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  1. He's not Agreed He's not. He's not even a boss. And besides, he'll get reworked eventually. DE already said so. It's even in the Upcoming Features page of the wiki
  2. We always NEED to update the older parts of the game. So, yes. We do.
  3. Huh? Are you on something?
  4. Ah yes. The infamous ZawFrames. One of the worst ideas to ever grace the forums. Why? Well: 1. It would make running normal Warframes outright obsolete. Why run Trinity if my ZawFrame can have Energy Vampire, Renewal, Elude and Absorb? 2. It would be disturbingly broken. Aren't we powerful enough? 3. Everyone would pick and choose the best set up until only one if considered the best and is run almost exclusively. Hence why Catchmoon and Plague Kripath are basically the only modular weapons you see. 4. Warframes would lose individuality. They are characters, not mere weapons. They have personality and lore attached to them. This would ruin it. All in all, -5/100
  5. It is eons better than Personal Space on Fire
  6. Even then, it provided a massive damage amp for an Ember using Heat weaponry. But with what was shown, she may not have to worry about Heat damage being subpar. Seeing as how armor was Ember's worst enemy.
  7. I actually love everything about Ember! The new passive is awesome, she has damage mitigation, armor stripping and a nuke that isn't brain dead. That said, two questions arise: Why was Accelerant, her best ability, removed? Although her armor stripping could make up for it. But still, it'd make more sense to remove Fireball and keep Accelerant. But I'll trust what I saw since it did look fun! 🙂 Why is Fireball still your generic first skill? Can something else be added to it? The charge mechanic is extremely silly because in what scenario would I not want more damage and range? Perhaps give it the ability to weaken enemies in range to Heat damage as the old Accelerant did? On that same note, Vauban's rework also seems great! I love how flavorful everything is now. Very versatile and no longer suffers from kit redundancy All in all, I am loving DE's new rework design philosophy! Fun, synergistic, all four skills are usable and effectiveness isn't sacrificed. #HailPablo
  8. And? DE has proven they don't care if weapons share similar mechanics (Argonak/Stradavar) Not really. The main concern here is how uncomfortable the zoom is. No one complains about regular zoom. And I would. But the current mod system is all about power-creep. Which is one of the reasons modding 3.0 needs to happen
  9. Now say that again without crying. My suggestion is simply QoL for people with your philosophy and the OP's. You use it for sniping? Good for you. I use Latron in mid-range and the Tigris Prime for sniping, so your point is? We all play differently. Making the Latron comfortable for both types of players is the ideal change (default zoom is high, press the alt-fire to zoom out).
  10. It's annoying. If the zoom levels were a toggle that added punch-through on high zoom, and recoil reduction on low zoom, then it'd be much better
  11. The other way around. Puncture pierces armorn (bypass). Impact shatters.
  12. No punch-through. Some explosives deal Puncture and would get butchered if they flew past the enemy because of of Puncture proc. It should deal take a portion of the weapon's damage and bypass armor. Slash does damage over time through armor, Puncture is burst damage No punch-through. And this knockback thing sounds awful for some weapons. Remember: no matter how much knockback/CC you give Impact, it'll always be more annoying than useful. Impact procs should shatter and remove base X armor and 2X shields per proc. Yes, I like it! 🙂 Sounds good! 🙂
  13. Read again. Negative melee combo on you; positive combo on allies.
  14. After Wukong, comes Atlas/Nezha Prime. Then Ivara/Titania. She's coming next Summer approximately. Which isn't too far away
  15. Wonderous news. In preparation for Titania Prime?
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