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  1. Although I was slightly sceptical at first when reading the original Dev workshop, I must admit Ash's augments actually turned out to be quite nice 😄 (The only ones I've tried so far) Buffed just enough to be relevant and not ridiculously overpowered to the point of being a strict requirement in every build. Noice 😄 Peace & Love ✌️ ❤️
  2. When melee 2.9 was first released there was an issue regarding bows and using the melee button to switch to melee mode. There was no way to immediately switch to melee after firing your arrow. You always had to wait for you warframe to draw the next arrow from the quiver. This had been removed/fixed rather quickly. This issue however, has resurfaced with the launch of Update 25.6 . As small and irrelevant of an issue this may seem this delay is just noticable enough to get quite annoying quite fast. i would love to see this fixed (or at least looked at) Peace & Love ✌️ ❤️
  3. Recently i have been experiencing issues when using melee weapons. They seem to be missing the enemy even when you're standing right in front of them. From what I can tell all weapons are affected by this issue, even weapons with long range. This might be an issue related to hit-/hurtboxes? At first I assumed this had something to do with the changes to melee weapons not dealing damage through walls anymore earlier this year (? maybe last year not sure when exactly). This issue however, can be reproduced in areas with very little geometry in the way (i.e. Simulacrum). I hope this can be looked at 😄 peace ✌️
  4. Yeesh, if the augments that are listed here are the only ones being looked at, I must say I'm kind of disappointed :o Feels like a missed opportunity to integrate some augments -especially some of the older ones- into their base ability (either removing the augment or changing it in the process) Examples would be: Seeking shuriken, hushed invisibility, ice wave impedance... The list goes on... Some changes proposed here aren't particularly exciting either (rising storm: clones already add to counter without the augment? the augment already increases combo duration?) The planned changes to piercing roar and muzzle flash however, do seem quite nice :D
  5. Wow, so far this new system feels great 😄 It's very intuitive. Almost weird how much stiffer and more unnecessarily inconvenient the old system seems by comparison😮 There seems to be an issue with bows and switching to melee mode however. If you press the melee button after firing an arrow, you don't go into melee mode until after you have drawn the next arrow from your quiver (reload animation?). This leads to an awkward delay that wasn't there with the old quick-melee. (old quickmelee used to cancel the arrow draw until you were done swinging). From what I can tell so far this is the only weapon type with this problem 😮 Personally, I think the melee swing should have priority over the arrow draw=> Pressing melee button should immediately cancel any "cancelable" animation and start swinging immediately. Anyways, great job Can't wait for what you guys have in store for the next phases 😄
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