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  1. no leaderboards..... Are there gonna be competitive components in the game anytime in the near future?
  2. I had personally held myself back from making any comments, because I was expecting that the devstream would provide more insight or maybe a silver of hope for the raiding community. But after hearing all that was said, I can only say that I'm extremely disappointed. Over the time I've played Warframe, It has become one of my favorite games for one major reason: The community. I've met some amazing people and had a lot of fun playing together with them and Raids are the one mission in Warframe, that actually require you to communicate with the rest of the squad and this feature has helped the raiding community to become the best part of Warframe for me. A lot of time and effort was invested trying to get people to understand raids and to build up the community into what it has become today. Removing raids from the game is not just about removing a game mode, but about making these great communities void in one great fell swoop. When RSB was specifically mentioned and asked for feedback regarding this decision, I had hoped, this decision is reversible. Turns out i was wrong. The only game mode in Warfame that is challenging enough to build a community of this size solely to teach and run them, is going to be removed despite the overwhelmingly negative response that players have shown to this change and the reasons given to do so are in no way valid for the sheer amount of damage this change will cause. I had higher expectations than this from this game. Capturing eidolons, does not require any communication and coordination compared to the raids and it saddens me that you would equate them. I don't hold any expectations anymore. I can only say that whatever plans you have for raids please try to implement gameplay of that kind into Warframe, rather than the mind numbing aspects that require next to no coordination that you seem so keen to implement.
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