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  1. How the Forma works needs fixed seriously, instead of formaing a Weapon or Warframe individually then having to Rank it back up from 0-30 over an over. Why not just Forma a Weapon or Warframe all at once then Rank it 0-30 so you may be done with it faster. Also you are spending the time to forma a Weapon or Warframe which you choose, why isn't there any bonuses in return for how much Forma you put into a Warframe or Weapon, i just feel like we're wasting are time. I understand you get more capacity which is nice, but why not to like power strength or duration or health etc, and for Weapo
  2. Sevagoth's Shadow really needs a fix. Because the only problem I'm having right now while in the form, is that you cant cast no abilities do to a lack of energy. In my honest opinion I think when as Sevagoth's Shadow all abilities should be free, that way you're not just floating around doing nothing most the entire time, and the Death Well will either kick you out of the form when low or you'll have to leave it at some point when low.
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