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  1. good thing i looked here because i also do not have noggle on my account
  2. using it witch chroma is bad idea because you will get so much resistant to incoming damage, it will just make using your 2 and 3 preety much impossible because you will not be able toget so much damage
  3. https://digitalextremesltd.app.box.com/s/vh2u41yhdlgp3girffucbynadoi33173/file/312428650740 https://digitalextremesltd.app.box.com/s/vh2u41yhdlgp3girffucbynadoi33173/file/312428647747
  4. Warframe and dubstep. Yeah nice but it does not fit here bruh
  5. i think she will end like excal, he had bulletjump upward and was changed This skill is just useless as hell, yes she need new One
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