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  1. still no longer got synergy with hydroid and hurasa kubrow (first one is more important), also you wont get benefit of have 2 nekros in team. either way it was big hit on synergy with this frames. next time we got 2x drop boost you wont have benefit of farm squad as b4. btw hurasa also desecrate like nekros so it no longer have synergy with hydroid and nekros (for those who does not know of this). beside if you run equilibrium build on nekros and desecrate augment you wont have drops in energy or health, life strike also help on matter.
  2. consider this, in grind based game DE nerf grind frames and their synergy. which means usual grind squad are gone...so you do not get increased drop rate or amount neither some kind of rebalance or aid to compensate that. on top of that you also get nerf on cavat, huras, what is next? booster nerf?... let me make it simple: DE nerfed grind "tools" in grind based game, so you can ask your self (and them as well) WTH are you ppl smoking?????
  3. I did read comments on this topic and yes I can see some logic in those comments. but consider that you can get endo from selling mods, arbitrations, arena, digging, 2 in sortie (anasa and 4k), small quantities from enemy, ayatan stars as well and also you can get from rivens so to say or rather sayed get back some of it. yep it could be good for some players, but can we swap 4k endo for something else? I did think in term of size 10 relic packs (30 relic in total, it could be 1 mega pack or call it what ever you want, my mistake for not mention that you could open that pack at any chosen time). for instance you can get some relics for new prime access or some for current unvalut... in theory that would provide more part for ducat or sets, same for some plat as well. and new players need their hand on everything they can get asap. however this you could say, can have bad side. imagine you have 10 of these packs that would be 300 relics for new prime acess. so 30 random relic sound bad as reward from sortie pool? I will let you decide on your own. in the end could we swap 4k endo for something else? so one large 30 relic pack may sound not so good as reward but if you have any other idea pls post it.
  4. have some tough about 4k endo. why not replace it for 10 relic packs? do you think it would be batter and more beneficial for all of us? since we have arbitrations and ananas could we replace 4k endo reward?
  5. as veteran (if it really matter), i would not pit 'them' against 'us'... WF as game has gonne trough lot of changes and improvements some for batter some for worse, so as veteran i was able to pass trough all of that but however i am aware of vast content in game and did not start 2nd acc. starting from that i don't have 'brand new gameplay expirience' as new players have, so what this means? well from my point of view game is self is bit complex on start, you need about 3 month to understand game mechanics, where to do what and if you dont have veteran player to give tip or two hand here and there, well lets say it gonna be rough for you 😄 my viewpoint is that game it self need to be more simplified, sure it is not complex for veterans but you cant state same for brand new ones. also game lore is incoherent, no constant time line to follow and lack bit background lore in general. also DE tend to overlap events, new prime releases, unvaluting, (at this specific pont NW and fomorian) in little time between them. this is not much of 'issue' for veteran player who already got 90% ingame stuff so it is easy for him to choose but it is unfriendly to new players. we can argue on this but keep in mind it is not issue that what 'them' and 'us' can/cant do it is matter of time interval of this things and when you add it on your daily work such as invasions, sorties, tridolons , farm of various stuff etc and considering your free time to play... well you can see where this is going. one more thing dont implement your own 'what to do stuff' in discussion to force your viewpoint, consider this in large more general view so to say. both of veteran and new player have their gameplay expirience which should be overlaped for best conclusions so DE can actually do something about it. it should be 'us' ft 'them', not 'us' vs 'them'....
  6. it is not about wukong. thing is about current drop % of relic or batter to say where they drop. you got some at bounty which require around 2h to swich rewards table. and depending on your need (aka mr and when you start game) and what you "lack in mr profile" you have overlapping tasks. this was DE issue for some time, things need to be redistributed and we got new prime acess, nw, fomorian, and unvaluting 2 primes, add tridolons and sorties and after needed relic farm actual grind for prime stuff and void traces. for instance you have orb valis, poe, destruption, so and eso. considering current situation you can redistribute relics among them, instead of waiting for 2h to switch reward tables for different relic. that would be doing same missions for 2h every 2h so you can farm relics you need which is largely depend on rng, (kinda boredom). so it is not matter of players choice it is matter that all mentioned stuff got "released" in little time window between them. this was issue for some time for DE. just start new acc ad you will se how much are you "choked" with content. so DE need to simplify and redistribute things around a bit.
  7. problem with DE is putting relic in bounty at first place. i do agree what you stated in general. but bounty for this, this and this relic are causing prob with rotation. you can split relics on venus,earth, jupiter ( orb valis, poe, distruption) for example. and I dont know what thing are that you got several "tasks so to speak", got wukong acess, than few days later got nyx,rhino and nw and fomorian... do you think that it is bit one thing over another (this is question for DE) we need some "redistribution" for this situations, and it Is not first time for DE to do this.
  8. we need multiple deluxe skins for frames. like 2-3/per frame
  9. I got mine after 10 month 🙂 so far got 5+ bp of despair, so if de can make them tradeable damn I would profit from it ahhaah joke... we need stalker rework and some aditional of his weapons in drop. compared to wolf he is pu**** now xD
  10. I noticed that when you put quick thinking on your build (adaptation as well), and when your clone is at low health it does not drain your energy at all. I mean clone stay alive like it does not drain "his energy" at all or it is some bug that he simply does not have energy pool or what ever. for some reason duo this his clone is immortal and I am not sure is this the way it is supposed to be ir not. do you ppl have similar experience with this? can someone share opinion and info on this matter?
  11. yep I do agree. they could get back raids and instead of arcanes get umbra forma and stuff in drop like modular weapon parts, mods, cosmetics or so but it has to be worth of doing it...
  12. rewards are bad for me, just 2nd umbra for my frame is worth of doing. anyway they stated "less grind", doing good at remove friend or clan mate,1h to 30min but NOT AT use 3 forma, guild modular item could be build modular item etc. either way it is bad. more cosmetic than useful items. that nikana skin could be nikana weapon for instance
  13. catchmoon is batter in my opinion, tombfinger as well... guess it depends on player which to use. you can get unrolled fo 100-150p and 75p respectively. pax seeker arcane is also my recommendation on it (btw I have builded mine as hybrid bild, bit more crit than status, use preview option)
  14. again 3 forma thing...... why not forma something? or use 10 forma? it is like " yoooo my veteran buddy, how are your forma wallet? gonna dildo it for 3 times, becaouse someone told me to". what is next use 3 exilus adapter, or use 3 catalyst and than we gonna reward you with 3 orokin cells.... so is this troll wave?
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