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  1. (PS4)ghinellil

    2 more weeks for console

  2. (PS4)ghinellil

    DE Sheldon DE Rebecca can we please have AkVasto Prime relic yet?

    Same answer i get from the people "buy trash riven; any riven". If you get the Akvasto Prime, i want Gara Prime... DE please.
  3. (PS4)ghinellil

    When is the Sacrifice Update coming to consoles?

    Or... Make pc updates polished and released in the same moment with consoles. So all have the same stuff in the same time, and less bugs for pc. No more spoilers and disparity. I'm a PS4 user, but if i was on pc, i wouldn't be happy to be a beta tester.
  4. (PS4)ghinellil

    I want the old Exalted system back

  5. (PS4)ghinellil

    What's The Best Time to Sell Vaulted Primes?

    After a year or so.
  6. (PS4)ghinellil

    Limbo Prime Coming June 19th!

    In the cataclysm... you have to wait till end for kill the enemies get the update.
  7. (PS4)ghinellil

    PS4 Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.8

    Host migrations really killing the fun.😣 If happen, when we back in the game the efficiency is already too low for continue. ( = waste a lot of time)
  8. (PS4)ghinellil

    Other Things That Need A Nerf

    Scoliac and Trinity/Castanas?
  9. They should employ someone just for answer in this forum? DE is already fast to answer to any tickets.
  10. (PS4)ghinellil

    75% Sale Drop Rate?

    It happen if not have plats 😜 I got it 4 or 5 times already.
  11. (PS4)ghinellil

    Next Warframe Guesses

    Something with only shields (without health). An energy theme frame.
  12. (PS4)ghinellil

    Khora bp won't drop

    After 2 days i got all. Blueprint at last, but not tried too hard.
  13. (PS4)ghinellil

    Sanctuary Onslaught

    Very hard to find a good team. Was better without matchmaking.
  14. (PS4)ghinellil

    Kuva Scaling Proposal

    If the increase level of enemy will be "logarithmic", this won't happen. I did Hiercon till level 1000, and was total boring for the first hour and past. I think we need new mission with enemies already level 100, but with better drop of resources. Better if implemented without a matchmaking.
  15. (PS4)ghinellil

    Kuva Scaling Proposal

    This the real problem Anyway inside a Frost globe is easy to camp. I prefer a Rest build instead of Maim for Equinox.