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  1. 29 minutes ago, TheRetrobution said:

    AoE effects can be increased with Range Mods.

    Not much can be changed about his 1, since it lets him pop his globes.

    Freeze is awful.

    Make it freeze and mark a single enemy. Killing a mark enemy causes it to shatter and flash-freeze everything near it; dealing Cold damage that scales off of enemy health. 

  2. 10 hours ago, (PS4)thegarada said:

    Any mod that has an existing corrupted mod, with stronger effect, will never have primed version.

    That is a false rule that has never been stated. By your logic, Primed Continuity shouldn't exist because Narrow Minded is a thing. 

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  3. 53 minutes ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

    Honestly DE trying to sell Xaku as being a “they” is dumb. The majority of her design is very feminine, she’s got a great butt, her alt helm has a ponytail, her idle is feminine. And making the frame genderless makes it ineligible to be primed because non-binary is not in the prime release cycle. Also after 2 male frames and a female frame it makes sense for the next frame to be female.

    It's dumb insisting it's a female when they're made from 3 Warframes (plural). Hence the lack of one true gender, hence the "they" pronouns; hence why Xaku is genderless.

    And I chuckle at your innocence when you say that great butts, ponytails and certain mannerisms are exclusively female traits 😛

    Regarding being ineligible for the Prime cycle, they'll just break it I guess. But I am curious as to what the OG Warframes were before they were combined into Xaku

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  4. 6 hours ago, Ikyr0 said:

    It's nothing more than virtue signalling, don't be fooled.

    Everything good or nice is automatically labelled as such. I ask, what exactly ISN'T considered virtue signaling?


    6 hours ago, Ikyr0 said:

    For me, every frame is "it". They are a vessel, a blob of flesh that the operator controls.

    Of course. Yet you still call Saryn a "she" and Excalibur a "he".


    6 hours ago, Ikyr0 said:

    What I despise the most is when people personify and humanize the frames in their fanart on subreddit, by adding a human face underneath the helmet. It's ridiculous. It's like hey dude... there's not a person in there

    I mean... The Sacrifice showed us that there are people beneath the helm. I appreciate the fanart though 

  5. 1 hour ago, quxier said:

    Not for solo players. To be honest It would be nice if you can borrow an ability from owned frames.Those 3 toggable abilities? Make 4, and 4th would be borrowed ability. It would be free (not like for the new helmit crystalis... you know infested room... thing).

    "Her" or "she" are used for person without specified gender. I know it's confusing. So don't get angry if someone use it.


    No, "he" or "she" explicitly specify gender (male or female). "It" and/or "they" do not. Y'all are so against "they", yet use it all the time. For example, "Someone left their phone on the table"

    Regardless, Xaku is "they" as stated by the devs.

  6. 3 hours ago, Aoennor said:

    I'm afraid of the stealing weapon thing. I tested in simulacrum, using Ballistica Prime on Exo Gokstad Office, after killing the enemy, they did spawn their machine turrent, but the damage is hilariously low and laughable. I hope this won't be happening in Xatu. 

    As for Xatu's 4th ability. The skill its own is ok, but when if DE add a little tweak, like if recast 4, they recall the armors that shattered and nearby enemies are dragged towards Xatu instantly. How's that idea ? If this added, it might be synchronizing well with Xatu's 3rd, the fear thingy

    I too call them Xatu! Do you play Pokemon too? Hahaha

  7. 11 hours ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

    The character model is slender, the idle stance if very feminine, and she has a really nice butt. If they didn’t want people to refer to Xaku as “she” then they shouldn’t Of made the design so blatantly female.

    Xatu is canonically genderless. They're made up of 3 Warframes held together by Void energy. Not female, not male.

    P.S. Other people besides females can be slender and feminine. 

  8. 6 hours ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

    I’m honestly more disappointed that the first ability is so generic.

    While true, the fact that it's the only Warframe that can deal Void damage is itself a unique skill. That and the 4th skill would make Xaku devastating against Sentients.

  9. 24 minutes ago, raelianer said:

    As people are still complaining how it's all too easy, just add a hardcore mode where every node in the star chart is reset - just like Steel Path. But if you die you can't be revived and lose all the equipment you brought into the mission (frame + weapons + mods + companions... everything except cosmetics). The progress will then be reset and if you complete the start chart, all you get is an Ephemera. Another Ephemera if you do every mission with all dragon keys equipped. And if people still complain on the forum that it's too easy give those who complain a modifier that if they fall somewhere, they won't be reset but die instantly.

    This adds no challenge; only grief. This idea is a solid 0/10

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