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  1. Hold to kill in no way detracts from the lich system. If you get a larva with a weapon you don't want, you aren't going to stab it. If you get one with a weapon you do want, an extra 2 seconds is nothing against the 2-3 hours it takes to run a lich. An accidental stab is 2-3 hours of grinding just to get rid of something that you have no use for. There is no argument against adding it. It's purely QoL and insurance against people doing something that only makes you want to close the game. As if a safeguard that removes the possibility of people quitting out of annoyance without affecting the game flow is somehow bad, I swear. But you always gotta have a group of contrarian idiots that are only disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing. I sincerely hope that after two hours of just grinding larva, when their minds are completely numb, they end up with a 25% Kraken ephemera-less lich.
  2. Bingo. Honestly it should be locked to the captain, but not having a regular mission vote like the rest of the game just doesn't make sense, both before and especially after the change. As for the other points in this thread, refinement should just be removed. At this point, with a completely topped out RJ and 150+ hours sunk into farming up everything available, I'm fairly certain that refining only adds +280% to what resources are in the forge. For example, you've collected 1,000 pustrels. You have 1,000 total and 200 of that 1,000 are held in the forge. You don't lose 200 by not refining, you still get them at the end of the mission. Refining only adds 280, but it reads as 480 because you're taking those 200 that were in the forge out of it. Meaning you're only gaining a +28% boost total by refining. And it stacks from mission to mission if you don't refine, which is why if anyone's ever done 3-4 mission runs, and maxed the forge holding on each of them, its always a multiple of 280. That extra 280 doesn't help with the thousands of resources needed to make a single RJ part. It adds very little and gives trolls a way to screw the entire party mid-mission regardless of how it functions, and it would be nice if DE could just explain the way it functions clearly in a post, but... DE is DE. As for people AFKing/ taking over piloting and flying the ship into rocks and missiles, there's actually a fairly easy way to fix that. As much as I'd like to Bane these people Kuva Lich style, DE obviously isn't going to let us do that. A simple order of priority for the Captain would fix it though. Someone sitting in the Artillery and not doing anything on my ship? If I walk over to the Artillery chute and hit action, it forces them out and puts me in instead. Some nincompoop decided to hop in the pilot seat and fly 1000m away from anything while I was in the Artillery? Same thing, I walk over, hit action, it boots them out and puts me in. It's my ship, I dumped actual millions of resources into putting it together, and from a lore perspective as well Cy should recognize that. I love RJ as a game mode, but DE really doesn't seem to be taking into account the fact that players just aren't going to do exactly what they thought they would with the way the systems are structured.
  3. This is... not smart. Only the Captain should be able to pick a new mission. This just opens the way for trolls, especially since there isn't a mission vote for some godforsaken reason. Also, the Engineering Intrinsics that add 25-50% to the amount of Flux/ Revolite etc that you make still doesn't function in the dojo. I should be able to make 150 flux at a time in the dojo too, but I can't. I'm not wasting an extra 12 minutes at the end of a mission just to take advantage of something that took hundreds of Intrinsic points to get, and knowing that I'm wasting resources in the dojo sucks too. They should work in mission and in the dojo too.
  4. Everything in ( ) was added after I got to this little gem. No, I know that the lich system is the most unpopular thing ever added to the game because of DE's poll. Nice strawman at the end there too. (You've never run a lich mission and you're talking about context. What about the context for your own feedback?) An enemy that's downed on one knee in a lich mission stays like that. Arbitration is its own mode. The entire rest of the game is the entire rest of the game. Also, you don't know how it would be implemented anyway. That's why this thread exists. And you can see into the future? Cool. (Since you've never run a lich mission, you don't understand that yes, you are forced to finisher the thralls. And it's more than 1-5 enemies a mission.) I'm getting it from actually playing the game? It's actually quite common in the Veil since the enemies there have so much HP and Armor, which means it easier to trigger the mercy threshold. (Again, you've never run a lich mission. You say it's not like we're forced to do the finishers in one paragraph, in the next, "you know you have to do it".) Again, you don't know how it would be implemented. You've got 1936 hours in game. I'm looking at your profile right now. I've got 3802. If I want to stay in a Kuva Survival for an hour, I can. If I want to run Cassini in a minute and a half to farm Kuva larva, I can. For someone who's talking about how different people have different play styles, it sure seems to be Narrow Minded to try and make a play style choice come off as an insult. Which is why I said the threshold to trigger a mercy prompt should be increased. (You use running missions in 5 minutes as an accusation, then dismiss a suggestion that would let people do whatever they want by claiming that we're gods that one shot everything.) Yeah, I'm not the one exaggerating here. You need to relax and not take a post on the internet so seriously. Hitting the thrall cap in an exterminate mission on a lich node takes an average of 10-15 minutes. The average pub exterminate takes maybe 5 minutes. Say the downed state gets added to every mission type. In captures and rescues, downed enemies will be completely ignored and add nothing to the game. Exterminate will take longer and annoy people. Defense will take even longer than it already does and annoy people even more. It's not an issue in Survival and Mobile Defense, but again, as I already pointed out, the parazon mercy mods are useless. Also, 20 minutes isn't even close to a long mission, and long runs aren't popular anymore. You'll burn 20 in recruiting chat just looking for people who will actually stay longer than an hour in a Kuva Survival, Disruption or Arbitration. (See the line I boldfaced below.) Yeah, me and everyone else who responded to the poll obviously aren't happy with the state of the lich system, though I do like the hacking parazon mods, and don't see the need to flip out on people over it like you are. (And yet you've never actually gone after a lich.) All of this is subjective based on your own opinions and assumptions. (Because you haven't gone after a lich.) Oh my god, now I get why the number 180 jumped out at you. That's why you don't understand any of the points I raised. You have no idea what you're asking for because you've never actually done it. How can you argue for a system to get tacked on to the rest of the game when you've never even engaged with the system in the first place? It takes 180 thralls worth of murmurs to reveal the three requiem mods you need to take out the lich. That's for one lich. Go take out 30+ liches, see all of the finisher animations 5,400+ times, see how much fun you have, how enjoyable it is to spend 10-15 minutes in every type of mission you do just to get one lich done in less than four hours. After you've done that, come back and make an informed post of your feedback on the system, instead of flipping out on people over something you haven even tried. This is exactly why DE needs to be careful of what feedback they listen to.
  5. DE changed the way Ivara Prime's invis looks because of one thread with six posts. Only a fraction of the player base even comes here. It's not indicative of the majority of players. And as is, we're already free to go as fast or as slow as we like. Let's look at the mercy mods. Blood for Ammo. A free reload. Whoop de doo. Blood for Energy/ Life. A single energy or health orb. We have plenty of ways to gain more health or energy than that already. Hit and Run. You go faster for a bit. Plenty of ways to do that too. Out of Sight. A blind. The only decent one since it's effectively an extra ability. If it was usable consistently, it would get nerfed into the dirt. None of those are worth trading for something that would make every mission take longer. Now DE would love that, cause it looks good on quarterly reports to have longer engagement times. But it would be annoying af to have to deal with, especially with boarding parties on RJ or anything high level in general where you can't just wipe an enemy in one hit. That's a lot more than "changing the pace of lethality to a degree". That's changing the pace of the entire game for the worse. All that needs to be done is to increase the threshold for when the option to finisher becomes available. 15%-20% would be fine. You want to finisher them, cool, you want to just kill them, cool. None of this down-on-one-knee and they're invincible crap. That's already annoying enough to have to do 180 times just take out a single, and obviously I don't want that downed state to bleed into the rest of the game.
  6. Absolutely not. You don't need to change the way the entire game works and add 2-3 second onto the kill time for every enemy just to facillitate the use of a handful of mediocre to useless mods. With everything else going on in the game right now I can't believe this is being considered. Make a straw poll, talk about it on a Dev Stream, you'll see how few people would actually want this.
  7. Kuva larva need a hold-action-to-stab prompt, not a one-tap-and-that's-it prompt. This was already added for refinement in Railjack, it already exists on the vanquish/ convert choice for liches themselves. There also needs to be a way to get rid of unwanted liches, period. Due to being so mind-numb from grinding larva for the new weapons, I didn't even realize I stabbed the unwanted larva until the lich popped up on the ship. Over an hour of running Cassini, just to get stuck with a grind-fest to get rid of something I don't need, want or have any use for. Four hours to get rid of a lich that I made accidentally due to a ridiculous murmur grind which has never actually been reduced. Everything in my previous post in this thread about the murmur grind driven home unequivocally. A day wasted for nothing. I am never engaging with this system again, regardless of what changes come down the line or what new weapons get added. The only reason I'm even posting this is on the off chance that it prevents someone else from having to put up with this nonsense in the future.
  8. I picked Murmur Farming, and wasn't surprised in the slightest to see that it was on the top of the list lol.
  9. The murmur grind needs to be reduced. 30/60/90 is not okay. You think you're 2/3's of the way done, you're not, you're only half way. That just comes off as being deceptive and artificially extending the grind. Not to mention that many of us still remember the one patch where the total murmur count was supposedly reduced, only for that portion of those patch notes to be edited a few days later later to "clarify" that they never actually were. And it was done after another patch dropped, when no one would bother going back to read over those older notes. That was deceptive and shady. 30/50/70 would be more reasonable, though even that is only roughly in line with what it was supposedly in the first place. Having actual hard numbers from you guys would help a lot instead of having to record everything ourselves, and could easily be dropped in a Dev Workshop or Patch Notes. The slight RNG element to the total thrall count needs to go as well. It should always be what it should always be without any variation, and enemies should always give a set amount of progress. The lich stab attempt "bonus" is another sticking point. It does not give a set amount of 10 thralls worth of progress. There is an RNG element to that as well. After 30+ liches it's closer to 4~8 than 10 from what I've recorded. There also needs to be a way to get rid of unwanted liches. You very easily could accidentally stab a larva you didn't want to, or just realize that burning 2-3 hours for a +2% increase to elemental damage just isn't worth it. And that's probably the biggest point of contention. Yeah, the weapons are good, but being effectively locked into doing the same crap over and over again just for one weapon, or a small increase in bonus, with the murmur grind being what it is just isn't fun. The hardest part about grinding out a lich is not falling asleep. When we can use them on our Railjacks, that will help a little, but ngl, as soon as I get a Hind (just finished getting a Bramma), I'm going back to ignoring the system as a whole. The murmur grind is just too much of a mind-numbing slog for what we get out of it. Edit: After spending an hour doing minute and a half Cassini runs trying to get a Hind, I blanked out to the point where I didn't even realize I stabbed the stupid larva on accident until I got back on the orbiter and the lich popped up. It has a useless Tonkor I don't even need. Alt+F4, I'm out.
  10. After finally getting it, it's definitely disappointing. Doesn't have the aura bit of it, the smoky trail doesn't show. Its also more grey/ plain white than smoky like in the video of the old one. Lighting doesn't help one way or the other either (third pics up front of the orbiter looking out the window). I do remember all of about 5 people complaining about Ivara prime's awesome nebula invisibility effect causing "eye strain" somehow and DE changing some things related to VFX, so maybe that did something to it. Oh and if you want the good Ivara FX turn off Distortion Effects in the display options. And no, that doesn't change the Tenebrous back either.
  11. A Kuva Sobek is the only thing that would get me to touch that mind-numbing slogfest of a game mode again, even with the proposed changes. Sobek Wraith's been in the game's code for a while now, and we've been asking for a Sobek variant for even longer. I wouldn't be surprised if they re-skin it. And like other people pointed out, Kuva weapons are all Grineer, so I don't get where people are getting this idea of a Kuva Anku from. Of course it could always be something like a Stug or Buzlok, though I doubt they'd do that if they want anyone to actually go back to Lich hunting. Gotta incentivize it somehow.
  12. This is just annoying. They do nothing in the drydock, so we're just wasting resources unless we waste time sitting out in space post mission, waiting for the forge to finish building things. That +50% bonus should work for Dojo refills as well.
  13. Brozime fan spotted. If you actually used him you'd realize his 4, while good for trash mobs, is actually his weakest ability. I rather like being un-killable, stunning anything that tries to kill me on top of that and then being able to delete them regardless of level. Revenant's perfectly fine as is.
  14. Revenant doesn't need a rework. He's already one of the best scaling frames in the game, and if you haven't figured that out that's on you.
  15. My Vidar Cryphon sometimes loads in an sometime doesn't. And my Zetki Pulsar doesn't even show unless I search it. Not sure why, it happened after the weapon menus changed. I bought a set of built weapon slots before it happened and that might be adding to the problem.
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