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  1. Please fix the amps scaffold from clipping through the hand of the operator. keep up the good work😉
  2. please fix the amps and rework celestia syandana to be permanent also replace annihilation with frame fighter the other 3 game mods suffer and underperform as a result these mods never get played annihilation remains populated making it hard for players trying to win 6 matches can't do that if the only game mod active is annihilation keep the good work:) and ty for the hot fix fixing running at angle bug.
  3. please fix the amps I love my operator it makes me sad to see her amp clipping through her hand.
  4. if I may ask umm the amps are bugged please fix its clipping through operators hand.
  5. same my x27 amp has this same issue I hope this is fixed soon.
  6. its not working for me no email received tried like 50 times no email showed up I even added no-reply@2fa.warframe. to my whitelist trying to change my email address but still there is no email message showing up:(. plus this blocks me from getting fae ephemeraI I don't know what to do:(
  7. I just put no-reply@2fa.warframe.com in my whitelist how long will this take?
  8. dear DE, please fix the host migration bug.
  9. ty DE for fixing the elevator keep up the good work
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