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  1. What's your favorite warframe ?

    #1 For me would be Banshee. Sonar and silence? Nuff said. #2 Harrow when not in mood for Banshee. I love me some headshot streaks and red crits. #3 Nekky or Mag. I don't use them as much as I used to, but they still get out of shelf sometimes. #4 Would be Valkyr, as she's my most used frame. Although, she does gets used when I want to have fun with melee weapons and occasional invincibility.
  2. What's your favorite weapons ?

    I like running Acid Shells Sobek with Banshee when it comes to primary. Not much damaging by itself, but banshee's damage buffs makes room clearing easier. Then there's obvious tigris Prime, Vaykor hek, Ignis W and Lanka when sniper needs to be there. Secondary would be a tie between Akstiletto Prime and Staticor. Both are good, but I have melted level 100s in a couple of shots with Staticor and Harrow's 200% critical buff. Arca scisor is fine too. Melee has too many open choices. I almost always use Zenistar on most frames. But sometimes I like change, so worthy mentions would be Galatine Prime, Hirudo, Ack and Brunt .... Aaaand I don't use other melee weapons as frequent as these, so there's that. Stopped using atterax cause spin2win was boring and hurt my fingers. Zenistar has surely spoiled me tho.
  3. Thanks for that info. But... But how can it be like the mission never happened? I still have my polymer bundles from that mission.
  4. During a survival on Opehlia, Uranus with Nekros, hydroid, Vauban and me as Banshee, I tried checking the mission result by pressing tab. Then this happened: Tried /unstuck, but it was futile. I thought this might get away after everyone extracted and mission was over. I was disappointed: If anyone can explain what happened, that would be appreciated. Hopefully this gets looked into. Regards.
  5. Volt alt helmet concept art

    Thanks. I'll try to stick more with theme next time.
  6. Volt alt helmet concept art Tell me what you think. :)
  7. Network not responding

    Huh. Stuff seems to be fixed for now after reinstalling whole game. Must've been issues with cache I guess. But I hope I won't have to reinstall every time the issue resurfaces.
  8. Inability to give mastery rank test.

    Sure, I will try asking support. I have verified and optimised my cache yesterday, yes. But sadly it didn't help.
  9. Whenever I go to relay for mastery rank 19 test, and click on practice, loading screen appears for a second and I'm at relay again. Then I'm shown <<<Network not responding>>> and the game freezes for two to five minutes. I have no idea what is causing this, since my Internet works pretty fine. In my previous post I had explained how the Internet not responding is getting too much and none of my fixes done are working. This is getting annoying. Please look into this soon. Regards.
  10. Network not responding

    Been happening since 3 days. It was all fine till then, but that started without any kind of interference done on my side. Network not responding keeps coming coming up each time I load out of arsenal, or go to solar map. That also takes place in mission, regardless I'm host or client, or even when in solo. The game gets laggy and then freezes for solid 5 to 10 mins, while everything is going fine in background. I don't think my Internet is culprit, since it has been working pretty good without issues. I have cleared the ports, optimised and verified cache, changed nvidia settings for lower performance, restarted PC multiple times, restarted router, etc. Yet, the problem is recurring every 5 or 10 minutes. Please look into this, as this is greatly hindering my experience. Regards.
  11. Question for people that use only primary

    Because 200% critical chance on Harrow's 4. 😎
  12. WTS Riven Akmagnus and (unrolled)Vulkar

    Sounds fine. Gimme a minute to get fresh and start warframe. Just woke up. ._.
  13. WTS Riven Akmagnus and (unrolled)Vulkar

    Dunno much. You tell a fair price. Although make it convincing.
  14. Akmagnus Sci-concicon +39.5% damage to Grineer +106.1% Slash +79.2% Projectile Flight Speed ------------------------------------------------------- Vulkar Visilis +114.1% Zoom +323.2% Damage -32.9% Damage to Grineer ------------------------------------------------------- You can PM me or message the prices.