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  1. ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ Summon the update ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ
  2. kesheg is arch melee so crit slide is meaningless. Who uses melee in archwing?
  3. DE won't even care for one angry person. That is the main rule of gaming industry and probably any other buisnesses. One man means nothing and cannot do anything to change something. Players should have abandon tha game and then they would see. IIRC players of EVE online stopped doing PVP stuff or something like that and devs lost money because of that
  4. this is the most useless change which will be added to the game https://i.imgur.com/uOXLreH.gifv
  5. I picked mine today but it was ready on fifth
  6. in mission going to operator may cause: space not being registered (no action) Abilities being not registered (no action) LMB being not registered (no action) WSAD being not registered (no action) going back to operator being impossible (no action) Stuck in running animation (WSAD not working but slide forward does give any mobility) Dying is only option to get unglitched
  7. as title says I will pay 100p pm me ingame
  8. and here we go again saryn got buffed
  9. Starting price: 1P https://warframe.market/auction/5d45581f49d0a80420f25221 sold
  10. I don't care about stats on them so if you have god roll or something like that don't even pm me in game I will pay 20p/each one of them PM me in game /w baterial or just invite me to your dojo
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