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  1. I like using weapons that has a secondary fire mode, but most of them are a pain. Why cant it be like the zarr to where you can toggle it between the 2 mode, instead of holding down r3 while trying to look around and aim. This can be a pain for weapons like the panthera. I tried remaping it, but with the controller there's not many options.
  2. DE please fix the way dojo rooms can be destroyed. I'm redoing the dojo completely, started off deleting ground floor that went well except for the barracks they were a pain to delete. Get to the second floor it was pretty ez. Now I get to the 3rd floor and this is where things get annoying. I had to delete the bottom floors to get the the 3rd floor, now it's telling me I have to delete the floors above and the current floor I'm working on, I put a ton of work into to. DE please give us Dojo technicians/Admin the ability to override this child component bs. Please make it possible so that we can destroy a whole floor in one go and not wait 2 hours to destroy each room. Please fix till then I'm stuck with a dojo I can't complete unless I delete everything except for the floor "I don't need"...Also Is it possible to get warframe support to override and Delete the unwanted room? The clan name is Galactic Dragons- Mountain clan
  3. BRUH, I took apart my whole remote, because I thought my triggers were broken. Now I know, its also a good thing I know how to put it back together. Thx DE
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