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  1. The community wouldn't be fragmented, just Pub matches, and there's more than enough people available for those. Recruiting would be the same pretty much, you don't form parties and then find out 1 member of the party wants easy content and the rest want hard, etc. They're all going for whatever best suits the goal of the party. Warframe can be played on single player, and frankly, most of us would love to be able to adjust difficulty. Game design is as easy as "do this and everything regarding difficulty scaling can be fixed". It's a simple thing to implement. Once the bugs are out, I can easily see it being 98% popular, 2% unpopular, and increasing things the business cares about like overall playtime,enjoy-ability, and cash spent (without increasing the pressure to spend cash or PTW aspects, mind you). It's a win win for us and DE.
  2. They could accommodate everyone by giving us difficulty settings like most single player games.
  3. There's just soooo many problems with the way they take feedback, the feedback forums themselves need a rework. First and foremost, they get a S#&$ ton of feedback, most of which is S#&$ to begin with. With EVERY new warframe release, people complain that it's either a useless or mediocre frame, or that it's power creep. The first few weeks are people giving largely negative feedback without trying out different ways to make the frame work. I could give specific examples, including ones I made myself, honestly. Second is the way feedback is organized. In short - it isn't. Sure, they have 7 different categories for the feedback subforums and a search function, but with a game as massive and complex as this, they need subforums for their subforums just to keep things better organized. Instead of going to Forums - Feedback - Warframes and then making a thread like just as a random example, which will inevitably get lost down in the catacombs of the 1387 pages in the Warframe Feedback, It'd be better to have Forums - Feedback - Warframes - Ember/Prime which would have a mere 2 pages of results for threads with Ember in the tittle in Feedback, or up to 26 pages of results for every every thread that mentions ember in Warframe Feedback, which is a lot less to sort through, and would reduce the rate of redundant posts. Also, these search results are probably exceptionally innacurate, as it doesn't even show an Ember thread I made around july of last year which still has relevance, so a subforum for every frame could help at least keep these threads searchable. Third is the simple fact that the official Warframe forums are only one of many feedback channels, and from what I've gathered not even the main one. Reddit seems to be the main forum that DE takes its feedback, Discord being another. Then there's the whole Founder's forums which has been largely ignored for years.
  4. I found a somewhat unique use for her. Her shields acting as energy make her really good at handling channeling for melee, which is very high damage with no effort with certain setups.
  5. Valkyr is superior in DPS and survivability, but is less fun. Build her for power str, duration,adaptation, and armor with maybe some hp for an Eternal War build and use either a great sword or pole arm with primed reach and maybe a riven to get higher damage and longer range than wukong's staff, throw on one of the 10 different ways to heal your warframe and you'll never die pre level 300s. Both valkyr and Wukong can hit into the 10s and 100s of millions with proper CO red crit buids, but Valkyr has an attack speed buff. The high damage per hit doesn't become relevant until post level 300 anyway, in which Wukong's survival become noticeably harder to maintain compared to an efficient Hysteria oriented Valkyr, but at that point Wukong's range becomes more of a plus since valkyr's claws are short range.
  6. A gauss with a lot of sprint mods can outrun a volt with 337% power str. around 50% faster. As far as maneuverability, he's more agile than Volt IF you know how to use him. Volt's speed buff carries his momentum into every maneuver, which can cause problems, you can instantly cancel Gauss's momentum and switch directions and start it back up again. Volt requires a lot less work, though, just one button press every 15+/- seconds and you're good.
  7. He can easily face tank and runs faster than volt, by a lot. Also his 4th gives a substantial DPS buff. You just have to know how to mod and play him. Watch youtube videos on him and you'll see. As far as speed, tankyness and DPS goes he's around as good as nova.
  8. I'd be ok with this if they introduced more stats and things for rivens to cycle through. Stats like adding unique effects to the weapon. Basically take every unique mechanic for weapons in the game and add them into the riven pool. Spice things up.
  9. From what I understand, the way the contracts are set up for tennogen wouldn't allow for tennogen items to be sold for plat. $ for tennogen = % of that $ going direct to the artists. Letting people buy the items with plat changes that equation some, and chances are D.E would have to renegotiate every single contract, and having some just say no or not respond could really complicate things.
  10. @TehGriefI know it's kind of obvious, me being the OP, but I strongly disagree with virtually all of your criticisms. I consider my changes, with the exception of the augment of Enlightenment and the proposed idea that it could replace Trinity's 1 if blessing gains a Heal over time, to be by definition QoL changes. I consider a rework to where multiple skills are completely changed and does something barely similar or completely different from what it did before. I consider QoL changes to be minor changes to skills which keep the same basic functionality. I'm pretty confident that many people have around the same idea on what QoL and rework mean. That being said, for convenience, I've heard the terms being used interchangeably by D.E. , probably because "rework" is a lot easier to say than "Quality of Life changes". I'm not sure how this counteracts my original points, the main one being that she's a niche frame for rare scenarios for most players. The thing is for 99.99% of the game, most players don't get as much benefit from heals or EV as they would from an extra killer, or from being the killer themselves. Because of this, Frames with similar but milder support skills, but also abilities that increase overall KPS tend to be preferred. It's important to remember that energy and health are rarely ever issues outside of a handful of scenarios. Proc immunity tends to be more sought after than an instant heal+ DR buff. Zenurik, Magus Elevate, Arcane Grace, Arcane Energize, and a few mods tend to further impede on Trinity's overall role. Why bring a trinity to any mission below 100 if you're not spamming your 4 and not in danger of being one shot? Wow. Maybe as a vet my experience is vastly different from non vets, but I barely see revive speed as having any meaningful impact on the game, plus people can insta revive themselves between 4 and 9 times per mission. As far as passives go, I thought the one I suggested was rather weak and only a mild convenience that fit Trinity's theme. As far as Wukong's new passive - I kinda hate it. He had full immortality before, his new passive is too random in its buffs and is a mockery of what he used to be. As a side note, overall his rework makes him more fun, but it was a definite overall nerf for him. He was able to red crit into the millions before and was fully immortal. He can now red crit in the 10s of millions but staying alive to when the difference between 1mil damage and 10m damage on armored targets matters is considerably more difficult.
  11. The fact that the frame abilities will be disabled makes it kinda pointless, unless abilities turned on before switching out of frame continue to apply afterwards. Without that, basically only inaros would be usable with this. There are some interesting synergies that could be applied with having both operator and warframe active at the same time, but these instances are fairly rare and would typically be fleeting in amount of time spent having both out.
  12. Sadly, DE won't touch damage types ever again. With Damage 3.0 they did such a horrible job they had to scrap it entirely and got scarred for life from all the (rightfully) negative feedback. I agree that it needs a rework though. Slash damage should have like a -75% towards armor, slash proc damage shouldn't apply at all towards enemies who have shields up still,Puncture should go back to having innate punch thru on proc as it did in damage 1.0, and impact should have a +75% damage to armor and shields. Puncture procs weakening enemies should also scale like they suggested in damage 3.0, and I'd be OK with Impact slowing enemies down. Blast should have a blind effect or something. Also the mods that affect IPS only should apply to elemental weapons. But I can see why they haven't because of slash. 120% slash added to a viral elemental weapon would be OP.
  13. Which is why I intentionally suggested changes that would make it to where she still wouldn't compete with warframes intended for offense. With these changes, she'd just be able to increase her killing ability to a level in which a player with less than 100 hours in game could take her on solo to sorties, or arbitrations and not have a hard time killing or staying alive. She'd still have less KPS than even a properly geared ember against armored lvl 100s, and ember is by far the worst of the Offense oriented frames. And that's the point. Also like the other person said, the best support a frame could give is more killing. Just look at every "support" oriented frame released in the last 3 years. Name one that can't out KPS Trinity. Hell, in many ways, they can both out KPS AND out support trinity.
  14. more like power balance, since she really doesn't have power to begin with. Even with these changes she wouldn't out compete warfames intended for offence. The augment I feel shouldn't be affected by other mods, otherwise it'd be way to powerful. the added range wouldn't act multiplicatively either. Say you have a 190% range build in the party. That person with this buff would get 290% range, instead of 380%. I've always felt we needed an ability somewhere in game that gave a range buff, besides the one we occasionally get from Void traces. As far as the lifesteal goes. eh, maybe OP if combined with the Well of Life change, maybe just have one or the other I guess. I read your thread, and searched feedback forum for trinity threads, and felt she needed some more in depth feedback and suggestions.
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