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  1. Hey Tenno. I've got a bit if lore theory crafting to bounce off you about the nature of Primes. [SERIOUS SPOILER ALERTS!] I think moat of us assume that the Prime form is the original model and that the basic version is a copy... But I had another idea. What if the basic version is the original, grown from an actual person, as we saw with Umbra. I assume the normal process wouldn't include psychological torture, but... Yeah. This means there's an actual corpse incorporated into each of these Warframes. So the Orokin take those basic models and clone them, but make changes and strip away any possible "residue" of personality or consciousness. They even prominently feature the same kind of golden cosmetics that we see on the Corrupted. Lore tells us that the fancy gold jewelry is actually control collars. It's how the void pillars (that still haven't been explained) maintain control over their slaves. As a Tenno this means that when you're wearing a Prime, it's an extension of "you", but if you're jacked into a basic frame there might be someone in there with you.
  2. Sorry, don't know a solid way to link these without leaning on twitter, but they're good for a laugh! Enjoy. Kayla Vay Heck My Tenno
  3. A quick thought for you guys regarding Sleeping in the Cold Below. Has anyone else considered the troubling aspects of the song? Let's think about the context for a moment. It's a very human, stirring song about corpus workers (mainly female) manning shipping and transport ships facing the horrors of space and the constant dangers they have no choice but to confront. Uh. So... We ARE the dangers! Every Corpus Proxima mission you run is a nightmare to the singers of the song. We are the dragons that be here.
  4. I'm hoping for a quick solve on this. We have 2 Ps4s in our home and my wife has recently discovered she really likes Warframe, so we've been having a great time playing together online with other friends. Suddenly, we randomly cannot see each other in our friends list and when we do see the other and try to send a squad invite, it instantly fails with a genaric and utterly unhelpful "cannot sent request" error. I thought this might be an issue with port forwarding, so I went through and set it up, double and triple checked, but it didn't help. We had no problems playing together until about a week ago (before the latest update). Any help would be seriously appreciated.
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