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  1. Attica Prime with Zephyr Prime please.

    Riven disposition
  2. Attica Prime with Zephyr Prime please.

    Please don't.
  3. Argonak - Stop Forcing RED Highlight Color

    So this isn't fixed yet? Red bother me...
  4. A vote kick button

    A kick vote is better then leave a mission, or play solo. But should work only before the objective is completed.
  5. Anyone else wanna see a loki buff

    Sure, even be AFK all the time is fine, lol.
  6. Anyone else wanna see a loki buff

    I do LoR daily. If you have some Loki with range builds, send to me! I said people never use disarm, not me! LOL. This is a fact. Why want buff something, when people not really get it for so long?
  7. Anyone else wanna see a loki buff

    Anyway people never use disarm, so why bother?
  8. Most unsastifying things to happen to you in Warframe

    Noobs on raids.
  9. Tigris Riven Price

    10 pl
  10. [SOLVED]Can Repelling Bastille Repel One Enemy More Than Once?

    Bastille is bugged for so long. Some enemies are affected with delay, others disappear after being suspended. The mod is bugged too, according to wiki. But i think is the whole ability to cause problems.
  11. The Bullying by veteran players

    I start to be toxic only with mr. 22-24 who always die, or don't know what they doing. The problem with this game is people think they can be good just because can reach mr. 20+
  12. Double your fashion with this tip, Tenno

    Legacy colors?
  13. Please let Baro sell Forma BP's for 25-35 ducats.

    Why not, is just the blueprint anyway. I wish 12h, instead 24h, for craft one.
  14. Warframe Movie....

  15. Augment mod slot

    This again?