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  1. PS4 Chains of Harrow: Update 21.0.5

    I still haven't head and attachments of my frames. I guess is a bug due to invisibility; already said this many times, till Octavia came out.
  2. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    Don't hope too much...
  3. When We Get Nidus Prime

  4. PS4 Oberon Prime: Update 20.6.4

    So when we get the update?
  5. Got a Kavat without tail.... bug?

    I never seen one before, is a bug or a new "improvement" ? NVM, it changed (in a bad way) after matured the pet.
  6. So Tennocon is very soon!

    I just wish to get Razorback, Fomorian and Acolytes events (hopefully not all in the same week)... on PS4 nothing happen for months...
  7. Why do people hate Mag?

    Need to aim/think/move = bad.
  8. Rhino P + Mag P Vault (Relic Drops)

  9. Who saw today's Sortie 3 and said.."nope not today"

    Very boring. For another sculpture.
  10. Oberon Prime Vaulting

    This should go in "players help players"... change the title for stop the bait.
  11. Can Warframe Beat What Destiny Has?

  12. Should i report someone for multiple accounts?

    Too many kids with too much free time on consoles.... Was easy to lock raids behind mr 18. Nobody would reach 18 with a second account just for farm more arcanes. And we get rid of new players in the raids.
  13. So when will we get Harrow update ?

    Sorry, i couldn't resist :D
  14. Is there a meta weapon?

    With Rivens all weapons can be good.
  15. How much do Legendary Cores sell for now?

    My friends got one, and they can't get rid of it. Honestly, only new players can make a good use of this resource.