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  1. Please, look into what the person above me stated. Drops don't stay in your inventory, they get removed after a certain amount of time (what it feels like a day, or around that). Can't tell if it's on Warframe or on Twitch's side (most likely Twitch's), but a clear statement or someone talking to Twitch about it would be nice.
  2. You really are missing the key point here No one wants stuff to be locked out of people But if I knew, and I'm guessing other people too, that stuff would have got added into the game right after the event ended, I wouldn't have played an event this bad to begin with They basically used FOMO to force people to play a bad thought event and screw them up right after If you think the complaints are just cause people wants to keep for themselves "OG stuff", you are entitled to your opinion, but you're wrong
  3. I guess this is how my time spent is valued
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