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  1. I think your defenition of the word "cooperation" is not the same as everyone elses. Little hint, the word does not come from tolerance. Also your comments seem to revolve around the thought that you like the status quo and you want to prohibit others from voicing their opinion. Maybe you should grasp the concept that you're not the center of this world. As much as you like to say otherwise, people don't complain just to complain. They want changes because they care enough about the game to write some feedback they think could improve the game. For the Devs, this is far better than them silently leaving and never come back, which is exactly why feedback, including criticism, is activly encouraged. And not being satisfied that a large portion of the missions are nothing but a walking and pickup simulator for 75% of the team is an absolutly valid issue. How this is resolved is of course open to discussion, but just diminishing their experience will not help you. Just some advice: Before you enter a discussion, think about what you would like the other side to do. And then consider what it would take for them to convince you if your roles would be reversed. And if you answer this with "I want them to make me the center of their gaming experience and this argument has to be screamed as loudly as possible" then you get what you've written so far.
  2. The question in the title is "can it help the game?". I answered that with a no, from my point of view. I wasn't aware I wasn't allowed to do that, but okay πŸ˜„ . No matter how you implement it, it wont make a difference as almost noone will experience it, in the worst case it will take effort away from core parts of the game. If it really has to happen but is supposed to be optional it absolutly has to be optional, meaning no rewards at all. Playing as the Stalker and thus possibly contorting his personality, should be reward enough, even if you only play against the same few Tenno. Also no continous balancing support, so the Stalker should become outdated though powercreep fairly quickly, which is kind of his thing: Scary to new players, a oneshot for Veterans. Only this kind of implementation ensures a fringe-gamemode wont interact negativly with the main-game. So no, it wont help the game but wouldn't hurt it as bad as if it was pursued like a real thing. I could only think of "more fun" interactions if I'd assume unlimited development ressources.
  3. They scrapped raids because apparently not enough people played them. Now they want to add a new mode you can already see noone will play. How can you tell that? Just look at the abundance of conclave players. If anythng, ppl would try out the stalker mode for troll potential and not much more. I don't think these are ressources well spend and I'd rather not have that feature.
  4. This is either a blatant lie, or you lack basic reading comprehension At no point have I made that argument you claim I did, it's the same thing I've criticized you for earlier. You make up strawmen and fire walls of text against them. Same here, I have clearly stated that I am not using that excessivly in gorups. I outright said it is fine if you want to do it. Telling I implied otherwise is dishonest on your part. And you still don't get the entire "choice" thing, which is sad at this point. Tell me how you choose to interact with something that is not there anymore? The choice has been made before you're in a position to choose. This is basic logic and this will be the last time I'm going to adress this. The rest is just more blah blah that entirely misses the point. The funny thing is you actually don't see that acknowleding my position would actually help yourself. I have no problem with Saryn or how you play personally. I have long found my niche I'm happy in. But apparently you're pissing off enough ppl to make this discussion very prevalent in the forums. What happend in the past when that occured? DE at one point stepped in and took your toys away. And I always read the same arguments of "don't tell me what to do!". How often has this defense helped you yet? Let me tell you the answer: Never. You want to know one definition of insanity? Trying the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. The thing I was going at with low MR players is this: when I'm in a group with others, I'm always ready to carry the group on my own, but I always try to let others participate when I have the feeling they want to. Now you don't have to follow that philosophy, I don't know how often I have to tell you, I'm not here to dictate anything, although you're accusing me otherwise. If you could at least understand why I'm doing that you might have a better chance at understanding why your so called arguments will never make your opponents stop attacking your playstyle. Just see that you're doing exactly what you're accusing others of and maybe you can go forward, or you'll be doing the same song and dance for the next years, every time your newest nuking strategy gets attacked. What you don't seem to get is that you're barking up the wrong tree. I'm not saying nerf Saryn and all the AoE things with her right now. What I'm pointing out is dishonesty. I just see "me me me" and at the same time you expect others to be altruistic. In the end it will be as always, if the players can't behave themselfs, the Devs will bring out the nerf bat, and you will only have yourself to blame. I'm don't want this post to become too long, so I'm trying to give you a short answer. I agree with you on many points, Warframe is a looter at its base, i never denied that. The only thing I said in that direction is that I don't think the grid would become worse if missions would take longer, because the numbers would be adjusted according to a time gate. The problem I have with support is that it's irrelevant for 90+% of the game, it makes no difference if you can heal or buff, when every single player can kill everything on the map while passing by, but that's a whole different story and doesn't really belong here. I can enjoy it though in very high level environments it's just that this only affects very select few missions. What I've tried to say in admittedly less polite words (because I hate it when someone is trying to misrepresent what I said) to your collegue in the above section is that I'm indeed interested of finding a middle ground, but that can't even start, when one side isn't even acknowledging the fact that their playstyle takes away from others and that the wishes of those others are just as important as their own. In a perfect world, no nerfs would be neccessary, but we don't have that, we have collections of very egoistical players that will put their fun before others any day. And I don't blame them for that, I have never attacked a Simulor Mirage or an old bladestorm Ash or anything like that. One of my favourite Clanmates was an Ultra-Tonkor user and I still played with him daily, although I had much less to kill ;). But I also can understand the mass of players with less sophisticated gear and knowledge of the movement system that get frustraded when they can't even see anything to shoot. Let me make this clear one last time: I'm not trying to take something from you, I'm not trying to tell you how to play. Even if one see's their teammates as nothing more than additional drops and more relic choices than that's fine aswell. Just know that they do have a voice and don't complain when they make themselfs heared. I have no problems when you defend your way of having fun, it's subjective. But don't use double standards. Even if something is really fun to you, maybe at one point you could take the time and look at how others around you might be affected. In the end, the game is about making its company money. If only 1 person out of 4 can have fun that's potentially a ratio of 75% disappointed player. Ofc the people in charge will step in. Solo and premades are not a solution, claiming they are and thus locking new players out of the community from the start, in a game that's advertized as a cooperative multiplayer shooter is ridiculous.
  5. Wow, sorry but this shows some serious disconnect from reality. A noob can't choose to shoot or not to shoot when that decision is made for him by another player. I've seen matches where MR1 excals were desperatly trying to get ahead an Ember with an Ignis just to get a shot in only to fail miserably. Saying this one player that claims all enemies wasn't the dictator of that particular group is a statement that needs some serious backup, right now I'm not convinced. And then wanting to force noobs out of public matches is indeed you wanting them to cater to your needs, if you want to acknowledge that or not. It is YOU who expects someone else to not do something, i.e. asking for changes/nerfs, so in return you have to accept the request they have that you let them play without going out of their way to have their definition of fun. You say no to the latter, so they have every right to deny you the former. Also players have no tools at all to control a group even if they are hosting it so your second point goes nowhere aswell. Also you totally ignored how realistic it even was to expect noobs to always make their premades.
  6. There is no false equivalency, this is what you said, do what I say or get out of my group. Also, do you seriously expect a brand new player who's in the process of clearing the earth nodes to put together premade groups? And furthermore, you force them to not shoot at anything because everything is dead before they see it, this is not letting them play at their pace because they wont do anything when you're leaving nothing. Again you're forcing a specific playstyle on them. Like I said earlier, there's nothing wrong with that per se, but don't try then to argue they can't do the same to you by getting a higher authority (the Devs) involved.
  7. So they should change the way they play to accomodate you then? You're going to spin in a circle forever when arguing with this.
  8. Well, I'm not mad at you if you play that way, but I don't. Usually I like support roles most, warframe doesn't really offer that, but I can still decide not to bring my Ignis to any low level mission to give my fellow tenno something to do. I like the weapon for syndicate missions, but I don't use it f.e. in lith fissure. Sure, I'd save a few seconds each run, but I don't like seeing low MR rank players trying to fight but ending up with 0-1% damage dealt. But as I said, noone can force you to be a teamplayer, egoism is fine. Just don't expect other players to cater to you then and not ask for nerfs on things they don't like. The tone of this threat has been more than passive aggresive, so excuse me if I'm not worried about microaggressions. And it does belong, since you show with your very next sentence that you argue from the same standpoint. Different players have different opinions of what this game should be about. Each are equally valuable and unlike you, I haven't stated mine as a fact. I don't care too much about being most effective when I can't have fun doing it. Still managed to do almost everything in the game. But like I said, that's just for me, but I find it a little bit funny to see ppl trying to take these power fantasies to an extreme when together in a group. Usually one person feels powerful, the rest collects loot. Giving the advice to play solo or in premades is the equivalent of forcing your playstyle onto them, nothing inherently bad, but it in turn again gives them the right to try to do the same to you. I'm not overly bothered myself tbh. Warframe is in a state where it can't just go to being a challenging, balanced game, for that the entire damage, weapon and AI system would have to be reconstructed and I don't see that happen. What I'm adressing is the absolute lack of logic here. I always read this "don't force me..." stuff. Ofc we're infringing on each others games, it's a multiplayer game. The question is are we willing to restrain ourselfs and if we're not, how do we claim that others can't do the same? OP writes for a low level environment, where press 4 to win still works perfectly fine. I agree though because other frames absolutly outshine her in that regard πŸ˜„ . Also complaining about "passive agression" and then use ad hominems don't mix to well, I'm not offended though πŸ˜‰ . Just food for thought: Do you think the grind would be quicker, slower or the same, if missions would take longer on an average? I'd think it would stay the same, as I would think the devs envision a certain time players are supposed to grind and adjust the numbers accordingly. I could be wrong though.
  9. Dude, you should stop playing word games of this length, noone is going to read that. It's no shame in having a different opinion than your opponent but what you do is systematically trying to ignore everything he writes and hammer on perceived mistakes in argumentational style. In the end that makes you look pedantic. This is an exchange of opinions no facts are being established. Also all this arguing of what frame is best in very high level environments is done in a threat about clearing low level maps, way missing the point. In the end, reaching high level enemies in warframe is no show of skill but only endurance. Chose one of several easy to follow strategies and you can't fail. It's great AoE makes you feel powerful and all, but maybe you should think of the other 3 players in your squad. If you're able to delete everything to shoot at before they get a chance to see it, those 3 will feel the opposite of powerful, i.e. useless. Usually I play games to enjoy the gameplay, not to look at end of mission screens, but hey that's just me. If the majority wants to play a pickup simulator, who am I to criticize thise? I'm only writing because maybe enough ppl are feeling that way that player satisfaction might take a significant hit if enough players are feeling that way and decide spending their time elsewhere when they get nothing else to do than spam a single button 90% of the time. In that case the devs should know about it and they might decide to change a few things. And since lots of those tactics have been adressed in the past it might seem the devs do somewhat agree with that thought.
  10. W3zeer

    Still dreaming

    "still dreaming" ... of exactly that πŸ˜‰
  11. W3zeer

    Khora Drop System is Unreasonable

    Rewarding bad design with money is the exact opposite of what I'd suggest.
  12. W3zeer

    "Abnormal Mission Results" Trading soft ban

    I think he wanted to know if anyone else had experienced that and what that person did to solve the issue. I can completly understand that desire tbh.
  13. Yeah sure, that's why all the content that was added this year favours one specific squad composition to a point serious teammates wont let you bring anything else. I'm just glad I never embarked on the Riven train (although I'm at 90 Rivens). I played with them a bit, but never farmed Kuva excessivly and have only a few builds centered around one πŸ˜„ . A system that enforces you to invest huge ammounts of time into building your equipment but at the same time refuses to let you trust your effort will be still worth something tomorrow is just bad. And there is just no logical reason behind lots of the changes. Vasto needed a nerf? The gun couldn't compete even with a higher disposition. Disposition changes only add another layer of RNG ontop the the layers they already have, I'll be sticking to conventional builds and pitty all those that have invested time and money. Edit: One could also think it might be no coincidence that forma-bundles just now became available for bulk-sale πŸ˜„
  14. you could ofc set the parts that need to be traded in much higher than the statistically expected tries you need to farm the frame. The player would still see some progression and not feel like their time has been completly wasted by the game. Also this fairness to those who farmed thing is being brought up again and again. Effort only gets valued when there's enough plat sales behind that. You might call that clever business but at least let's be honest about it, it's not really to honor the players but save sales. Also wanting everyone to suffer the same as you did is a little bit selfish, especially when you can't even sell the stuff πŸ˜‰. There have been many things I farmed that became easier to get over time, I've been okay with that and would support even more of that.
  15. W3zeer

    Chimera: Update 23.10

    If you get down from your white knight horse for a second you'd realize that he never complained about the fixes themselfs but about the way they've been delivered. And I have to give it to him, some of this stuff could have easily been delivered much sooner in smaller updates like DE used to do a long time ago πŸ˜‰
  16. W3zeer

    Fed up with Sayrn being so stupid OP

    I really hope you do see the irony in this post πŸ˜„
  17. W3zeer

    Chroma needs a rework

    Sure, I can understand you, having the forum full of the same topics gets boring very quickly, it's just that I can understand the other side aswell. Many frames have gotten a rework when they got primed so ppl were kind of expecting that. And seeing that not just one, but two other frames will get reworks before chroma is kind of a letdown for those ppl when you consider the speed at which those reworks come. And unfortunatly it's not like what DE says is always what DE does so not even this statement is something you can really rely on. I'm not here to pick a fight with you, it's just not as convincing to me if you argue from the point that DE has adressed it and that settles it, as if you just told them you're sick of the same topic over and over. I mean they could really just write in the threats that already exist πŸ˜„
  18. W3zeer

    Chroma needs a rework

    They also said that enemy armor scaling needs a revisit, haven't seen anything on that for two years now πŸ˜‰ . I don't think there's a problem with reminding them of stuff that needs fixing when they don't follow up their acknowlegments for those amounts of time, or sometimes at all.
  19. W3zeer

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.3 - Limbo Prime

    Could you maybe make onslaught playable solo before hiding more stuff there? Dealing with groups breaking up gets really old and I don't want to use maiming strike all the time...
  20. W3zeer

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.19.0

    I did not think it was possible to make Kubrows any more useless, proved me wrong again πŸ˜„
  21. What challenge? It was just a random event, completly unavoidable and annoying. being ablo to break out of the teleport makes it a "challenge" because you can actually counterplay the mechanic. You could also just add a random event that will cost you your entire health and call that a challenge...oh wait I do remember getting hit by the ceres lightning 8 times in a row back when it was a high level planet...
  22. If the dropchances for the "rare" parts would increase by the same ammount this might not be as bad as it is now. Getting a golden drop that gives barely more ducats than a silver drop is...well. But it's good to see the player effort is valued here as much as it was "valued" with the Hema!
  23. W3zeer

    Warframe Drop Rates Data

    Uhm, is Hunhow supposed to be in there (same droptable as the shadowstalker). I don't think i ever fought him :)
  24. Got to say, the changes look pretty good. I hope this will bring back some much missed coop-feeling (although there will still be stuff like the Atterax around ;) ). Have to admit, I didn't dare to hope for so many updated weapons after they released Rivens, guess I was wrong there. Looking forward to that update :).
  25. I hope we wont see more clans charging platinum to get the research like with the Hema... oh who am I kidding...