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  1. I know this doesn't fit the topic but, its about railjack. This railjack ship is the first ship we can take control of, and fly around. Railjack is more of a multi-player fight soo, my question is: Will we be able to take control and fly are Orbiter around as a Solo fight stand point?
  2. I know sometimes I get ahead of myself, and judge way to much. But this time I really gave it some thought, and I really hope Wukong's 4 gets changed soon. I know he just got done with a rework but, Why carry a melee weapon on you and also have a melee ability? I just think n feel that Wukong's 4 is just straight pointless. I just know you can make Wukong's 4 WAY better then this garbage 4 ability. I'm not yelling at you for it or anything, all im trying to say is Why have 2 melee weapons?
  3. We need to talk about Wisp,Starting off with her 1. Her 1 is very annoying casting 3 Mote's 1 by 1, when it should cast all 3 in 1. This way, it avoids death as well as time. Her 2 is ok although I wish, when you click its the same speed as if you hold it. Also, the timer for this ability by your crosshair needs to go by class chosen color. Therefore, being more visible to see. Now her 3 I just feel like this ability should be tied into her 2, this way when you teleport you blind nearest enemies, helping you take them down much better. Her 4, I absolutely hate, im sorry DE but I absolutely hate her 4. Because her 4 doesn't do the 1,5k+ dps it should do, even including the mote's and holding down for extra dps, just nothing. I really recommend changing this ability ASAP, before Wisp ends up like Revenant. Plus, I really don't see her with a beam ability anyway, giving that she haunted/ghost themed warframe. I thought her 4 was going to be something down the long the lines of Nekroses 4. But Wisp summoning ghoul's, and those ghouls diseasing enemies, and ghoul's that kill the enemy/enemies are turned to a ghoul.
  4. It's nice to get more cool augments. But how can we fit them into the build/builds, when we only have 8 mod slots? Would be nice if the mod slots were unlimited, that way we could min/max our warframe's N weapons. Or, maybe rework the mod/ mod slot system to something more better, possibly. When you mod your warframe, you mod them towards the stuff you need for that ability/ abilities. Then when you get the augments, you have to rebuild your warframe over again, even sacrificing some mods that you need to make that augment fit in an work. But at the end, warframe's don't really seem fun anymore. And making warframe by warframe, I think you guys are getting to carried away. YES, I could go out and get the parts to that warframe, or do relics to get the same warframe but primed. What's the point???? All your doing is getting the same old same old, over n over again. The game in my opinion is missing the core part of the game. I love this game but, I'm tired of doing the same missions, getting the same weapons, warframe over n over. Which is probably why, the game is so boring to me now. Honestly, the warframe's are why this game is lacking. You need to move on, do something else besides make another warframe, make another warframe make other warframe's primed. STOP! Move on, please....don't make me beg you, cuz I will.
  5. Serious question DE: For our Operator how all traits are. Can you please smash all them together in one that way we can use are operator in combat, instead of using them for just energy Regen? This would also help gain focus to 1 massive trait, instead of them being all separate like now. Note: Also, maybe you could make it to were, we can mod them and level them to 30 as well as, even forma them too. An each forma your operator gets older n older up to an adult.
  6. I noticed something with Nidus. When you use your 1 on enemies to get M-Stacks, each enemy is 1 M-Stack. The problem is just that, it would be much better if each per 1 enemy were 5 M-Stacks instead of 1. That way Nidus can build up stacks better an more fluid, and not stuck hitting a wall. The reason why I'm saying this is because, when your out in Fortuna or PoE. Getting M-Stacks is very hard to get, specially when your group kills everything in sight. Note: Yes, I do know you use 2 with 1.
  7. Love the new Nyx an Titania 😄 only thing though, Nyx's 4 has the worst range. Honestly if anything, I'd like he 4 to be locked at 50m range at least. Thanks for Hotfix though 😄
  8. My opinion that getting SU maxed, to then go do the new boss mission and to also unlock arch-gun is a be much. I'm only 1-2 with SU, so trying to get it maxed is going to take forever. Because the daily amount they give you is 15k, and that's not even enough to get somewhere with. That would take multiple days to get maxed with SU, to then even try out the new mission/arch-gun etc..
  9. I know this might be much but, you mind fixing the the FoV please? Really hate the camera being up your warframe's backside. Also, can you put in a toggle feature for, enemy nameplates to be permanently on/off? Really hate how you have to point crosshair at an enemy, to see the health nameplate, its very annoying. Other then that, keep up the work guys. Your all doing a fantastic job. 👍👏
  10. Dam Baruuk looks sick, I really cant wait to see him. 😃
  11. DE? You may want to re-think Garuda's 3. Although it give energy, which I do like in fact. But I was doing an alert, I believe was lvl 33 to 38. I hit her 3 once, went up the ramp around the bend an got 1 shotted. Yeah, her 3 needs to go DE. Please
  12. Thanks for update 🙂 Also, could you possible fix the Battacor please? Just seems a little off. Meaning as in when using the primary fire, Its very difficult to hit enemies. Feels like the ammo its shooting is extremely tiny.
  13. So um, in Orb Vallis up above the Dig Site. Is there a reason why a big boss spider is floating in the pond? Or is this a bug/glitch because, I can hear sounds from it?
  14. Yeah, I don't know about anyone else but, Garuda's 4 is pissin me out. Hate how you have to hold to charge the dam thing, honestly the 4 she had before the fix, was way better. By this point her 4 is useless, and yeah I know you cast 1 then 4 but still, you die.
  15. Not sure if its a bug or not but, there is one of the BIG spider things possibly suck in Enrichment Labs, upon the tower.
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