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  1. If you ur operator is inside an invisibility arrow, he is not visually affected. If you switch to a warframe inside invisibilty arrow, the warframe maintains the particle affect of being invisible, but does not turn invisible. Furthermore, timer on Ivara's arrows on power bar(bottom right) is cleared even though arrow is still clearly in effect. Similar issue happens with Ivara's 3. Have prowl active, go into operator mode then back into warframe, ivara is visible during prowl. Luckily, the enemies haven't seemed to notice. (sound is not affected, sound stays muted as it should be while invisible) Ivara before switch back. Ivara after Ivara in prowl after switch back.
  2. Was the redeemer just nerfed?
  3. Operator cannot be banished (untargetable) using limbo's one or his four. Meanwhile operators can be successfully banished by walking into one of his fissures (his roll). Just some weird inconsistancies
  4. If and when this happens, you will be stuck. /unstuck obviously didnt work and looking at other's profiles makes u stuck viewing thei rprofile as there is no exit button and esc still doesnt work.