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  1. Yeah sure, that's why all the content that was added this year favours one specific squad composition to a point serious teammates wont let you bring anything else. I'm just glad I never embarked on the Riven train (although I'm at 90 Rivens). I played with them a bit, but never farmed Kuva excessivly and have only a few builds centered around one 😄 . A system that enforces you to invest huge ammounts of time into building your equipment but at the same time refuses to let you trust your effort will be still worth something tomorrow is just bad. And there is just no logical reason behind lots of the changes. Vasto needed a nerf? The gun couldn't compete even with a higher disposition. Disposition changes only add another layer of RNG ontop the the layers they already have, I'll be sticking to conventional builds and pitty all those that have invested time and money. Edit: One could also think it might be no coincidence that forma-bundles just now became available for bulk-sale 😄
  2. If you get down from your white knight horse for a second you'd realize that he never complained about the fixes themselfs but about the way they've been delivered. And I have to give it to him, some of this stuff could have easily been delivered much sooner in smaller updates like DE used to do a long time ago 😉
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