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  1. You can always buy the prime access...
  2. And remove the health bar from all allies.
  3. Well, this is a feedback section, so i expect a DE will read this... Anyway i wish to have an explanation about this issue, even for future events. We were closed even before to new people, now we won't recruit anymore. Our clan is in the range of 22-33 years old, and isn't easy find new "normal" players.
  4. I opened a ticket about this, with the link of this tread. I got an answer how the event was working, and they told me to open a thread on this forum Now i'm more confused then before... I don't know if i can post their answer here.
  5. Yes, we had more then 600 points. Shadow Clan. Now we are at 577.
  6. Our clan is DarKAngels2016 (Italy). Intentionally, a single player left our clan just some minutes before the Ambulas Reborn ended. We were settled days ago for the gold rewards, but now, with his points missing, we not reached it for 27 points... Such a bad joke. I wonder why Warframe allow to join, or leave, clans while this kind of events are going on. We feel is unfair; another player, which we not even know so well, can influence our game and waste our time...
  7. Exactly. And is more then 2 weeks. I think we just get the events after the usual time PC had it.
  8. Usually it is sold around 400
  9. Was here for report this bug... I'm glad i'm not the only one. It is caused by Shade/Prisma Shade! (Maybe you could change the title of this thread) Hope it get fixed soon, because i have this issue even before the last update.
  10. Inaros too, please. 4200 of shields...
  11. You can reduce the clan size How many active player do you have in the clan? For active i mean they play every days, not just login.
  12. Do you know how the puzzle look like? PS: wrong section...
  13. I change favs any month... usually i hate the always invisible Loki; useless for the team, die while trying to revive others. Loki is great if built for his disarm. Mirage/Simulor is another thing i wish to have out of my squad, before and after the Simulor balance. Except any raid, interception or (mobile) defence...
  14. Take the Reactor, and buy the Adaptor Blueprint from Cephalon Simaris.
  15. You can play Ophelia few times and get Ash. Easy. Much faster then get Chroma, Nidus, Mirage, Limbo and Titania. But if you need the original quest frame for build the prime version, it could have sense...