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  1. Day 850 Login is a joke

    750 too
  2. Sigma & Octantis

    Who asked for help? This is a feedback section, not "player helping player". Exaclty! What the problem? is a 700 days weapon... Like now, it not feel so special to me. Anyway for finisher the range not matter... But at least, do you have it?
  3. Sigma & Octantis

    You know this is a video game? And all is possible? I don't want put a dagger mod, just have same effect in the weapon... Anyway your build is terrible.
  4. Sigma & Octantis

    Using it for a month, and i'm pleased with the stats, look and usability. But the finisher damage is too low! Not really worth to trigger the shield effect, wait the slow animation, for deal a little damage. 700 login days... compared to the Zenith and Zenistar it's not really a big deal. I wish to have an integrated Covert Lethality, for make the weapon worth to use and unique.
  5. We need incentives to do endless missions for longer.

    Is boring till reach level 100. I wish to have a mission with already high levels, without the sortie conditions. Yes, we do. But is not mandatory.
  6. The prime access have the accessories? Because, reading the description in the PS4 store, don't have operator and kavat armour listed.
  7. Money Spent Per Account

    And never bought a glyph? How so?
  8. Zephyr Prime

    I knew this thread was coming out
  9. Nerf Banshee

    Honest advice: when you see the usual meta frames, just leave till find a better team. Limbo= leave immediately. The most of people play for rewards, and want skip the playing. So they can get something new to equip, for never use it. People are like that, don't blame the game.
  10. Would you guys play the new raid/s?

    We do LOR daily, for long time now. It can be fun... always better to get blind while hunt monsters This is our alliance doing raids: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-cPmFWGjx_UAbcO8Mnywjg/videos
  11. Shutdown warframe market

    Need plats for skins... such a problem...
  12. Tiberon prime! FINALLY!

    Hope for some innate punch through
  13. Vote for Cetus wisps 10x reward in sortie...

    Yes please. Farm stuff on POE is totally boring.
  14. Attica Prime with Zephyr Prime please.

    Riven disposition
  15. Attica Prime with Zephyr Prime please.

    Please don't.