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  1. Can the wolf Spawn in invasion missions..? I was running one with pretty underlevelled gear when he showed up Straight up kicked my ass Didn't even sweat
  2. I used to be like you. And as a warlord of my clan(empty clan FYI) I too, grinded my ass off in the pacifism defect for that ignis blueprint If it's one thing I've realized playing this game for 1500+ hours It's that There is no such thing as "exclusive" (besides excal prime,, I hope) What you might fail to get today Will most certainly make a return through other means Don't grind the game too hard Or you'll get burned out. Like my clan did And my friends Enjoy the game in its essence And let go of the stition of having something achieved in the name of "exclusivity"
  3. Lucky you. M8 I missed my forma and armor bundle Missed em by a long shot actually
  4. It sometimes bothers me that Given we have the choice to change how our operators look both appearance wise and gender I think there should be more distinct features to make them look more their part For example a Male operator should be able to have a beard And for female operator Well Boobs Along with varying height differences
  5. More lore.... Honestly That's all I want from the game Warframe does a lot in terms of missions Enemies frames. Weapons and frames Not so much in the lore department tho
  6. Well I used to play mostly with friends back in the day We used discord
  7. Dude Dude My dude Seriously Dude Oh my God Dude Thanks man You gon done it I'm shedding tears now
  8. Been playing for 3 years now Been running tons of spy missions everyday And I can't stress this enough EVERYDAY On repeat And still Only got the main BP so far The RNG makes me wanna throw whatever I have in hand on my PC Sometimes I feel like I should just buy ivara with plat Hate spy missions now
  9. Usually I pick my frames randomly But one frame I've never ever picked besides for levelling it up Mag and mag prime Can't seem to work with them Like At all Not saying they're bad frames. I just don't like playing them Besides that I don't mind any frame But ash players particularly make me tear my hair Spamming that blade storm everywhere Just ruins the game man
  10. I need to build a kitgun I checked YouTube A lot of people seem to like catchmoon Can someone explain. Also Give me a build for catchmoon
  11. Can you send me a link where that happened. I'd like meself some hope I used to be ember main
  12. Very rarely has DE rolled back a frame rework or nerf So rarely that I can't count it Ember rework is likely to stay for all eternity And so is the fact that She's mastery fodder now
  13. A different game mode Where you can swap frame abilities
  14. Haven't been able to play since January Will be getting the chance to play in May As such I don't know anything about the whole nightwave thing I hear it has umbral forma as a reward Can someone explain to me How the wolf of Saturn six or nightwave works And how much have I missed
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