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  1. I see alot of post's blaming it on the riven disposition and calling out DE on the entire riven market but I don't think the nerf has anything to do with the rivens and its a free market system i can offer to sell ammo drum for 400p and if i get a buyer then i get 400p the worth of the item is completely subjective based on how bad you want it they're choosing to nerf catchmoom because such a high percentage of players prefer it the game wasn't built with meta in mind DE wants a wide variety of playstyles so there's something for everyone to enjoy so when something reaches a level where there's no reason to use anything else DE changes it just like what there doing with spin to win


  2. Ok so all is down ps4 confirm no clue for other consoles what are the chances this is because of the saint altra update not to get anyone's hopes up but it has been in cert for close to 10 days no clue on how or when they usually push updates through just a thought


  3. I'm concerned with prime vaulted items if DE stops updating and does allow an offline way to play are vaulted items lost forever or do they throw all relics back in the mix to give us that chance because the economy will really suffer otherwise with no way to buy plat and items only increaseing in rarity its unsustainable 


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