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  1. 5 minutes ago, (PS4)Midcall said:

    lets say my sniper does 10.000 damage. With 1 active aura (52,5%) it does   5250 damage more? Like 15250 ?

    No, the Dead Eye bonus stacks additively with Serration and other % dmg so if your weapon had base dmg of 500 and a Serration bonus of 100% (For convenience's sake) which puts the dmg at 1000, Dead Eye adds 52.5% to that making the %dmg bonus 152.5%, giving a final dmg of 1262.5 which is only 26.25% more than the dmg you were doing before (1000)


    If your sniper had 10000 BASE dmg, then Dead Eye would add 5250 dmg, but if the 10000 was after other %dmg was applied, then Dead Eye's bonus will not be as large.

  2. 20 minutes ago, TARINunit9 said:

    Serration, High Voltage, Stormbringer, Thermite Rounds, Malignant Force, Infected Clip, Fast Hands

    Should I add Sawtooth Clip or is that still a waste of space as always?

    You're missing Multishot from Split Chamber. Also, Corrosive is usually the go-to elemental combination (You may be using it already but not sure from the order you listed your elementals). Fast Hands is a QOL mod I guess but 2.2s reload isn't that bad so I would remove Fast Hands.

    For an example build I would use this http://warframe-builder.com/Primary_Weapons/Builder/Braton_prime/t_30_22320000_128-5-3-132-1-5-133-7-5-134-3-5-137-0-10-265-4-3-355-6-3-361-2-5_137-7-132-8-361-6-134-6-265-7-128-7-355-7-133-11/en/2-0-3

    Serration and Split Chamber for damage
    Fanged Fusillade for Slash
    Shred for punch through (Don't want to be shooting corpses all day) and some fire rate
    High Voltage + Malignant Force for Status + Corrosive

    Infected Clip/Stormbringer for more Corrosive (Slot is Auxiliary, can put in Fast Hands if you want for more QOL and less damage or a Riven if you're lucky) 
    Rime Rounds/Thermite Rounds for more Status and secondary elemental of your choice (I prefer Cold for more damage against Alloy Armor)


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