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  1. We are a laid back Shadow Clan that is looking for new members. Research is complete (including Hema and Ignis Wraith) location: mainly Europe language: English we have a Discord server to share funny stories, but it's not mandatory to join no MR restriction If you want to join or have questions, you can contact myself (@tsoa) , @Neradoc or @samai96.
  2. During the 40 wave nightwave challenge, someone asked whether we could also do the Profit-Taker fight. No problem since it doesn't take long and it's easy to carry. But what followed was over 10min of trouble shooting why I couldn't start the mission. The error message said that Tenno A didn't have an Archgun Deployer in their loadout. He tried to fix that, came back and the the message then said that Tenno B didn't have an Archgun Deployer in their loadout. And on and on it went. In the end it turns out that both Tenno A and B are not yet Old Mate with Solaris United, which makes the error message extremely misleading. It would be helpful to: List all affected Tenno in the error message and not just one. Change the error message in the cases where someone is not yet Old Mate to clarify the problem.
  3. 1. What about the flying Eidolon that was shown several times in Devstreams about a year ago. 2. With the trade rework being revealed last stream: Can we please get the option to select full sets?
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