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  1. I just came back to check out this update. Equipped all new gear to go level and first mission Zealots show up and kill me... Can we stop adding in these filler enemies that randomly spawn in missions and get some actual missions for endgame content? I want to fight tougher enemies with the builds I've been working on, not with Rank 0 Warframe/Primary/Secondary/Melee that I've never used before. I have every warframe either regular or prime, but it's horribly irritating leveling the new ones (and then re-leveling for forma) when any mission you go into could be a total wash if you didn't bring a max level weapon with the right mods for a randomly spawning enemy. Gauss looks interesting enough, but anything that's going to completely waste my time should be a choice, not RNG.
  2. AAAND Update is officially available
  3. The team is testing their release candidate for PC
  4. ~1hr according to Steve. So sometime before EOD in Canada
  5. It's today, he's just explaining what's been going on
  6. Also Steve is talking about it rn...
  7. So fun, luv you all. Not love, cause that would be weird
  8. love that you're updating both threads on this 🙌
  9. K everyone get some sleep or get back to work, whichever you were avoiding by being on here
  10. I've been watching this thread for 7 hours today and it's just hilarious. At this point I'm just watching for entertainment, not the update 😁
  11. Pretty sure DE is in Canada so they probably just recently woke up and got going this morning.
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