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  1. As of right now, the Amalgam mods that are rewards from the Ropalolyst fight are not tradeable. If this is indeed intended and not a bug, then please reconsider this decision. Other mod drops from bosses (including the ones from Kela) are also tradeable and a change would really help people like me with bad RNG.
  2. We are a laid back Shadow Clan that is looking for new members. Research is complete (including Hema and Ignis Wraith) location: mainly Europe language: English we have a Discord server to share funny stories, but it's not mandatory to join no MR restriction If you want to join or have questions, you can contact myself (@tsoa) , @Neradoc or @samai96.
  3. 1. What about the flying Eidolon that was shown several times in Devstreams about a year ago. 2. With the trade rework being revealed last stream: Can we please get the option to select full sets?
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