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  1. The thing is, Grendel's "passive" drains energy. Passives NEVER drain energy. That's why they are passives
  2. His passive is immunity to knockdowns while on the ground. Rubbles are a resource tied to his abilities. His passive is constant health regen. His mutation stacks, like Atlas' Rubbles, are resources tied to his skills
  3. Disclaimer: Yes, I am aware that I haven't actually played Grendel. However, enough has been shown in order for me to provide this feedback. DE allowed some content creators (I'm assuming there were several, yet I only saw one) to test him prior to release. He is quite survivable, yet has two major issues: his passive and his third skill. 1. Passive: The more enemies he ingests, the higher the armor value. The issue: The passive only works on enemies that have been eaten by Grendel. The only way to ingest them is with the use of his first skill. The problem? It's not a passive, it's an aspect of his first ability. Passives cannot solely be triggered by abilities. They have to be able to be triggered through other means. Even with Octavia, her passive can be triggered with the use of Transference. My suggestions: Move the armor bonus per ingested foe perk to his first skill (since it already is one). Next, his passive could be that, Grendel, being a glutton, can pick up resources and ammo in order to gain health, shields and/or energy. Note, the player still gets the benefits of the drops, they simply will give Grendel some health, shields and/or energy. Additionally, when Grendel dodges, enemies he makes contact with are knocked over because of his bodyweight. 2. Regurgitate: Hurl a vile covered enemy as a toxic projectile. The issue: An ability that has no use without having first used the first skill. Again, it's not synergy, it's dependence. Again, like his passive, Regurgitate is an aspect of his first. To add insult to injury, Feast can already throw up enemies, dealing Toxin damage. Regurgitate simply does this with higher projectile speed. Groundbreaking. This is EXACTLY why Wisp's original third skill was changed. It had NO use without using Reservoirs first. My suggestions: Regurgitate is a tap/hold. Tap causes Grendel to vomit a stream of stomach fluids that deals Corrosive and Toxic damage in a cone and is a channeled skill. Should Grendel have enemies ingested, these will ejected out of his mouth by holding the ability key. The video:
  4. A terrible passive considering that, if Titania has a buff, odds are that her allies will also have it. Meaning, this is extremely redundant. Also, 3m? Pitiful range
  5. Regardless, that doesn't make your statement that this ISN'T a Tactical Alert true
  6. First, try reading the title and the first paragraph before jumping to conclusions.
  7. The speargun could have priority over Garuda's Talons
  8. Bingo There are countless threads touching this and the general consensus is that it is definitely not worth it
  9. Not really. Weapons like the Ignis thrive on reduced accuracy. Explosive weapons gain a larger area of effect because the bombs spread out more. Think outside the box. Also, OP, fire rate mods are not Exilus because they directly influence DPS
  10. Why not finish your thread first before posting it?😑
  11. And you do? Regardless, I love these changes and am relishing on your salt deposits 😋😋😋 Until you play with it, you cannot be certain.
  12. Yes please. It feels so werid to have an orange cold zone
  13. Sentinels and Robots are not Beasts. So it would not make much sense
  14. Ripped straight out of Cetrion from Mortal Kombat 11 lmao
  15. But do you think DE shares that philosophy? Look at all previous Warframe reworks. They traded some (if any) effectiveness for higher versatility, interaction and, more importantly fun :3
  16. Ah, my bad. I tend to forget about the average Warframe player's skill level.
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