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  1. I had no idea about the debt-bonds... I've got enough planetary resources to fund a Moon clan!
  2. bump. And my two-cents: This weapon was never overpowered unless you were running low level missions. This was my favorite melee weapon to switch to when i felt like soloing something and needed something to have my back, and now it's practically useless. I hate using specters, they're more annoying than anything (to me, of course they are useful to some people). Anyone who thought Zenistar was overpowered should also be calling for a nerf the 4th abilities of half the frames in the game; especially Saryn and Revenant. P.S. please don't nerf my Revenant, I love it.
  3. Definitely my main desire; I would never wish for them to remove content that so many players are now using and accustomed to. But some re-balancing and learning for the next system would be appreciated 🙂 And yes, I am definitely out of date on a few things, still catching up on patch notes and wikis!
  4. This is my personal opinion and feedback as a player that has played over the course of several years with a few breaks. It seems like this is just not the same game anymore when it comes to weapons. Sure, the same weapons are there (with new additions), but none of those really matter anymore with the addition of Zaws and Kitguns. Yes, my Nikana Prime still works and slays, but an equally skilled player with a top tier Zaw will outplay any existing melee weapons. Same for Kitguns and secondaries. Not to mention the constant nerfs to all of the highest performing weapons in the game, making Zaws and Kitguns even more powerful in comparison. While this is all fine and well, and these are weapons everyone can craft, these weapons require a ridiculous amount of standing and resource farming to make. It feels like the entire game now is just fishing and mining to hopefully craft a worthwhile modular weapon. This game has always been a grind, but now it's even more monotonous and honestly painful at times. I'll continue to play and enjoy what I have in the game, but I really feel like I'm missing out because I can't dedicate hours every day to farming resources for crafting systems on multiple different planets. I haven't yet acquired my first Lich weapon since coming back, but I am much more optimistic about this system than the previous two. Sincerely, A very tired Tenno who wants to play the game, not craft it.
  5. Is Zenistar actually glitched for anyone else?? Disk not launching again with Rending Crane stance...
  6. Looks like you broke Zenistar again, disk not launching with the Rending Crane stance 😧
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