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  1. Mag Rework idea.

    Her 4 is meh, the third could scale better at higher levels (120+).
  2. Make Ash great again!

    Would love a total rework. I just like smoke screen and the shuriken. Teleport is meh, and always hated bladestorm. I like the idea of shinobi clones, but watch an animation while i can't play? No thanks.
  3. Raids.

    In the first step energy is needed for charge the bomb. This can't be avoided, so or use Trinity or energy pads. In the second step players must stay on pads/buttons, so CC or invisibility is needed. You can be good, but the G3 and Vay Hek come all together on a player in the second step... LoR are bugged, and sometimes are full of manics, or napalms/bombards. The G3 is always bugged. You can bring 8 Ivara; only with your friends which have done it countless time with Trinity and the usual boring CC.
  4. What do you think is the true master race?

  5. Raids.

    Often do JV, but always hated it. I like the LoRs, but are too energy focused, so we players are forced to do it always in the same way (trinity). Raids are the last thing a player need to do, when have done all the rest.
  6. What's your playstyle and loadout as Banshee/Prime?

    What build use?
  7. WTS Godly Strun Riven

    10 pl
  8. The Amazing Eternals

    On PS4? Hope so..
  9. Razorback Returns on PS4!

    Folks sell it for 20 pl on PS4.
  10. Razorback Returns on PS4!

    Honestly the archgun mods aren't so worthy...(obviously i'll never see one myself) I missing Auger Strike from last event, and after 30 more runs, still not have it Instead i dropped 4 consecutive Bore for a total of 6; in a real RNG system is like to win the lottery, lol. All the event was super boring farming, then a fast insensate mission.
  11. I think I am getin Anasa sculpture too often

    I received 10 lens, want trade?
  12. When will the PS4 Pro patch be released?

    Don't hold your breath.
  13. Destiny 2

    Not been a fan of Destiny 1, but playing the 2 right now, and is a very nice game! Graphically is VERY pleasant (on PS4 PRO), and the locations are amazing; huge free world, and full of details. The story is nice too.
  14. Razorback Returns on PS4!

    Was waiting for this event for so long... and it come out when Destiny 2 is released... nice coincidence