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  1. Everything here looks good but there's one small extra little thing I would like to see on Molt. Every other ability in the game that gives status cleanse (Titania's 1, Oberon's Hallowed Ground, Rhino's Iron Skin, Nehza's Warding Halo etc.) also make that frame immune to knock down effects. Knock down has traditionally been treated as a negative status effect. Molt however is different in that it only cleanses status at the time of casting, not being a persistent effect and not being castable during knockdown it can't protect Saryn from CC. So my suggestion is that if Saryn casts Molt during a CC effect, she gains the effects of handspring innately. This doesn't cleanse Saryn of the CC, but it allows her to cast Molt as a reaction to being hit with a "negative status" and it lets her recover from that effect quicker.
  2. That's great to hear! This is one of the few things that Renewal desperately needed. So will this fix the strange inverse scaling with Renewal's ability to slow ally bleedout? It's the one thing about Oberon that makes his healing unique and it'd be awful if we still had to choose between having effective bleedout slow or having duration on hallowed ground.
  3. -_Shiro_-

    Octavia's Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.9

    Any update on Chroma doing greatly reduced damage when his fury buff reaches high %s? And while we're fixing clipping issues with the new Dex syndana, it clips right through Vauban's back and dangles out from between his legs :/