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  1. Bumping this one. I absolutely have no idea how did they manage to bug a Syndicate after all these years
  2. Forgot to mention it in the original post. Not quite like Vauban's one cause, even if you kill the enemies inside the bubble, they just don't get pulled anymore. I noticed it in a mission for the first time, and then tried as many combos as I could think of in the Simulacrum. Sadly, can't find a way to make it consistent and make other people easily replicate it. I thought it was a number problem, so I spawned 15-20 enemies but, sometimes, as soon as the enemies die inside, they get pulled and sometimes they don't. I tried to spawn 1 or 2 enemies and sometimes they always get pulled,
  3. Noticed it today for the first time, got no idea if the new patch just introduced it or has been there for a while. It's very similar to the bug that got fixed with patch 27.2, but feels different at the same time. The bubble works for a bit, properly pulling enemies inside, then suddently stops, as if it reaches a cap.
  4. Unless it got fixed in this update and they forgot to mention it, it's still here. Got it twice, yesterday
  5. So many Railjack fixes and yet none about game breaking Pulse Turbine door that still gets stuck
  6. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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