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  1. whole answer to your topic is: becaouse they need to get stupid ammount of platinum for short time. this means once you sell something for 5k, you dont have to wory about some deluxe skins, boosters etc. players need some platinum for slots, patatoes, fashion frame so selling riven for 5k or more is indeed fast way. I have vectis cd,toxic -mag cap. it is good but does it worth 2k? I dont see who can decide how much is riven worth and why ppl need to stick blindly to that. why 100k? why not 150k? or 15k? based on what? how many players have 15k plat or more? example: everyone look for crit based stats, I need seer riven with reload, dmg, ms, fire rate or so, reload is needed start. I have viral, corrosive, radiation crit-status hybrid build. most of ppl would go for crit riven, while I do need something elese. and guess what if someone have that riven they would ask for 500-600p at least. not 200-300 since is it not popular stats, not eaven good or god like but seller do NEED PLATINUM and that is why it will cost me at least 500p if I want to buy it.
  2. not working black screed when you use slingshot to board cs. this happen when you board but 2 sec later you find your self in space
  3. in last hotfix we should get our 3 sec when we go outside of RJ, well geuss what it does not work, WTF are you ppl doing? also when i do slingshot it tend to board than kick you in space. if you get back to CS or RJ you get black screen and cant do a thing
  4. we already have penalty with required gunnery lvl and arty without mod is not so great xD. thing is that player which use arty are depending on pilot. if pilot want to evade or bad position himself or go zig zag, well let say that arty gonna have hard time to hit anything while pilot can do both things. if one day we can solo with rj than I think this should be imperative.
  5. yes, and this is why ui need to be more distinctive. for instance if installed mod have icon of rj in background or around it you could tell difference.
  6. and it tend to sell all avionic of same name regardless of ranked or not equiped or not. UI for mods in orbiter are much clear in that regard and this kind is lacking on RJ. go to avionic UI than go scrap, there are no clear distinction. https://prnt.sc/qm0gx7 can you tell me which one is equiped, and how much is lvl up. if you compare it to to classic UI mods in arsenal or mod hub in orbiter those are much easyer to read than this and less confusing. and eaven duplicate mod have icon of tenno or sentinel so you can tell which is equiped where, here in RJ that is not case.
  7. fix/change: 1) First thing DE should do is increase vacuum range for RJ, cmon de just do it and get over with it. atm you almost need to ram items in order to collect it i do want to focus more on fight than running around to find something 2) Is complete re design of UI for mods. You need be able too see which mods are equiped, rank of it and how many you get etc, much like usual UI in your arsenal. Currently you dont have idea what you got and what you can sell. Very very easy to sell mod that you have equiped on your Rj. Honestly lobotomised carrier or pet would do batter job at this part 3) ability to use arty as pilot, it could be switchable with missiles could help deal with crewships 4) crew ships still do homing attacks and still one shot you, this also happens when you just leave Rj. Cmon DE is this ok? i dont think is ok to be killed moment you go outside of RJ 5) spam of boarders, if your team mates leave squad in close area to asteroid base or so, and you end alone it happen that you are boarded faster than you could kill them. this make missions very difficult to finish 6) each forge need to be able to do 2 manufacture at time, like 2 times forge of repair kit or flux energy etc.... I am sure that many things need to be fixed or changed a bit but mentioned are at least first step QoL for all players. feel free to add more of them....
  8. question #1: so when we gonna have actual bugs fixed? thing is that we report at least several bugs since release of RJ and 8 hotfix so far none of them are fixed. #2: will we get some bit more advanced way to report what need to be fixed? #3: will we get some chronicle point of quests and game story? I am confused about this, and when we get new story parts I kind forgotten what happened so far. #4: will we get 1 moduar warframe with modular abilities? abilities and parts can be sorted out by classes like dps, cc, support so we can build warframe from scratch as we like. core, abilities and build modular to players desire. #5: will we get new and improved raids? rj raid included as well
  9. DE need to use same ui as for wf, and companons. so we can know which mods are equiped and which are not. so we know what we have and what can we sell. current display of mods are idiotic at best and confusing. pls who ever did design of ui hud for rj please do something about this. eaven lobotomised sentinel would do batter job
  10. What about still bugged ui of avionic mods? only displey first 4-5 mods while other are not equiped. i noticed this after check my ship components such shields and than try to select some avionic modes. if you exit meny and re enter from console than it display normally. And how about changing ui for avionic modes so i can see which is equiped and which is not. i did by mistake sell mod which i need...
  11. man if you are making a game than it have to be with less bugs as posible. also they have some unresonable demands for research and for few wepons forma invest. when some exploit are discovered they patch it like hypersonic speed, remember when I wrote about immortal wukong clone, day after it was fixed and btw I did not see any post with similar claim. but when you wrote about other bugs you wait for days or month to be fixed. test and fix things b4 you release them. they need to change their approach with release of new updates, they can play game b4 we do and they can test what would be good or what would not be. if they have problem with this DE is free to contact me for testing S#&$ out b4 they release it to public and effectively screw up amusement and joy of new long awaited stuff. so you wait for some stuff about 6 month maybe more just to be dissatisfied with initial release and wait like 10 hotfix to actually make it good. 6-7 fixes so far and lot if bugs remains. I did wrote about it and they remained unfixed since they release rj. all in all we need to be hard on them so they can be batter.
  12. i can understand that. but mentioned issues are since release of RJ. how many hotfix until now and none of these are eaven attempted to fix? dunno that they are aware of all bugs, still w8 to see them fixed.
  13. RJ still have bugs eaven after several hotfix. Your foundry tend to bug sometimes cant craft anthing or multiple items, launching from slingshot let you use your primary or secoundary weapon (depends which you equip on launch), i got stradavar prime viral setup and it did more dmg than any weapon we have so far on RJ, WTF DE? avionics hud in dojo are also bugged from time to time, it shows your avionic mods half equiped only first 4-5 mods are shown so other are not functional in battle. if you exit menu and re select from panel than you can see all avionics you got equiped properly this time around. Also teleport from onmi teleport you with archwing inside RJ, weapons platform on side also stuck in 90 degree from intended postion thus making it non usuable agian. Also there are times that you are not dealing any dmg to enemy fighters. And you cant repair dmg , guess it is hud bug. it still show dmg indicator but no actual dmg is done to RJ.
  14. whole update is devided in 3 parts. so yeah it can be devided... thing is that they have deadline to release something, eaven if it means 10 hofixes after it. and that first "must release" is like all starting point for dissatisfaction. you expect something and you are hiped about it but duo bugs, glitches it does not do what is intended to do. another example if by some odd reason you post : "I found glitch to farm 100 platinum in mission", by hypersonic speed they will patch it since #it is not intended# but it is intended to be bugged as fck and quite slow to fix it, turtle speed to solve it. since you cant get inside asteroid base after killing commander you should made it bp drop shared, not few days after release duo many complaints about it, stuff like that kind of polish etc. for instance release rj based raid, fix what is bugged and add more if them in smaller updates like 1 at time. and not be like fix 80% 2-3 month later and than add eaven more stuff which is bugged. do smaller steps, make good foundation and than add more stuff. why not add rj simulacrum? so I can test my rj loadout and weapons to see how it prefforms.
  15. lot of bugs everytime DE release something. they need to release smaller updates more polished than usual and bit more often. they just give us something to grind over and over while actual main line is rarely updated. be honest most of players wait this kind of update and when released it is over bugged, unpolished and like at best 50% of what is meant to be. ofc ppl will be dissatisfied with this. TWW had 1 year delay, it was good but not 1y of waiting good. RJ idea Is good but need lot of additions to make it more fun and batter. rj need resource collector drones , some defense inside ship, sentient fights as well... it would be cool if we could use our orbiters for fight in adition to rj. no wonder why ppl leaving the game so DE need to change their approach for this stuff.
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