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  1. Always better then be killed by the usual Mirage/Simulor...
  2. I was looking for right now...
  3. Exactly.
  4. Mirage/Tonkor is maybe more effective then the Simulor. The usual old problems... Mirage, Emeber... If not fixed yet, after all this time, is better to deal with it.
  5. If you do a search, i started a similar thread a month ago... everyone have different opinions about the Zenistar. Damage, speed and reach are needed, so you must have the primed mods on it. Spoiled Strike is awesome, and the rest you want 4 effects mods. I not found Condition Overload and Healing Return yet, but if you have worth a try with the Zenistar.
  6. You can't find clear answers about the Zenistar... read wiki, try builds.
  7. LOL. Go on Mot/Void, and see how many times you can trigger Argon Scope while bullet jump and glide... The Simulacrum is not real play. I like Critical Delay because the Soma can finish the ammo pretty fast, and never use Heavy Caliber because i need accuracy while aim.
  8. I use a build with Critical Delay and Bladed Rounds. I tried Argon Scope with many build and weapons. Trigger it isn't so easy, and you have only 9 seconds while aim. I find Bladed Rounds much more easy to use and trigger. With an already high chance of critical, Bladed Rounds have much more sense... Argon Scope is good for who need to sell it
  9. I not get Argon. But have it from last event. Probably i'll not get Maiming Strike this time too, because Violence always come out at Monday and Thursday... PS Argon Scope is really overhyped!
  10. I got a mutalist cernos mod with negative fire rate... dissolved it.
  11. Ah ok, you mean on Nidus the 25,5% of SU give 114 more armor. Weird on this site http://warframe-builder.com/Warframes/Builder/Nidus is only 76.
  12. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Animal_Instinct
  13. Impossible to find 4 players with SU. On console is impossible to find 4 CP on greener sortie interception. Anyway i'm curious about try it and Rejuvenation, with the same D polarity...
  14. I don't like V aura, so always change it. What do you use for Nidus? The usual - for CP and ES, or something different? i guess Rejuvenation is useless with Nidus. Stand United? I don't have Growing Power to try before to change the slot... but the buff is too short in time for cast while is active.
  15. I have this problem too. I'm stuck with syndicates; i need nikana blade and vabuan neuroptics, which i had and used before the relic system. Now i can't find a team for get the parts.