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  1. Baro Ki'Teer - Orcus Relay (Pluto) Start: 01d 13h 02m 22s
  2. Given the changes to the nutrio incubator segments could we get our pets taken in/out of hibernation when needed while changing Loadouts? Could you add self repair to the sentinels or them being affected by Operator arcanes to Heal them? Maybe even add self heal to the regeneration Mod. Could some new voice lines be added at the start of each mission, just to provide context on why we are doing certain stuff? Lets say that we go to the first node in Venus so Lotus or another ally npc wxplains a bit of lore on the planet and the upcoming boss, this would provide character development to npcs other than Lotus or even give us more lore of each node we play, just think about it you get to the gravius node on mars and Lotus refers to the gravius dilemma, that would be awesome
  3. I know it has been a long time since things are like this but i have a few questions tyat started bugging me: Why Vor is the only boss ingame that does not drop a WF parts?, thematically vor uses shields and electricity from the Janus Key, i mean that screams Volt, also Volt is the only Starter frame that doesn't drop in the starchart. On the same topic of Vor, him being a miniboss on the void, why does he drop poison/status mods since he uses electricity? Elec/status would make more sense on Vor and Poison/status would make more sense on Eris Hive Sabotages. Also why are the electricity/ status mods the only ones that dont drop ingame since you can farm all the other variants except jolt and voltaic strike? Why when changing the drop places of excal and trini didnt change the corresponding rail specters? When the convergences system dropped you could know what warframe would drop in the next planet because of the convergence encounter, it made sense, now it just bugs me 😣 Now taking into consideration that you changed drop places on excal and trin, why is it that the actual watery and almost pirate-like tileset boss Tyl Regor, does not drop Hydroid and the literal Day/night Warframe does not drop on the only tileset ingame that has Day and night cycles is beyond me, but if you changed those 2 drop places would make a lot of sense and in equinox case it would make the grind more bearable. Not that i need any of these because i have em all already but damn just recalling all the grind made me feel sorry for all the people that has not gotten equinox yet also made me shudder with the thought of Equinox prime and the grind to come. Would love some or all of these questions answered. Thank you for a great game so far, its been almost 3 years of grindy love. 😂
  4. the only Timeframe in the game is limbo literally that stops time :v
  5. same here, also i know of accounts that got the email but not the warframe :c
  6. Rescue Missions on Sorties seem to be bugged if its in Lua the hostage gets auto rescued and if it is grineer on a ship tileset the hostage automatiaclly dies
  7. Im asking because i dont see that happening right now, i do have a build with it included (actually it is the first thing i tried)
  8. And i agree with you on that, heck even myself have shamesly sensed accomplishment on doing that, but, it gets old. Let me phrase it this way Veterans often complain about having nothing to do and a non existing endgame, these kinds of mechanics of passively killing anything dont help with that its more like an instant gratification that gets old quickly and you end up needing harder and harder content but when you get it then you find ways to trivialize it and begin the complaint cycle anew, let me summarize it like this: I dont want to lose the ability to kill everything fast, but also i dont want it to be so easy that i can yawn presing 1,3 then shotting an spored enemy and then wait for it to do all the work for the next of the round, overall it hurts the game that's all about shooting, movement and usage of awesome abilities
  9. Its not dragging down, nor its scummy mindset, it is about fun factor if im the one doing all the damage or other person is the one and all players in a group are DD then 3 people are wating their time because they cant kill anything, being carried once in a while is not bad per se but if you cant enjoy a game mode due to a set and forget mechanic its not fair to anyone you are almost forced to play that way killing also the creativity factor in builds. Also if your solution is to just leave group and requeue again that cannot be accepted because this is a cooperative pve game, hence this change that rewards all players not just saryn glass cannons with lots of range is the right choice.
  10. Do have it still hard hitting enemies will one or 2 hit you and if there is a swarm not even molt will help due to some of them not targeting molt and still hitting you
  11. The thing is that spore damage does not reset at the moment there are not infected enemies it just starts decaying so the staying power would remain the same while being active, also it eliminates the necessity of going only range and enables other builds, i had a fairly balanced build even fitting in 2 augments on it but had to change it to a more glass canon one due to not being able to Compete in damage or kills per secind to full range Saryns. I actually welcome These changes
  12. How will spores interact with Toxic Lash's Contagion Cloud? Will they also pop spores?
  13. Seems ok to me, will this kind of changes be applied to other frames such as Ember & banshee?
  14. As far as i know the old precept did shot the crates to open one by one, the new one destroys all of them at the same time. Correct me if im wrong please :)
  15. Since you revisited the drop places for Khora to only normal Sanctuary Onslaught i can say that it was not the best solution even getting all the parts was extremely frustrating, i understand that you want to keep the gamemode bit sized and all but will you try to address this on the future? I. E. Instead of a chance on each rotation which dilutes the drop table, Venari spawns at rounds 2,4,6,8 etc and complete a sub objective for a chance of any of the parts which would make it a bit more dynamic besides being more accurate with what the NPCs say in this case simaris who states that he sometimes detects Venari's presence.
  16. Doesnt Prodman spawn already in the Index?
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