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  1. Razorback Returns on PS4!

    Folks sell it for 20 pl on PS4.
  2. Razorback Returns on PS4!

    Honestly the archgun mods aren't so worthy...(obviously i'll never see one myself) I missing Auger Strike from last event, and after 30 more runs, still not have it Instead i dropped 4 consecutive Bore for a total of 6; in a real RNG system is like to win the lottery, lol. All the event was super boring farming, then a fast insensate mission.
  3. I think I am getin Anasa sculpture too often

    I received 10 lens, want trade?
  4. When will the PS4 Pro patch be released?

    Don't hold your breath.
  5. Destiny 2

    Not been a fan of Destiny 1, but playing the 2 right now, and is a very nice game! Graphically is VERY pleasant (on PS4 PRO), and the locations are amazing; huge free world, and full of details. The story is nice too.
  6. Razorback Returns on PS4!

    Was waiting for this event for so long... and it come out when Destiny 2 is released... nice coincidence
  7. How's your experience with trading?

    I don't trade for a month or more. PS4 people want pay all 20 pl... I think Twich Prime, chat filters, and bad Prime Access made the game very poor. At least on PS4. Even the unvault system not helping; Mag is an amazing frame, but come out every year... For a while Rivens been a good resource of plats, but every player can get a Riven because Sortie have matchmaking, and even noobs can do it. Now the market is saturated with Rivens, but the most not understand dipositions, stats... really hard to trade with those.
  8. Tigris Riven price?

    Weak disposition= not buy.
  9. Why don't DE put raid missions in sortie?

    If i get arcane and sortie reward at once, i'll save a lot of time
  10. Why aren't Raids locked behind TWW?

    How? On PS4... Edit: I ask for high mastery, because at least they have some warframes to switch, know what Corrosive Projection is, and have a sentinel or Huras equipped. Too bad many are noobs who need Trinity babysitting for survive...
  11. Why aren't Raids locked behind TWW?

    Why you need to comment, if don't have any experience? I host raids daily for months, and make a good team is hard. More and more mr 23-24 noobs this days, who can't make a build correct, and can't survive in the first step of LoR. Yesterday there was a Valkyr (mr 16) doing really nothing for all the mission, but i don't was the host... I ask mr 18+, but high mastery don't make people good. I ask for experience, and people lie about it... To me raids should be locked behind hours of play, missions and quests completed, and mastery.
  12. "Ghosts" by Ballistica Prime

    7s... 9s was better. Anyway the effect sometimes not work, i noticed when enemies are affected by others abilities.
  13. Bring back Void Keys..

    Sometimes i do Void survivals for fun with my friends. Not need keys to have fun... I wish there was some reward after one hour on Mot... but the 99% of players will do this with some kind of Meta (Naramon), so it will lost all the "end game" fun for veterans. This game is for casual players, who follow youtubers bad builds with unmaxed mods (lol) People don't like it difficult.
  14. Goodbye Warframe :''(

    More time for work
  15. Destiny 2

    Don't think it make a difference. I know many got into Warframe after got bored of Destiny, and many will be on Destiny 2 because are bored of Warframe...