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  1. Just go over and talk to Little Duck. That instantly stops the bounty dialogues. 😉
  2. tsoa

    Coming Soon: Devstream #109!

    I make it short: 1) Thanks for the last Mag changes! Counter Pulse is quite nice and it's so funny to watch the enemies hitting their weapons. :D 2) I'd like to have music in my orbiter but not during missions. 3) Are there any news about the giant flying Eidolon? 4) Are there plans to reduce the capacity drain of articulas? Maybe from 100 down to 50? It's a shame that I can only place a tiny fraction of the ones I have.
  3. tsoa

    Coming Soon: Devstream #104!

    1. Can we please have an option to activate music only while being in the orbiter? I find music during gameplay distractive and would love not having to decite between music everywhere, nowhere or always changing settings. 2. Back in September I planned to gift my bf 30 Forma bundles for his 30th birthday. But the bundles can only be gifted individually and with there being a max number of trades a player can make during one day, it took me over a week and ruined the surprise a bit. So could we please gift multiple bundles, pretty please. :)
  4. tsoa

    Coming Soon: Devstream #101!

    1. In the plains the rewards are saved after each bounty stage and after incursions. Would it be possible to implement something similar to endless missions, e.g. saving progress after every full rotation? 2. Mag (Prime) needs more energy, please give her a higher maximum.
  5. tsoa

    The War Within: Update 19.4.2 +

    Can confirm this for unsilent weapons as well. Used Ivara on Sortie 1 and neither my Rakta Cernos nor the alarming Acrid did any damage to unalerted or sleeping Nullifiers.