Livia. Forma'ing it lets you change the change the blade color in the arsenal if you click on it enough, but yeah, it goes right back to blue as soon as you re-select it or leave. Considering how awful the grind is just to get it, it'd be nice if a basic cosmetic option actually worked.
  6. I hate to break it to you, the problem is you're using Inaros. He's the only frame in the game that even can be killed in a single instance of damage, because he has no shields and therefor no shield-gate. In SP he's just a walking sack of health with a kill me sign on him. Any other frame in the game can eat a million damage off a single instance and live (unless it's toxin damage) whereas Inaros is just going to evaporate. It sucks cause he's a cool frame, but the poor guy needs a rework badly. Only advice I can give is to pick up Rolling Guard, use a different frame for farming Acolytes, or both. Revenant's a good pick if you just want to go about it casually.
  7. Yup. Fun isn't it? I don't get why DE's acting like they did something special; it's no secret that game devs use slotting for pretty much everything from spawns/ loot/ enemy attack patterns anymore. There's no way to force it or exploit it either since it's on a timer as well, so idk why they're worried about that. Makes for some really "engaging" content too when you want to walk and slowly clean out each tile until that 4min mark to not miss it or worse, have it bug out. Hell, there's a vid on YT of John Romero explaining why he specifically refused to use it for enemy attacks in the in the original Doom for that exact reason. I get it in regards to normal enemy spawns in WF since it's a horde game, but that doesn't make it any less annoying.
  8. It's not based on total number of kills or "how fast" you kill. I swear half the people on these forums don't even read what people post or just purposely try to be contrarian dinguses. As is usually the case with DE, the spawn mechanic seems to be overly complicated, poorly implemented, and it bugs out. There's a flag for them being able to spawn based on mission time. 4 minutes is the earliest I've been able to get one to spawn; I'd hazard a guess that that's the minimum time. But that isn't the whole thing. When the flag gets set, the Acolyte gets stuck into a specific spawn slot in the enemy spawning logic. If that slot isn't occupied, they spawn. If it is, you need to kill the one specific enemy occupying it, or get them to despawn so the spawn logic refreshes. That's why you can get them to spawn regardless of kills, and why it's so inconsistent. If you're stealthed and keep moving past groups of enemies, at a certain point, it refreshes the room you're in, Acolyte spawns. If you're killing, you open the slot when you kill the enemy occupying it, Acolyte spawns. If you're stealthed and the enemy in the slot is in the room with you, or close enough to you to not get despawned and you don't kill them, no Acolyte. If you're at the end of the map and think everything's dead, you can bet the stupid AI got 1-3 enemies stuck down a corridor with one door leading into it that's twisted behind some labyrinthine part of the map, and only ONE of them needs to be killed to get the Acolyte to spawn. I have verified this idefk how many times now. I get to the end, mission complete, green marker on the map, 7+ mins on the clock, no Acolyte. Halfway back through the map, I find 1-3 enemies, unalerted or stuck under a staircase. Kill one guy, no spawn, kill the second guy, it spawns, no need to even bother with the third. Or any combination thereof. Could be the enemy closest to the door you walked through, could be the one at the back of the tiny dead end they're in, could be the middle guy, or just the last one left- it's infuriating, and that's how I know they're set on specific spawn slots. Best part is, apparently, it can bug out, despawn the slotted enemy through either method, and get stuck, in which case you're screwed. So @sitfesz you're right, and after idk how many runs by now, I can pretty much guarantee you there's either one room hidden who knows where with maybe 3 enemies stuck in it, usually not showing on the map because verticality messes with enemy sense, or the slot just happened to get bugged on that run. Since the average non mission time completion is roughly 5 mins, it'd be nice if DE set them to force spawn then on non endless missions, but they won't. More time in mission means better numbers to show to shareholders. Only advice I have is to stack a bunch of enemy radar, bring a fast frame like Gauss, Volt or Mirage, and hose the place down with AoE. If the timer hits 7mins without a spawn event, just abort. It's not worth the annoyance. Ironically, E Prime seems a little more consistent than most missions I've tried, as there's usually a Kubrow den down a dead end you get some extra kills off to try and force a refresh.
  9. Let me provide a little context. I have 4k hours in game and I've been playing since before Excal had his exalted blade. I made my own solo clan, and I've unlocked everything in the game on my own except for the hema. I've got so many resources kicking around I could do it twice over (except for those damn mutagen samples). It is a part of it for me, so I can definitely add it. It's also a part of the game for EVERYONE. You might not be the person who has to do it, but someone in your clan certainly does. You at least get to fight Tyl and listen to his voice. You aren't just waiting for one timer to end to start another. Looks like someone doesn't know how to /profile people before opening their mouth and showing that they have no idea what they're talking about. Why would you even waste your time posting if that's what you assumed? I'll just chalk that up to general ignorance. It took me an hour. Most of that was watching a pointless loading screen so a kid was just standing next to can read me one page of a comic over a phone. Difficulty isn't existent in this game. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Funny thing is, most of you are completely missing the point. Bundle prices keep going up. Forma sinks keep popping up. Grind gets more and more layers. Time gates keep getting added. I understand that some of you probably haven't been around that long, but those who have should clearly be able to see that engagement numbers and quarterly earnings certainly seem to be taking priority over actually improving the gameplay experience. Yareli is nothing but time gates stripped of any pretense of being engaging content, and done so purely to turn a quick buck. THAT'S what I have a problem with. That's just lazy. It's the kinda crap you'd expect out of a company like EA, not DE.
  10. First off, this is not about Yareli the Warframe, this is about the way you go about getting access to her in comparison to other frames in general, which is why its here, and not in the frame section. Okay, imagine that you need to talk to someone. You're standing in the same room as them. Instead of just talking to them, you get in your car, drive to the other side of whatever country you're in, and then call them. And then you drive back to them, and repeat this process 5x over. You need to go back to the orbiter to have some kid read you one page of a comic, when you were just standing 50ft away from him. For every single page. For no reason beyond "Oh, Nef want's to steal it" as if Ordis doesn't exist and isn't capable of communicating with us across all of space. Then, you finally complete the quest, and guess what? You need to build a new room in your dojo. This room has no purpose other than to hold the three components you need to build Yareli. They take 3 days to research. Let's start adding this up shall we? Building the Vent Kids dojo room - 24 hours Researching Yareli's components - 72 hours Building Yareli's components - 24 hours Building Yareli herself - 72 hours That is 8 days minimum, assuming you do each part in one fell swoop. Assuming that you didn't need to remodel part of your dojo to make space for a room that you're only going to use once. I could care less that this process require K-Drives, as terrible as they still are, and I could care less that she's probably the single worst frame in the game. This is blatantly an "incentive" to get you to pay to skip some part of it. Is this a normal part of the games model? Yes, but it just keeps getting worse and worse. Farming for a chance at a chance with Protea, hoping you even get a chance for Sevagoth, and nothing but purposeful time gating for Yareli. They could've easily given each component BP per comic page; they chose not to. Adding the need for a one off dojo room purely to add a second set of time gating is just gross. Especially on the heels of having what were once complete, finished Railjack's reset in such a way that we now have to dump a bunch of forma into them just to get them back to a level we already had them at. What are you steadily turning into DE? This isn't respecting players investment in the game, be it measured in time or money. Now of course, someone will nit-pick one part of this as if it somehow excuses the rest, or say "oh it's not that bad", or handwave it, or say "play something else", or any of the usual nonsense that's inherent to these forums. And it'll just happen again. But hey, a guy can hope for something better.
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