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  1. how about telling is novas prime denote lag 2-4 sec intendet or just freaking bug cuz ppl like me who dont know i start think devo team just hate nova and just wants kill it all fun of freaking frame ( my opinion) so gz for killing it and i hope at least i get some info i can even plan do i sell my nova now
  2. yeah that nova 2 sec delay is killing it atm i hope its bug but still no fix of it hot fix though ppl have reported that so i think they just want kill nova for good this time
  3. still no fix for nova ..... nice so its intendet hidden nerf then that primed denotes happen 2-4 sec after kill nice job killing nova gz gz
  4. Nice but freaking nova priming bugs now or indented to make explosion happen like 2 sec after kill ....... if indented why not patch note of it damn huge nerf for it
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