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  1. It's not a buff, no. Previously, Antimatter Drop took 50k damage to max out and dealt 4x the absorbed damage, so 200k damage total. They changed it two hotfixes ago so it only takes 25k damage to max out instead, but they doubled the multiplier to 8x so it still deals 200k damage total. All they did was fix an extremely old bug where the damage multiplier in the ability window would increase or decrease based on your power strength, even though it was just an UI glitch and power strength never affected the damage multiplier at all. Stasis affecting allied projectiles is only half of the problem. Yes, making it so his abilities do not affect allied projectiles would be one less thing for people to complain about, but at least in my case, my biggest issue with Limbo is how hard it shuts down other Warframes. Mobile Defense and you're taking Frost or Gara? Oh, there's a max range Limbo there freezing everything so now your entire ability kit's useless. He shuts down the entire battlefield, making everything far too easy and rendering quite a large number of Warframe abilities pointless by comparison.
  2. Noted, thank you. Actually took her into a mission just now and I've also been seeing damage in the ~200k range so yeah, seems like she's fine.
  3. If this is true then it DEFINITELY needs to be addressed soon. It's already bad enough one frame got nerfed, we don't need Nova getting nerfed as well for no reason. I tried mine in the simulacrum though I have a hard time actually making out the damage numbers.
  4. I'm that I'm glad the Nuke Trinity build's no longer a thing since it was difficult to play with them in the squad, but can we get a complete Trinity overhaul along with it? I'm sorry, but doing nothing but spamming 2 with a 4 every now and then isn't my idea of engaging gameplay. She doesn't even need offensive abilities, but rather have her skills be actually fun to use and provide better buffs for the party other than just giving the ResoQuake Banshee infinite energy to nuke the entire map. Every other support Warframe provides something better than anything Trinity can provide...
  5. Give us our uni-moas back! Maybe I should start a petition just for the hell of it, disarm just isn't the same without the moas running around kicking things with a prova sticking out of their heads.
  6. I also would like to see the prova sticking out of a Moa's head return. Hilarity aside (it was glorious to see them run around with birthday candles sticking out of their heads), it also served as an indicator to see which Moa had been previously disarmed, irradiating disarm aside. So yes, PLEASE bring it back! It's just too fun to yell out "GLOWSTICK PARTY!" When disarming entire rooms of corpus and watch the Moas join in on the fun. :'(
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