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  1. Ah, my bad. I tend to forget about the average Warframe player's skill level.
  2. Yes. Only 1 good skill? Bland Only used for Personal Space on Fire (a set&forget skill) and the occasional Accelerant? Bland Vauban was all CC with two redundant skills, a worthless 1 and an unwieldy, underused 2. And he was? You guessed it! BLAND See the trend? 😛
  3. I am among the first ones that try to be as conservative about reworks as possible. However, some skills are simply bland designs from the get-go. Hence why DE changed two abilities from both Wukong and Ember, and three from Vauban.
  4. No, it's so basic. I would rather Frost conjure a massive Blizzard (see Exploiter Orb) that reduces enemy accuracy and deals constant damage to them. Allies receive evasion and Cold damage bonuses. Additionally, enemies inside the Blizzard that take Cold damage will eventually freeze
  5. Can't really read this with your formatting. True eyesore
  6. What's your arsenal comprised of? MK-Braton? Hind? Maybe the occassional Latron?
  7. 2017 is quite long ago
  8. The wall is basically unbreakable if enough enemies are glassed over.
  9. I had a feeling people would not like option #2 haha
  10. Option #1: Allies shooting through the glass gain equal parts Slash and Puncture bonus damage Option #2: Enemies coated by the glass have their armor and shields removed
  11. My idea is that allies shooting through the glass gain equal parts Slash and Puncture bonus damage
  12. Exactly why I, and several others, agree that he needs a rework.
  13. I don't even put 5 on most of my frames. These values are ridiculous.
  14. Insert 'aight imma head out' Spongebob meme
  15. Hehe not to worry I do wish enemies gave much more when mind controlled. 10% isn't all that great, 50% at base sounds good. It wouldn't be too broken when we have other buffers that give hundreds of percentages in damage
  16. Agreed. Those values are too poor, though.
  17. But it's not. Pacifying Bolts stunlocks enemies for a generous amount of time. It doesn't cause them to fight each other. Try using it first
  18. In no way are these suggestions similar to Blazing Chakram aside from the fact that they are both thrown weapons
  19. So? You could dedicate your build fully towards the pseudo-Exalted instead of sacrificing your melee weapon. That is EXACTLY why DE made moddable Exalted Weapons a thing, to avoid such compromise.
  20. Ah yes, typical answer from a blind player. "It doesn't happen to me, so what you're saying HAS to be false and no one else can agree with you"
  21. I don't. But when has that stopped DE from removing obnoxious things? Spin2win is going away with melee 3.0 regardless lol Because all combos are neglected in favor of spin2win spam.
  22. He's not Agreed He's not. He's not even a boss. And besides, he'll get reworked eventually. DE already said so. It's even in the Upcoming Features page of the wiki
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