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  1. DE can't satistfy every and each player. Extraction marker is often broke, and that has not been fix for some time. So DE to change/fix bigger issues for every day playes seem to be next to not gonna do it. Adding more and more content wont do a thing, and grind and grind is killing will to play a game. So having another game to play is not bad idea.
  2. Well it can be on/off option in settings. As for complains, lets say that many have it on lot of stuff. DE is sayng many things, for some reason (and tradition) i don't believe them too much.
  3. Why not use our new toys in general? Sortie for example? Also DE should made mele with bit more blood and gore. Look how enemy fly when you hit them with mele. B**c slaping them with helmet flying off, jaws and bone would be much "sweeter". And taking half hour of assembling broken toys from ground, well lets say that i want my life back. :D costumizing ui for them would also be good thing, maybe also archkit weapons? Change barrel for batter penetration or so... idk, something along line.
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