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  1. Well, to start with this - all 4 of us (randoms) were really excited to see a 5th one joining in wave 2. The 5th one wasn't in the squad chat. 3x Saryn + 1 Trinity 5th Random as Excalibur PS : Check the Squad list on the right side. Sadly our 5th Nabbit left at wave 6. 😞 Anyways, we were too OP 😆 Waves being cleared in 2 seconds after they spawned. Wish we had carried on after wave 8 but we extracted.
  2. They need to look into it. Plus Sniper one is really sad.
  3. Or its not killing anything but just assisting. Coz I saw the same thing. Even my Sweeper with 2.5k dmg did more kills than the Clone. DE needs to find a way to show the Clone's kills. Arcane's dont work on Clone either which is another sad part. And the clone shooting aimlessly towards a wall .. which reminds me of Clem. Shouldn't Clone be somewhat equivalent to WuKong or at least act less like Clem or Specter and more like a real clone of WuKong coz if it isn't ... its not clone but a WuKong Specter xD
  4. Just got to 800 Day Login Reward. Thought I'd share a screenshot. Thank You DE for everything. Should look good with my Volt xD
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