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  1. This is stupid. All this does is anger the majority, and provide a band-aid solution to a current problem. How do you fix this issue? Easy, Do not even touch weapons if they do relatively high damage Why? They are simply effective. In a game pushing towards making content harder (Arbitrations, [Elite] Sanctuary Onslaught, etc.), the answer isn't to nerf what is popular, and make weapons nobody uses slightly less bad. Seriously, do you really think you will see ANYBODY using the Paris, the Veldt, or even the Fusilai? The reason these weapons are not used, is because their stats are inherently bad if not mediocre. Fix the core problem, and buff weapons that need it, and keep weapons that do not inhibit other players' experience. Return the Sentinel Weapon Rivens in a new way I know not everyone enjoys sentinel rivens, but they ARE useful in at least giving that sentinel's weapon a snowball's chance in hell to actually kill something. While I do agree it is disappointing to get these from veiled rivens, think back to "Why is it people are unhappy with sentinel weapons" as compared to 'How can we get rid of this burden?" I have an idea: Return these to their own category: Sentinel Weapon Riven Mod, and having these drop from T5 bounties as a rare drop, and prevent them from being transmuted. This way, those who want sentinel weapons can reliably get them w/o having a ridiculous price tag. Also, could you PLEASE adjust the stats of the sentinel weapons (some at least?) Some players shouldn't feel that just un-equipping the sentinel weapons offers no detriment. Do not nerf meme weapon rivens You ACTUALLY nerfed the lato. A BEGINNER weapon. Tell me, do you see anybody mopping floors of lvl 60 corrupted enemies with that lato? The sonicor without question can, and it got buffed. This was not op, but used frequently as a meme weapon. What's next, nerf the riven disposition on the kraken?
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