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  1. DE Question? If we're so called space ninja's, why the hell are we using guns? Because, ninja's don't use guns, they use swords, throwing stars etc.
  2. DE, can we get a better stance mod for the Pennant pls? Because, the current one provided, there's just to much spinning around n jumping around. I want to use the Pennant but, I just want a more straight forward Stance mod for it like Tempo Royale for example.
  3. I love the whole idea and all but Holy hell, Railjack it a cluster fug. There needs to be more scaling such as: Enemy damage an lvl, or tone down enemies being to aggressive. On top of that, the current archguns we can use right now, also need balances. Because the ammo is so dam small, you cant hit nothing do to the enemies moving all the time.
  4. @BGamer18 Lol like what? All they do is the samething over n over again. They have better things to do HAAA please, the game hasn't gone anywhere. Because all they do is make a Warframe, Prime a Warframe.
  5. @BGamer18 What does it matter if it takes to long, there taking there while dam time with the New War and all. So what's that got to do with it?
  6. DE, Serious question. Instead of remodeling the inside of our Orbiter, why not just make the Railjack our new an improved Orbiter? That would of just been better from the first start, don't get me wrong I love the new remodel look but, its like I said. The railjack is more improved has guns, and by far WAY big and cooler, plus you can drive it. The Orbiter we got now or well, we've been having for 6 plus years, we can't drive it. Instead, its used as a loading screen. Why? I'm just tried of looking at my ship during every loading screen, when instead I could be driving it, Making it feel like I have control of it, its my ship. Making it more part of the game.
  7. This is just feedback for Grendel. First problem I'm having with him is his 1, default range of it is 25m I got mine set to 56.88m but doesn't do that, It feels more like 2m not 25m or 56.88. His 2 is really frustrating,instead casting them 1 by 1 just cast all the buffs at once, but making the catch, you need 3 max of any enemies to cast it., But you cant have 1 or 2 you must have 3. His 3 ugh remove it, its just there to be an ability filler it just does nothing but that. His 4, the only thing I hate about it is, it has a range A-B, when it should be 1 solid range instead of between A-B. Because, you sometimes have the littlest time and 1 jump you get kicked from the form.
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