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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Cambrian Drift Bounty, Stage: Kill more Infested than the Grineer, Bonus: Double the Grineer's kill count. When Tenno get 100% and Grineer get 50% the bonus is failed. VISUAL: EXPECTED RESULT: Getting the Bonus. OBSERVED RESULT: The Bounty Bonus failed.
  2. In my clan I'm the only active warlord left (out of four) and have basically all rights as the founding warlord. IIrc the only thing I can't do is kick fellow warlords (and therefore can't dissolve the clan). So why not promote a member of a clan with an inactive founding warlord only to the warlord status? Imho the founder of a clan should keep his status with very few exceptions like a perma ban for instance. The amount of time, effort and maybe even money they put into the clan should be honored. A notification is definitely the least thing DE should do. And like I wrote
  3. Another option is using fissures. Had an Axi Exterminate on Pluto yesterday and corrupted spawned non stop.
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