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  1. Armored Agility, Blunderbuss, Organ Shatter.
  2. People will sell it the day after
  3. I tried Nyx with a friend, and she was fine. Then in a sortie all my energy gone in a moment. Honestly i don't know how this "fix" work. Have the same feeling like using Quick Thinking.
  4. Clickbait
  5. I'm surprised we have the research I checked the link on wiki, and we made it.
  6. I want a raid with corpus...
  7. So all clans have The Ignis Wrath research?
  8. Sonicor
  9. Because the Mirage /Simulor in the team is you
  10. Only with infested defences (Akkad) is convenient use a Zenistar, for all the rest is nothing of special. Is a 300 login days, not even common in the game.
  11. Do you have a Zenistar?
  12. If throw the disc above the visual, is not annoying... Anyway, when this changes will hit the game? Console will get changes in the same period as PC users?
  13. Where are the fix about this weapons? PC updates?
  14. My best right not is 640. But we can't get the weapon with slot and potato, because our shadow clan have only 15 members, and the most are newbie. We thinking to expel all the low ranks and reduce the clan as ghost, and not help new players anymore. I don't get why this event is been arranged in this way, but this is the obvious result...
  15. I think this thread is not the right place for ask about your emblem... Anyway we submitted it last week, and already got it after 4 or 5 days.