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  1. RIP stealth Redeemer?
  2. What's your best loadout for spectres? I'd like to know. Currently I'm using Inaros with Tigris Prime, Staticor and Hirudo. Does the specter gets advantage of Hirudo's health regen?
  3. Count me in. Been hungry for some rakta cernos and rakta dark dagger since ages.
  4. I know it's an unintended typo, but this brings funny stuff and ideas in my mind.
  5. T'was my pleasure. :) Looks nice.
  6. I think with keeping the fissure system, they should put the parts back in void, although with a diluted reward system, I don't mind that. It can become a good thing to farm for Ducats whereas fissures to be for specific parts you want. (Then I also won't be dissed for going void survival because it's unrewarding.)
  7. Not as fine as I thought, but I'd prefer skeletal legs over the pointed ones. By looking at the pic, you can also tell that I like his skeletal body. :P
  8. Hello fellow artist! Can I try to redraw it? Just... You know, make him look a bit nicer?
  9. Lmao
  10. Nice
  11. Am I late?
  12. Shotgun 60/60 status mods
  13. I don't dislike any particular combinations much, but God, I wish I could convince some Mirage players to not bring simulor in radiation sortie.
  14. My most favorite atm is Banshee. Pop some Sonar (with Resonance agument) and start shredding no matter what the level. Second spot is a tie between Nekros and Nidus. Having your own squad made of dead enemies is always fun, plus that sweet extra loot. Nidus is extremely powerful, but can get boring in low to mid level stuff. Third is warcry Valkyr because gotta swing melee fast.
  15. This goes for only SQ Banshee or Resonance Banshee as well? Since, you know, I sometimes drop energy pizzas on pod so I can activate my abilities (Silence and Sonar) and use them for a couple more times till Zenurik kicks in.