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  1. Where in what I said was there anything about getting killed? Nowhere. You aren't even fighting him. You're fighting the RNG behind what attack pattern he goes through. You run out of platforms because he swings more than he shoots, you're screwed. The fact that his shots wing off into nothingness depending on when he finally decides to do it only makes it more annoying. Or did you just not see the very first part about there being absolutely no skill involved in the fight? If you can press jump he's not going to kill you. Way to completely miss the point of what I said.
  2. There's absolutely no skill involved in this mess of a fight. It's purely random dumb luck for him to actually fire shards you can throw back, same with him aiming at the platforms, same with whether or not he fires the shards at angle where they'll actually land on the platform. Get lucky, he swings at nothing, you don't lose a triangle wedge of platform, he shoots consistently and you can actually kill him. Get unlucky, you're screwed. The shards go sailing past the platform wedges, he destroys half the wedges in a single swing, he teleports when you throw it, the shard completely misses the
  3. I stood directly in front of that grineer in SO for 3 seconds and he did nothing. He didn't shoot, he didn't elbow check me, nothing. He just stood there. All of his friends turned around in circles doing nothing, or ran away. This has been happening since the Ophelia "fix", usually against Grineer or on Grineer tilesets. It also happened on the next stage with infested on the Ceres tileset. Put a lid on the hole in Ophelia, revert whatever was done to the AI. If you have raccoons making a mess of your garbage you don't burn down your house, you put a big rock on top of the garbage can lid and
  4. OP is correct. It's been the same on PC for a while now. And the other two obviously have no idea what they're talking about. Or they don't even know how it's supposed to function since it's been broken for so long. It's supposed to latch on to 3 separate enemies and do 12x the base damage amount over about 1.5 seconds. It's far more useful than the other two, and the closest thing RJ's have to a melee weapon. Or at least it was. Now it just does a single tick of damage if it even latches at all. I swear the sheer stupidity of some people and willingness to post absolutely useless statements s
  5. I've got over 4k hours in game and Frost/ Prime make up around 19% of that usage wise. Honestly, the only two issues he really has is that his passive/ 2 are crap, and for some godforsaken reason people never bother to try something other than camping the bubble. Frost is a phenomenal offensive CC frame, and he "defends" things by either making it so that enemies can't even move let alone shoot, killing them outright or setting them up to be killed. I don't think a lot of people even know that you can cast his 4 while aim gliding, and that any enemy the effect radius passes over during
  6. Made a thread about the same exact bug a while back, still no fix.
  7. It's happened to me multiple times as well. There are two different versions, one with the facing getting stuck, and one where you can't even press T to tell your squad that you're bugged. It's only in Tridolon hunts for me. Made a thread about it a while back, but DE seems to have abandoned Cetus in general.
  8. Two old bugs are back again. The game locks up and crashes every now and then on trying to return to the Dojo after completing a mission, and the Galvarc has been doing only a single tick of damage before instantly stopping for a few months now, instead of latching on to an enemy and dealing multiple ticks of damage.
  9. We need a "Mute all instances of Nora, even the ones that don't get muted when you try to mute her anyway" option in the menu somewhere. At this point I'd be perfectly happy to lend Nihil some 6 forma riven'ed up weapons to help, and then just not bother showing up to help Nora. 'What? She died? Oh, sorry, I was busy farming Steel Essence."
  10. The real underlying issue with Inaros is that he doesn't scale quite as well as people think. He's phenomenal for Defection since the Demo's are just going to cancel out any ability that takes more than a second to go off, and he's great for farming murmurs since Lich missions fall into the level range where he can he can eat a lot of punishment while waiting for the Lich to convert some thralls. His biggest strength is that he doesn't really need to use his abilities, his 1 only really being useful for restoring his health pool with his passive, and his health pool is all he really has. That
  11. Dear god no. That would infuriate your team, especially if it's someone new to Revenant. The whole point of the way his 1 works is to keep a cycle of Thralls> Pillars> New Thralls flowing consistently.
  12. This. This right here is the issue. Now Mesa's Regulators are plenty strong as is, and Hildryn's Balefire is a 1. Titania's Pixia could use a bit of a buff but they're still really strong. Barruk's is more of a gun than a melee, and is in a good spot as is. The four main one's that need help are Excal, Valkyr and Wukong's 4's, and Garuda's claws. Excal is only saved by Chromatic Blade, and then just barely. Weeping Wounds let's you hit 100%+ status easily on regular melee weapons with no energy cost. The finisher damage is nice, but you can put Savage Silence on anything now as well.
  13. Both seem to be caused by transferring to and from operator mode. The first is easy to explain. You can do absolutely nothing except call an archwing or k-drive. You cannot roll, shoot, jump, melee or use any other gear items. Worst of all, you cannot even press T to open chat to tell your team that it happened. The only way to get rid of it is to die, and even then, you have to wait for the bleedout timer to completely kill you before you regain the ability to have any input you make actually register. The second is a little trickier to explain. When it happens, your movement relative t
  14. I only hope Scott takes the time to realize why people use things the way they do, and improves the annoying circumstances that create those meta's instead of gutting frames we've sunk Umbral Forma, Aura Forma, regular forma, taters, hours of leveling, hours of grinding mods, hundreds of thousands of endo and milllions of credits into without addressing the underlying issues. Like, why do people bring nuke Saryn's and Mesa's to do things like defense and affinity farming? Simple, defense is slow and boring, and focus farming is miserable. Obviously people are going to bring Saryn to ESO to
  15. Not gonna waste space making nine different posts, so here's a list of stuff I've noticed recently. -Survival AI is completely messed up. Enemies aren't aggro-ing properly, their pathing is completely broken, and they run away from us instead of towards us. This is ridiculous. I get that AFK macro idiots are a problem, but how about punishing them instead of punishing the entire player-base because of their actions. -Nikana Zaws. For the millionth time. Fix the holster animations and sugatra positioning. -The galvarc is still broken in Rail Jack, It does one single tick of damage and
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