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hello there (^.^)


i go by the name Kenshin Wari, it's not really from any where specific just something me and my friend decided.

i think of myself as a really good warframe player and i handle bad scenarios very well, reacting fast and efficient,


i love gaming and anime and im always happy to talk with other people and love having fun :D although i can get pissed if something really annoying happens like one disconnects or other bugs resulting in bad stuff, but im fast to calm down when even i get annoyed and i'l never response negatively towards any one who's done no harm.


i like most warframe's but my favourite one's are, Excalibur Nekros Rhino(prime) and Vauban

although i haven't tried all frame's yet since im pretty laid back about doing things.


dunno what else to say so have a great day ^^

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